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We are all living and working in pressurized environments where the constant threat of streamlining and downsizing is the norm. More productivity is expected in less time from fewer people. This causes stress and leads to the feeling that there are not enough hours in the day. This learning event is designed to provide you with the strategies, tools, and tips to improve the way you work and live.

During this two-day workshop, you will learn about and apply proven time management and organizing skills, concepts, and principles through a number of dynamic lectures, interactive class discussions, and practical hands-on activity-based learning exercises. Once and for all, instead of your time, space and activities controlling you, you will control them!

Time Management
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By The End of the Workshop You Will Be Able To:

  • Gain control of your daily workflow
  • Apply time management and organization techniques into your daily routine for increased personal and professional effectiveness
  • Identify principles and strategies that will allow you to achieve a greater sense of balance, productivity, and enjoyment of work and life

You Will Learn To:

  • Understand key time management concepts and how they can affect your life — take the ‘Life Balance’ quiz
  • Apply ‘The 5 Phases of Managing Your Workflow ‘ (Collect, Process, Organize, Do, Review)
  • Apply ‘The 4 D’s’ (Do it, Delegate it, Defer it, or Ditch it!)
  • Set goals for both your work and personal life
  • Identify the ‘3 Types of Daily Work’ and fit them all into your calendar
  • Manage multiple projects and priorities
  • Use the ‘4 Factors for Determining What to Do’ and apply the 80/20 Rule to focus your energy effectively
  • Systematize, Multi-Task, and Estimate Time
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Say ‘No!’
  • Manage your telephone, email, space and meetings
  • Maximize your downtime
  • Relax, Rejuvenate and Reward Yourself

What’s Included?

  • Complimentary continental breakfast and tea/coffee each day from 8:30 am to 9:00 am
  • Complimentary full lunch and beverages each day at approximately 12:00 noon
  • Complimentary afternoon snacks and beverages each day at approximately 2:00 pm
  • Complimentary pen, highlighter, notepad, and canvas carrying bag
  • All workshop manuals and other materials will be there for you when you arrive


  • Two-day Classroom Workshop:  $998
  • “Early Bird” Discount (register 60+ days in advance):  $898
  • “3 or more” Discount (register 3 or more people at the same time): $798 (contact us to take advantage of this discount)
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“This course surprised me. I expected a Time Management course related to work but was shocked to have it affect my personal life as much as it did. Life-Balance does cause one to be a better person at work and at home.”

Tina Hearty-Drummond
Environmental Officer

“Valuable, down to the point, time management and organizing ‘Best Practices’.”

Mehrdad Azadeh

“I found this course very useful. I am confident I can use some of the skills learnt in my day-to-day life.”

Rajeev Sood
IT Applications Specialist

“I am so glad that I have taken this workshop. Not only can I apply the concepts in my daily work but also in my personal life. Fantastic facilitator!”

Angela Paniccia
Branch Secretary

“The course was motivating and was given with a lot of respect for every single participant.”

Josée Chalifoux
Office Manager

“Time and money well spent.”

Rania Alarie
Administrative Assistant

“The recommended time management principles taught in this course are truly feasible and flexible for any individual to achieve. I’m leaving this course with the sense that, if I apply these principles and stick with it, my life will change for the better.”

Jennifer Murray
Communications Advisor

“It has been an amazing experience! Iam leaving this workshop with the positive feeling that I can now handle anything.”

Joan Licari
Senior Program Officer

“Excellent program to begin your day.”

Hazra Wade
Legal Assistant

“Engaging. Interesting from beginning to end. I finally understand why certain files intimidate me and how to overcome it. Planning my ideal week with my goals in mind will allow me to achieve what I thought were only dreams. Thank you.”

Mylène Germain
Telecommunications Policy Analyst

“The course is excellent and very productive! Highly recommended to anyone!”

John Ho
Technical Support

“Excellent course organization/progressing through the framework and to specific techniques.”

David Brannan
Investment Analyst

“This was a great workshop. Put a lot of things into perspective in regards to my own ‘Time Management’. The instructor was great, with a fantastic sense of humor! Lots of fun and highly recommended!”

Lisa Harper
Compensation Advisor

“An excellent course that will help anyone enhance his or her time management skills. I wish I had taken this course several years ago. “

Katherine Grimmnitz
Administrative Officer

“This workshop really exceeded my expectations. The material presented is not only essential for my work, but it is practical for my personal life as well.”

Linda Zarth
Issues Management Officer

“I am very satisfied with the quality of this training session. I feel as though I can apply many of the time management tips given during the session to my home and work life.”

Mr. Wendell Wilson
Utilities Management

“A comprehensive course that left nothing unanswered!”

Jason Schmaltz
Senior Analyst

“Practical advice presented in an energetic way. I would recommend it to everyone, even those who may think they are organized!”

Ron Murray
Project Development Officer

“This is the best workshop I’ve ever attended!”

Julie Edwards
Assistant to the Director, Mental Health & Addictions

“I thought the content of the course was excellent, and the information was provided in a clear and concise manner.”

Ken Willard
Property Officer Two

“This workshop was an eye opening experience. I can already see how it will help me in different aspects of both my professional and personal life.”

Saviz Mortazavi
Research Engineer

“An extremely positive learning experience. The techniques taught will serve me in my daily work. The instructor kept it extremely interesting and engaging with stories, experiences and activities. Thanks!”

Robert Douthwright

“This class has helped me re-direct my focus to what’s really important in life and has helped me to balance and prioritize my life.”

Valerie Stevens
Trademark Specialist

“The best Time Management and Organizing Skills course.. . .It has changed my life. . .positively. . .”

Ms. Nathalie Frigon
Computer Operations and Network Serv.

“A great deal of thought and preparation goes into an educational experience that is relevant and learner centered. This workshop assures that lessons and tools/aids are applicable immediately, on the job.”

Suzanne Robillard
Emergency Services Educator

“If you do not have the time, this is the workshop for you.”

Mr. Jim Somerville
Team Leader

“Exceeded my expectations. Bravo!”

Lise Viau
Administrative Assistant

“Valuable learning tools to choose from. Presented in a format that’s realistic and tangible. The instructor was very energetic and encouraged class participation. This class allowed me to reevaluate how I conduct my professional and personal responsible.”

Wanda Hall
Program Analyst

“I would highly recommend PTS as a tool for career development.”

Mari Long
Project Management Officer

“Best course I have taken in years.Master Phill is truely a master in his subject.”

Philippe Boyer

Manager,Strategic Resources

Public Works and Government Services
Human Resources Branch

“No matter where you work, what your position – or even if you work at all – as long as you breathe you will gain knowledge that you will employ for the rest of your life. A wonderful learning experience. Thank you. The instructor lives this philosophy”

John Mason
Project Officer

“Great workshop. I would recommend it to others.”

Manon Allaire
Administration & Communications Officer

“Training that will not only help you in your professional life but also in your personal life.”

Sarah O'Reilly
Executive Assistant

“This is the first time I’ve attended a course where I felt a positive connection with the instructor and participants. I truly feel that in addition to learning, I made friends.”

Mario Emond

“This confirmed a lot of what I am doing in terms of time management/organizing skills, but also served to identify tools and concepts I need to implement.”

Jim Murray
Industrial Technology Advisor

“Very useful, hands-on course that should be reasonably easy to put into practice. Will recommend to my co-workers.”

Lois Camponi
Senior Advisor
Editing and Quality Assurance

“I enjoyed the ‘dialogue’ format of this course. The discussions and sharing of ideas and experiences among the participants offered beneficial insight in better understanding the difficulties and potential solutions to our own individual work experience.”

Giovanni Torrente
Communications Services Agent

“Great course. I now have a plan!”

Paulo Costa
Acting Unit Head

“Engaging and Lively! Changed my perspective and motivated me to move forward and take charge of my life.”

Julia Barkhouse

Assistant Standards Officer

Library and Archives Canada (Quality Assurance)

“This was an excellent course! The way the material was presented and the skills of the instructor allowed me to think about and incorporate the skills and techniques immediately!. Thanks so much!”

Christine Hall
Litigation Project Manager

“Excellent workshop and presenter!”

Jeanette Crowder
Administrative Assistant

“The instructors of Performance Training Solutions can teach you and guide you but best of all, they stimulate you! Never a dull moment!”

Sara Thornton
Finance & Admin

“I Thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. I found it very informative and very well presented.”

Donna Arcand
Administrative Assistant

“A must for all managers”

Julie Thibeault
Senior Regulatory and Evaluation Specialist

“Excellent workshop! It provides the knowledge and tools needed to be more effective in either private or work life.”

Cristobal Miller
Senior Economist

“Excellent course and excellent presentation.I would love to take future courses with phill.Thanks for great 2 days course. “

Courtland Atkinson

Support Clerk

Public Health agency of Canada

“I found out how much I was a pack rat and was able to improve myself in only two days with what I learned from this course. Definitely a life changer.”

Robert Scharf
Web Administrator

“This class was very informative and well delivered. Anyone taking this class in the future will benefit from it.”

Kyle M Boyd
Program Specialist

“Excellent! Well worth taking. Everybody knows about different time management but to learn how to put everything together is great.”

Lisa Vine
Contract & Property Manager

“I have always struggled with time and being organized but now, with the tools I was taught, I am able to organize my time and my priorities and to regain control of my life.”

Natalie Archambault
Cabinet Liaison Advisor

“I will use the lessons learned not only at work but in my home. I would highly recommend this workshop.”

Adrian Boler-Bonny
Administrative Support

“I will recommend this course to my team.”

Eva Goldfield
Finance and Administration

“The instructor brought lots of energy, enthusiasm and ideas that are both helpful and intuitive. Thanks!”

Greg Booth

“I have taken a number of training courses, over the years, as a public servant. I have to say that this has been the most engaging course I have ever taken. Our instructor, Kimberly Nichols, was energetic and engaging and made the course really interesting. Thank you for the wonderful experience, I will recommend this to my co-workers.”

Kimberly Bateman

Health Canada

“The instructors of PTS are top-notch….”

Ms. Barbara Cantave
Administrative Assistant

“Very motivating.”

Manuel Castro
Director of the Air Staff Coordination

“This workshop makes you realize that you need to go back to basics. Plan your work, plan your life. Planning keeps you focused and organized.”

Brigitte Trau
Administrative Officer

“One of the best classes I have every attended. Interesting and enjoyable.”

Lynn Alcorn
Engineering Technician

“I will excel in every aspect of my work/life decisions for now, I feel reinforced and charged to take on a lot more.”

Natalie Brazeau
Administrative Assistant

“The course was very well organized, informative and entertaining! The Instructor kept my attention for the entire course, and he taught me techniques that are applicable not only to my working environment, but also to my personal life.”

Sara Pagani
Legal Assistant

“This was by far my best training experience. A huge eye opener. The professionalism of the facilitator was beyond great. It changed my life. Thanks a lot!”

Martin Villeneuve
Substances Management Information Line Agent

“What I have learned will not only be valuable at my work + also in my personal life. -The course was motivating and will given with a lot of respect for every single participants.”

Josee Chalifoux

Office Manager

Natural Resources Canada
(AECL Restructuting)

“The course and the instructor are great at showing you some practical tips that can be easily incorporated into your day to day life.”

Barclay Easton
Manager of Accountability

“I now understand the importance of taking the time to manage my time. It is time to start defending it.”

Leanne Callery
Head/Supply Services

“It turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks!!”

Patricia Lawrence
Senior Counsel

“I always appreciate a course that takes the whole person into consideration (feelings, spirit, head, body). This course spoke to the whole person.”

Barb Cloutier
Subject Specialist

“This workshop was outstanding. It gave me plenty of helpful ideas to help me in my personal life as well as at work. The instructor was very knowledgeable of the topic. The food served was excellent!”

Cynthia Gordon-Butler
Office Manager

“This Time Management workshop is an excellent, professionally presented program. I highly recommend it for all.”

Robert Coulson
Technical Writer/Supervisor

“I don’t have the right words to describe how you have changed my life! Not only my professional life, but my life outside the office too! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Rana Connolly
Junior Business Analyst

“Very enjoyable course with lots of interaction between participants and with the instructor. I learned many valuable things in a little bit of time.”

Alane Ferry
Supervisor Court Operations

“There are ideas and techniques you will be using immediately. This class condenses a wealth of information and makes it accessible.”

Blake Wright

“I will recommend this course to my co-workers. It introduces different ways to organize one self. I really enjoyed it. The Instructor was really open to comments which opens up discussion and allows us to learn from one another.”

Therese Landry
Staffing Officer

“Great instructor and material. This workshop is worth taking.”

Steve Mara
Air Polutions Specialist

“The adaptability of the material for personal and professional application is remarkable and much appreciated. The tools and tips will be very useful. The flexibility of the trainer and the material, to be able to encompass all backgrounds and levels”

Carlo Verdicchio
Senior Program Advisor

“I found the course, and the instructor, very dynamic.”

François Legault
International Development Project Advisor

“Over the last 28 years in the Federal Government, I have taken several ‘Time Management’ courses, only to end up in the same disorganized mess. This time, however, I know I will succeed. Partially in effect from the dynamics of the course and trainer.”

James Peeke
Acting Chief
Emergency & Bioterrorism Response Division

“Master Phil is an enjoyable and dynamic instructor who keeps us on our toes mentally and physically. I am decluttering the tasks in my mind, putting them down on paper and into action.”

Trena Allen

Senior Policy Analyst

Environment Canada (Aboriginal and Stakeholder Affairs)

“The course was helpful, enjoyable and reaffirming. I have learned some new techniques and tools to help me better organize and manage my time and look forward to applying them on the job. The instructor was great!”

Maureen Burtch

“I would highly recommend this workshop to my colleagues and superiors. It is both useful and fun.”

Nona Ioan
Systems Analyst

“Very useful tools, tips and techniques to learn to manage my time both at work and in my personal life. Everything from goal-setting to planning, prioritizing and tracking is covered in a stimulating, fun and relaxed atmosphere. Excellent job! Thank you.”

Olga Petosa
Project Officer

“This course has emphasized the need to take control of our life and that we are in control. With that attitude, we can manage anything and accomplish everything we want. What was taught will be useful in every aspect of our lives.”

Lucie Graveson
Senior Analyst

“Some excellent techniques that I should have been using for the last 35 years.”

Douglas Cuddy
Section Head

“The workshop gave me a new perspective on how time can be managed which in turn helps organize your personal and professional life!”

Prabh Tambar
Briefing Officer

“I will take what I’ve learned and apply it to my personal life as well as at work. “

Kendra Pammett
Administrative Assistant

“I’ve taken a number of courses over the past few years, and I wasn’t sure what to expect from a non-technical course. I can honestly say, this course exceeded all of my expectations and I’ve gained valuable knowledge and understanding of ‘Project Manage.”

Ron Breadmore
Environmental Scientist

“Finally, a time management course that I can integrate into my work and home lives, easily!”

Jennifer Pfitzer
Manager Creative Services

“The course was extremely useful, efficient, and “absorbable”. I’ve come away with a multitude of useful techniques, methods, and an improved mindset to make more effective use of my time. Ann is a fabulous instructor with tons of experience and very “

Kathi De
Program Officer

“This is more than a workshop on time management. It goes into behavior modification. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. This workshop was awesome.”

Christy Campbell
Office Assistant

“One of the best trainers ever! Professional, Stimulating and Knowledgeable. Fantastic learning experience!”

Nancy Wilson
Project Officer

“The exercises were practical and instructional. I learned a lot from them by consolidating the learning from the lectures.”

Ola Smith
Senior Programme Specialist

“The course on Time Management & Organizing Skills was great. It helped me define tasks more precisely and rand them according to their priority. The mind sweep technique was useful in reducing anxiety and help focus my energy in a more productive”

Gilles Langis
Senior Ice Forecaster

“The material is excellent and the delivery, absolutely the best!”

Danielle Flemming
Registry Officer

“I enjoyed the ‘Time Management’ course very much. It provided me with valuable tools to help me in my work and home life. I definitely recommend this course.”

Velma Whately
Financial Assistant

“The workshop is not just about working more effectively, it’s about living more effectively.”

Richard Ingham
Management and Program Analyst

“Instructor was very good with group dynamics. All students participated and exchanged ideas and experiences, the context of the course was very good.”

Lorna Dear
Systems Analyst

“The ‘Time Management and Organizing Skills’ workshop was a great tool for personal and professional growth.”

Laria Hairston
Administrative Support Specialist

“The instructor empowered me with his method, knowledge and skills, to maximize my success using practical Time Management and Organizational Tools, approaches and processes.”

Sue Hinves

“Common sense approach to dealing with the paralysis of busy-ness.”

Chris Kruszelnicki
Senior Communications Advisor

“It is amazing how a work-related course has also impacted the rest of my life and given me tools to improve my life management, not just my time. Thank you so much!”

Christopher Collings
Enforcement Officer

“I thought I was using my time & organizing skills to the best of my advantage, but I learnt how to be more efficient and time effective. Thanks.”

Heather Anne Massey
Administrative Officer

“Great course. The teacher knows the material and is very energetic. I will come back for more.”

Jacques Saumur
Contract Security Officer

“This course was beyond my expectations. Thank you for a focused, energetic and well planned and delivered course.”

Lorri Thompson
Senior Engineer

“I learned very practical tools during this workshop. I will use some right away and implement others step by step in the weeks to come. Now I know that I can handle all the “stuff” that comes in.”

Francine Magnan
Controlled Drugs Section

“Lots of common sense commentary brought up in a humorous, enlightening manner.”

Ms. Debbie Malone
Financial Administrative Clerk

“Great session and great delivery! It was refreshing to be kept interested during the whole session! Keep up the good work.”

Herve Madelaine

“Excellent workshop. Interesting and well delivered. Solid “doable” skills offered.”

Corina Hayward
Policy Analyst

“Excellent instructor which is key to delivering this type of session. Humour is very important and she does it well.”

Ms. Jo-Anne Monette
Program and Development Officer

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was very informative and given with just the right amount of humour. I’m eager to return to my office and start organizing, organizing, organizing. I feel like I can now accomplish my goals.”

Bonnie Grohs
Government On-Line Coordinator

“This workshop is exceptional in reminding, or showing, you how to get tasks, requests and assignments out of your head and into a structure to efficiently deal with them.”

Joy Atkinson
Senior Programs Officer

“Over the course of our lives we invent our own ‘Time Management and Organizing Skills’ out of necessity. I wish I had taken this course 30 years earlier – it would have saved me re-inventing many wheels!”

Liza Tanczyk
Science Policy Advisor

“I found the workshop very helpful in giving me an overview of the ‘”Project Management Process’. The tools and techniques I learned will be helpful to me on the job.”

Brenda Wilson

“This was truly a mind shifting work-life experience that will impact me for years to come.”

Jennifer Larlee Substances Management Information Line Agent

“This workshop will help me in my day to day activities whether it be work related or personal, it will give me a more balanced life.”

Nadene Gonthier-Westbrook

“Well rounded course.”

Les Maiczan
Test Analyst

“Excellent course. The workshop reinforced my existing time management and organizational skills and introduced me to new skills to use in my professional and personal life.”

Anne Pace
Technology Administration Specialist

“It is the greatest course I have ever attended.”

Lan Lin
Senior Informatics
Applications Specialist

“Very informative. Too bad this was not available at the beginning of my career. I hope to retain much of the information and put it to use.”

Jeannine Fortin
Administrative Assistant

“Powerful presentation by a dynamic facilitator. No ‘boring spaces’, he keeps you interested all the time.”

Shahnaz Rahman
Technical Specialist

“Loved it, everyone should attend . . . a must in life.”

Ms. Melanie Dinn
Executive Assistant

“Excellent workshop. Looking forward to getting back to the office and implementing techniques and lessons learned from the interactive seminar.”

Martin Fitzgerald
Administrative Assistant

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course which will certainly be beneficial to me both professionally and personally .”

Ms. Shireen Khan

“A very enjoyable and engaging course with useful information and a highly recommended instructor.”

Lisa Pearce
Project Officer

“Very dynamic workshop! Lots of ‘hands on’ exercises. I would definitely recommend this course to others as I walked away from this with the skills needed to take the stress out of my life and get organized. Tomorrow is the start of a new way of working “

Melissa McDonald
Administrative Clerk

“With what the course has provided me, I feel like the light at the end of the tunnel is no longer an express train coming in the opposite direction! Informative, enlightening and enjoyable.”

Guy Bethell
Special Assistant - Member Relations, Culture & Appointments

“The course provided a solid framework of tools for practical use in the work environment as well as personal life.”

Frank Oda
Market Research Analyst

“I enjoyed the course. The material was relevant and the techniques I’ve learnt will certainly make a difference.”

Joyce Calvert
Programmer Analyst

“I enjoyed it so much that I will recommend it to my coworkers and everyone who wants to take it.”

Mario Barrette
Planning and Analyst Officer

“The Time Management & Organizing Skills workshop helped me discover my organizational ‘personality’ and put my organizational skills in perspective.”

Ms. Lynn Morris
ABE Training

“I got more than I ever imagined out of this course.”

Evan Salter
Senior Financial Advisor

“I found this course to be very fulfilling and eye opening. It was given in a very relaxed and comfortable environment.”

Suzanne Gates
Administrative Assistant

“This session has provided me with the tools necessary to better manage my time and organizational skills.”

Marie Miron
Project Officer

“Definitely worth the price of travel and expenses.”

Christine Bouffard
Payment Officer

“This course was informative and gave more practical solutions. “

Aman Bal
Team Co-ordinator

“What a fun way to learn new tools and techniques to better manage your time and organize yourself both in your personal and professional life. I learned a great deal and I was pleasantly surprised with this workshop.”

Fanie Tanguay
Administrative Coordinator

“A great course. I would recommend this to everyone that I work with. (It would make my job easier!)”

Donna Hamilton
Administrative Assistant

“Excellent workshop! I’ll be able to use the techniques learned from this workshop right away at work as well as at home. The instructor was excellent, and created a very friendly environment.”

Praful Desai
Environmental Database Officer

“I would recommend this to any of my colleagues. It was worth traveling for. Empowering, and a great use of two days.”

Tracy Urquhart

“Just what I needed to make me more organized in my work place and at home. Thank you!”

Fran Aves
Briefing Assistant

“The instructor was well informed, pleasant, and lots of fun! Very enjoyable.”

Joanne Baxter
Administrative Assistant

“Phil’s sincerity greatly helps in making the course more engaging and enjoyable.”

Michael Bazant

Internal Auditor

Canadian Institutes of Health Research (Internal Audit and Risk Management)

“This workshop was more than I expected! I can now apply this knowledge not only in my workplace, but in LIFE!”

Josée M Lafleur
Program Coordinator

“This workshop not only helps me with my work life, but has huge benefits for my personal life. I look forward to setting goals that will be attainable by using the techniques I have learned through this 2 day course.”

Kathleen Laskoski
Program Consultant

“I was a skeptic about the course at first but it was an eye opener.”

Jamie Machado

“This course was instrumental in helping to realize that I wasn’t managing my most valuable asset – ME – as well as I could. This course was great!”

Darin Dixon
Budget Analyst

“An excellent course with valuable information on time management. Thank you.”

Tony Demeis
Database Administrator

“As a ‘big picture’ individual, I appreciate the fact that the instructor’s approach to ‘Time Management’ is as much, or more, about philosophy and balance as it is calendars and stop watches.”

Chris Kitzan
Project Manager

“This workshop provided positive techniques that will definitely help me to operate more effectively in my current position as well as establish goals for myself, and strive to accomplish those goals.”

Ronschall Love
Legal Technical

“Time Management and Organizing Skills’ should be mandatory to all public servants.”

Ted Bulat
Lease Review Officer

“The instructor was very dynamic. It makes the workshop much more interesting.”

Ms. Carole Gonthier

“I have been in the Federal Government for 20+ years, however this class taught me you are never too old to learn. I learned so many valuable tools that I can’t wait to get back to the office to use them. Thanks very much!”

Anthony Grimm
Program Analyst

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The Instructor was passionate, energetic, respectful and knowledgeable. The pace was perfect. The exercises and discussions truly helped me focus on applying the techniques in a very personal way. Thanks!”

Lori Rees
Senior Budget & Planning Analyst


George Tolson
Statistician Demographer

“The instructor was very positive and upbeat. She was also very good at recommending reading material.”

Susan Doka,PhD
Research Scientist

“Tools for work and home! Instructor keeps the class going and provides an excellent learning environment.”

Shawn Rycroft
Systems Analyst

“I thought this course provided information that could be used both professionally and personally. I am ready to move forward.”

Victoria Nelson
Personnel Security Specialist

“Excellent two-day course. Instructor was very passionate and knowledgeable. I definitely have a new outlook on life and career. Thank you!”

Biren Juttun
Environmental Engineer

“I enjoyed the course! I am looking forward to applying all that I learned to make me a more organized person.”

Karen Jasmin
Senior Officer Resource Management

“I think that when I return to work I will be able to apply what I learned over these past two days. Hopefully these tips will help me succeed and advance in my career.”

Jennifer Garton
Administrative Assistant

“This is one of the best courses I have attended. I will benefit from it, and a lot can be applied to my personal life as well…”

Jeannine Beaudoin
Executive Assistant

“Although I am a very well organized person, I have learned a lot more new tricks and tips to improve my organizing and time management skills….”

Meena Paul
Administrative Officer

“It’s a well run, interesting program.”

Dean J. Kelly
Web Master

“I learned a lot and can’t wait to apply it all at work.”

Polly McLeish
Administrative Services Officer

“I do not have a bad thing to say. I enjoyed both days and will recommend this course to others.”

Tony Legault
Move Coordinator

“Time Management and Organizing Skills’ was an excellent course. The instrctor knew her material and was able to get the information across to all of us.”

Barbara Kanabe
Chemical Technologist

“Very dynamic and informative workshop. The facilitator was very engaging and encouraged everyone to participate. I received some great tips to become more organized.”

Verdeen McBurnie
Senior Financial Analyst

“In seven years with my department this was, by far, the best course I’ve taken.”

Aaron Barclay
Information Analyst

“If you want to improve the quality of your life, take this course.”

Cindy Hunter
Administrative Officer

“I highly recommend this workshop if you need organization in both your personal and business life. The instructor was great!”

Daphne Stewart-Bennett
Consumer Safety Officer

“An enjoyable and informative course. I would recommend it to anyone wishing to re-take control of their work life.”

Mr. Ron Dickie
Financial Administrative Clerk

“You not only get learning time, but you also have a good time! (productivity).”

Xuan-Thang Tran
Systems Analyst

“This is one of the few courses I’ve taken that I will actually apply at work and life.”

Tai-Huor Tang
Technology Advisor

“The exercises associated with the PTS principles were beneficial and ready to implement.”

Tabmitha Jervey
Assistant Professor

“The program shows you how to organize and use a number of skills you already use everyday. The instructor, through lectures and group discussion helps you to put all the life skills together to assist you in all aspects of life.”

Mike Elchyshyn

“I gained a few very valuable insights relating both to my personal and professional life. Thanks!”

Elsa Van Hulst

“Great course. I took away many tools to better organize my work and plan my busy life! The two days went by so fast during this fun-filled and informative workshop.”

Joanne Purdie
Administrative Assistant

“A real pleasure. An effective way to spend my time and money.”

Chris Mains
Senior Programs Officer

“I found the course very enlightening on both a personal and a professional level. I will recommend this course to all of my co-workers.”

Keith Brown

“Concepts used in this training course will stay with me for a long time. I am very motivated to start using them right away. “

Pauline Jones
Human Resources Advisor

“PTS did a great job with this course. Many useful tools that will help me with my everyday work.”

Dawn-Marie Boudreau
Executive Assistant

“For the first time I can remember, I didn’t want to leave early or sleep through any part of the two days.”

Rui Fonseca
Environmental Contaminants Officer

“I will be a better organized employee as a result of taking this training.”

Helen Golightly
Project Officer

“Inspirational and motivational training. The course taught me how to deal with day to day tasks more effectively while focused on long-term goals.”

Naoko Kors
Branding Officer

“Useful tools, tips, techniques and strategies that should lead to better organization and a clearer frame of mind at work and at home.”

Steve Walker
Senior Environmental Management Officer

“The Instructor and the course was very well delivered. Learned many tips on how to better organize my work and my life. Also had lots of fun!”

Sylvie Tessier
Network Specialist

“Dynamically presented, very interesting course providing a fresh view on time management and organizing skills. A good opportunity to assess your current skill level, learn other skills and acknowledge your techniques for continued self improvement.”

Mr. Guy Breton
Client Services-Operations

“This course help me with a paradigm shift, in realizing that the place where we invest the most time and energy are not necesserily where we should be and that things people clamour for the most from us are not necessarily what we should be doing for them. By prioritizing, setting long-term goals, and establishing boundaries we may actually do less, but accomplish more and increase our contributions to our organization, our families, and ourselves.”

Barbara Acheson

Thermal Hazard Technologist

Natural Resources Canada

“Excellent course. Instructor was entertaining, knowledgeable, and allowed me to thoroughly enjoy the conference. I will be sure to apply the techniques and information in the office.”

Assunta Guay
Administrative Officer

“This was a great class. Everyone who attends will most likely walk away with excellent skills they can apply both in their professional and personal lives.”

Dorothy Utech
Visitor Use

“Informative, relevant, and fun. The instructor has the knowledge and experience to provide the course with an element of fun I have never seen. The content is practical and easy to implement in everyday life. Highly recommended.”

Heather Leaman
Program Officer

“Fantastic workshop! Very interesting and helpful information and techniques which I will certainly put to use in my day-to-day tasks. I will recommend this workshop to my colleagues!”

Cécile Poirier
Executive Assistant

“The instructor was informative, amusing, and knowledgeable. I enjoyed the workshop.”

Robert Corsello
Process Improvement Team Leader

“Very dynamic learning methods with great discussions which participants could easily relate to their work environments.”

Patrick Corcoran
Analyst, Address Management

“The tools and information provided will allow me to have a more balanced lifestyle both professionally and personally. To be more organized will provide more free time to do the things you truly love.”

Theresa Pigeon
Financial and Administrative Officer

“I am very impressed by the quality of this course…..This course is very practical and I’m not exaggerating when I say life changing! I highly recommend it to anyone.”

Tania Magloire
Secretariat Officer

“An excellent course, delivered with clarity and enthusiasm. I am inspired to apply these new skills immediately, both on the job and at home.”

David Tilden
Hazardous Materials Specialist

“Phil is a very good speaker. He encouraged participation and sharing experiences and ideas. He mixses mutual arts techniques and tought also respect and prise at the organizing skills.”

Liliane Castets-Poupart

Program Management Officer

International Development Researce Centre (Fellowships and Awards program/Special Initiatives Divis)

“I would recommend this course to even the most organized people out there.”

Darren Gallant
Testing Analyst

“This course is the catalyst I need to formulate my personal plan to set achievable goals and get my life in order. I can’t wait to start implementing the time management principles I learned.”

Mr. Chris Fraser
Sector Training Assistant

“Very informative and provided useful tools, along with solutions to disorganization.”

Debi Connolly
Corporate Software Officer

“I would suggest that if people are looking for a course to either gain or reinforce their time management techniques, that they consider taking this course. The material and instructional examples really helped me regain my focus on both work and person.”

Dan Sonmor
Senior Environmental Specialist


“This is a course everyone should have. Valuable tools to have for home and work.”

Carolyn O'Hanley
Administrative Assistant

“Excellent course with useful everyday tools applicable for daily life. I highly recommend this class.”

Valeria Ramirez
Program Analyst

“Excellent! Hands on experience was great!”

Stephen Page
Default and Claims Officer

“A great workshop in a fun environment.”

Dr. Jason Gardner

“Excellent course! I learned a lot!”

Jo-Anne Dohar

“I found the workshop to be very informative and I learned many techniques I can use immediately. Real life examples were shared freely. I will recommend this workshop to others.”

Carrie Stone

“In my eight years of taking courses with the Federal Government, this was the most professionally run. The Instructor’s ability to keep everyone on task, and limit the personal chatter, is unparalleled. The positive environment allowed me to remain “

Scott Johnson
Enforcement Officer

“I have been on many ‘Time Management” courses over my 32 years of work in the public service. This is the course that I enjoyed the most and that made the most sense. The manual was great and I will use it.”

Julie Wahab McNeely
Administrative Assistant

“This workshop was a great investment!”

Ms. Michelle Saucier
Administrative Assistant

“Very interesting. Made me realize that small and simply changes can greatly enhance my time management skills.”

Chantal Gignac

“The information was delivered in a very positive atmosphere. The value added with all the extras is really what sets this course apart from the others. We all love meat on the bone!”

Richard Duford
Administrative Assistant

“The material was easy to understand and offered in a constructive learning environment. Just by participating and listening to the powerful suggestions has already made me a master of my time and life management. Of course, the proof will be in the pud “

Stephen Toth
Manager Contract Services

“The course was enlightening and eye-opening. One big ‘EUREKA’ moment!!”

Robert Dykstra
Senior Analyst


“This is a very useful workshop for people having hard time to keep up with the ever demanding workplace and life in general.”

Dr Ali Benmeddour

Research Officer

National Research Council Canada (Fix-Wing Aerodynamics)

“This was a great course. I recommend it to anyone who requires less mess and clutter in their lives, instead to be replaced with order and discipline.”

Martin Ivancic
Database Support Officer

“The instructor was very personable and put a human touch to a subject matter that can be at times, very cold.”

Roger Parent
Probation Manager

“The class was very informative and taught me how to better utilize my time and be more organized professionally and personally. There is a better way if you manage the use of your time properly. I recommend this class to everyone.”

Jacqueline Davis-Maxfield
Staff Assistant

“The course was a breath of fresh air in the area of time management. Optimistic and energizing. Very valuable concepts and practical applications.”

Janice Habasinski
Lead, Service Standards

“…tools are very useful & readily applicable to every day work & play situations.”

David Crevier

“Look forward to the other courses!”

Mr. Richard McEwen
Postal, Dist., & Mail Processing Serv.

“This course will not only reinforce your time management skills at your worksite, but also in your personal life.”

Mr. Larry Williams
Plant Supervisor

“A very informative, eye opening course, taught by an extremely dynamic individual. I will most assuredly use what I have learned in my everyday life. Well done!”

Bill Baldwin

“You will find yourself with more time to do what you like!”

Bob Grenon
Building Operations Technician

“I think it is a great course to attend. I will be able to apply most of the tips and tricks in both my personal and professional life.”

Mr. Eric Massie
Senior Technical Support Analyst

“Would recommend to anyone at any level.”

Eva Jacobs
Director, Corporate Accounting and Reporting

“I am looking forward to implementing the tools I learned in this workshop. I am now very motivated to make better use of my time.”

Cindy Folz
Hearing Officer

“I really liked the workshop and the way it was taught. The instructor’s positive attitude, mindset and listening skills are an example. Thank you!”

Anne Tshimbalanga
Operations Assistant

“A truly insightful seminar. I would definitely recommend it. Excellent tips on making better use of my time both at work and in my personal life”

Angie Georgakakos
Administrative Coordinator

“A fantastic and enjoyable two days. The material covered and its presentation will most certainly help me at work as well as in my personal life. I whole-heartedly recommend this course as an important development tool.”

Mr. Fred H. Shipley
Property and Operations

“Demystified the process and allowed me to identify, fit and bring a sequence to the “puzzle pieces” of Project Management. Highlighted the “human” side of this otherwise paper-driven process.”

Denise Worrell
Logistics Coordinator

“The ‘Time Management and Organizing Skills’ course has provided me with realistic tools which will be easily implemented on a day to day basis.”

Nicole Vienneau-Spencer
Account Assistant

“I really enjoyed this course. I look forward to implementing the techniques I have learned in my professional and personal life.”

Lori Brenning

“I was doing some of the things suggested, but now I will be doing them the right way and new ones too. I am sure that my desk and my files will be more organized now. Thank you, it was a very interesting course and the instructor was very interesting.”

Suzanne Drouin
Security Directorate

“A very positive course delivered by a high-energy instructor.”

John Dewar
Office Clerk

“The most useful and enjoyable course I have attended.”

Ms. Florence Scalena
Human Resources Assistant

“Excellent course, applicable to more than just the workplace. It is so good it leaves little room for improvement!”

Thomas Tigley
Project Officer

“Very pertinent to today’s taxing routines. Innovative ideas to better manage your daily routines, whether it’s at home or in the office. Very comfortable pace by which to learn neat tricks and adapt tips to busy lifestyles.”

Beverley Hunt
Quality Control Coordinator

“Instructor really made the class! I learned so much and I’m looking forward to putting this knowledge into practice right away!”

Gary Horne
IT Specialist

“Looking forward to getting back to use the techniques learned in this wonderful workshop. I’m leaving here with confidence that I will improve management of both my professional time and personal time. I highly recommend this workshop!”

Kelly-Ann Chisholm
Senior Compliance Officer

“A great eye opener!”

Mr. Walter Peruzzini
Program Manager

“The course forced me to stand back and look at my work habits. I was able to see many areas where improvements could be made and practical suggestions to achieve these improvements were presented.”

Gary Bishop
Agricultural Engineer

“Thank you! That was the best workshop/training I have ever attended.”

Kimiko Bellefeuille
Project/Program Officer

“This course enabled me to re-focus and analyze my personal and professional life in a profound yet simplistic manner.”

Jennifer O'Brien
Communications Officer

“I really enjoyed the workshop. It was exactly what i needed. The level of detail was perfect for the time alloted.”

Shannon Castella


Environment Canada (Risk Management, Persistant Organic Pollutants)

“This was a perfect example of a well planned and well paced workshop.”

Judith Lezama-Charles
Administrative Officer

“Practical techniques for everyday problems”

Sheik Abdul
Programmer Analyst

“This workshop will be a great help in my professional life.. But, what was more of a surprise, is how much these skills will apply to my whole life.”

Steve Yorston
IT Team Leader

“Well presented and to the point course which would be a value to any professional procrastinator.”

William Powell
Manager Business & Information Architecture

“Good luck if you planned on having a nap!”


“This workshop was excellent! I would definitely take another workshop with PTS.”

Dawn Freeman
Administrative Assistant

“Phil Nguyen is an excellent instructor. He keeps all the participants focused and the discussions interesting. The training was very informative and definitely not boring.”

Laura Genereux
Project Officer

“I enjoy the dynamic of the course not to serious. But informative a perfect example of fun while learning. “

Barbara Alexis

Administrative Officer

Public Works and Government Services (Operations)

“This course was very empowering because it made me aware of how my own choices, (about what to do with my time), were contributing to my levels of stress. It was a pleasure and a good use of my time to attend this class.”

Genevieve Kroes
Sr. Evaluation Advisor

“I used to be a great organizer but I fell off the bandwagon. This course has been a fabulous kick-start to get me back on track. A great instructor, useful tools that are easy to apply and a great opportunity to share ideas and experience with the other. “

Sophie McKenna

“This course was definitely a journey of self-discovery. I leaned practical new tools that I will certainly use again.”

Patrick Boyle
Program Coordinator

“I learned a lot – mostly from some discussions with my peers on how to deal with office ‘clutter’. I know exactly what to do to get started – tomorrow morning! Thanks a million! It was worth the money!”

Shirley Verret
Acting HRMIS Co-Ordinator

“It forced me to step back and take an important look at my work and home life. We need time to think, and this course provided the time.”

David Wehrle

“I got a lot out of this course. The stuff I knew was reinforced or brought to focus. The instructor made the course enjoyable and entertaining.”

Amal Kareem
Financial Officer

“Refreshing! I actually learned practical skills and techniques that I will use at work, beginning today. The learning environment was like no other: toys, music, puzzles and exercises intermixed with substantive information and learning experiences.”

Aurelia Mauro
Legal Counsel

“Great course for relieving stress caused by others.”

Ms. Ana Garcias
Administrative Officer

“I thought the training was excellent and can be applied personally and professionally. Definitely recommend this to everyone.”

Rasa Malinauskas
Detective Constable

“The combination of content, pace, and energy made this course one of the best I’ve ever attended. Thank you!”

Wendy Taylor-Phelps
Administrative Officer

“This was one of the best courses I have eve taken. I am expecting to put the information into use immediately.”

Lorraine Young
Senior Investigator

“It is possible to have fun while learning. “

Sébastien Bertin

“This course was the most interesting and enjoyable course I have ever attended. It is a must to take.”

Ms. Darla Jay
Program Assistant

“Valuable tools for managing and balancing workloads and personal life for today’s government office environment.”

Leon Spiro
Budget Analyst

“Great course! It confirmed what I do well and what aspects I need to work on.”

Jocelyne Cayouette
National Crown Agent iCase Coordinator

“The instructor was dynamic, energetic and very knowledgeable. He made the course relative and very able to be implemented.”

Heather Cohen
Functional Analyst

“The instractor’s performance makes this workshop worth attending.”

Sylvine Bertrend

project Maneger

Correctional Service of Canada (Intelligence Operations, Policy and Programs)

“I found the content and the relevance to be right on with regards to work and day to day life.”

Juan James
A/Sup. Court Support

“I’ve rarely attended a workshop that was as informative and useful as this ‘Time Management and Organizing Skills’ workshop.”

Luce Levasseur
Production Support Officer

“The ‘Time Management and Organizing Skills’ workshop will be a helpful tool for every participants professional as well as personal life.”

Jason Ogle
Maintenance Mechanic Supervisor

“Good time management techniques and also good participation by all. (Both listening and talking).”

Rhonda Healey

“I came here for tips, tricks and tools and that’s what I got! It’s great!”

Johanne Mongeon
Administrative Assistant

“The course provided some terrific concepts, tips and tricks for reducing/eliminating time-wasters which will surely help to keep me focused on attaining specific goals.”

Ray Bullard
Security Policy and Operations

“I can really appreciate a class of this nature. Not only is the class important for my job, but it is important for my personal life as well.”

Don Washington
Mathmatical STATCN

“I truly enjoyed this ‘Time Management and Organizing Skills’ workshop. It showed me how to better organize myself at work and at home. I truly recommend it to everyone as everyone needs organizational skills. The instructor was awesome!”

Melanie Luna
Administrative Assistant

“Completely entertaining while enlightening. Probably better than the new craze ‘Laughter Yoga’.”

Matt-Ja Bickerton
Senior Test Analyst

“The course is set up in a way that is very conducive to learning and simple to follow and understand.”

Craig Macartney
Administrative Assistant

“I found the course interesting and very useful. This was one of the best workshops I’ve attended in a very long time.”

Ms. Deborah E. M. Hoeg
Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Administrator

“Amazing on so many levels!!”

Stephanie Burden
Adminitrative Assistant

“This wasn’t just a ‘Time Management’ course, it was also empowering and it gave me a sense of accomplishment. It’s an eye opener on how we perceive time and how we use it.”

Ramaz Samrout

“One of the few workshops I’ve attended that provided useful skills and tools to take away.”

Tara C Goetze PhD

“I strongly recommend this workshop for anyone who may be time management challenged. The topics discussed have enabled me to put everything into perspective.”

Larry Jackson Fleet
Service Representative

“The Time Management course effectively takes what you know and brings it to your attention so you can reflect and find ways to improve yourself. Reflection allows you to buy-in and accept the need for change and the methods presented as best practices.”

John Tucker
IT Analyst/Programmer

“It is nice to take a course that relates personally and professionally.”

Cheryl A Morris
Blood-Born Pathogens and STI Coordinator

“Excellent class! It gave me great ideas and I learned simple new ways to gain control over my time and interruptions.”

Julie Weiblinger
Supervisory Accountant

“This course was one of the most interesting, informative and beneficial courses I have attended or participated in. ‘Excellent instructor’. I know that I will be able to apply and follow much of what I have learned and discovered.”

Robert Allen Miller
Civil Aviation Safety Inspector

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course which will certainly be beneficial to me both professionally and personally .”

Ms. Shireen Khan

“Fantastic Course. Learning in a fun way, that I can use at work and at home, to accomplish more than I thought I could.”

Thomas McGee
Business Analyst

“My time and money were well used in attending this course.”

Cathy Paul
Manager Client Services

“I’ve learned numerous tips and tricks to better organize myself and others. I recommend it to everybody.”

Angela Carmichael
Junior Project Officer

“Great help for me in my personal life as well as work which I didn’t expect. I think my spouse and I will achieve more by being more organized which will help us both stay calm through our stressful lives.”

Sonya Boyce
Administrative Co-ordinator

“I really enjoyed the training. It provided me with a host of tools and concepts to help me increase by productivity and efficiency. Kim is a great facilitator. She kept the training on track and made the training from a engaging.”

Chantal Allen

“Makes life easier!”

Mr. Calvin Luckman
Planner Developer

“The tools, methods, tips and concepts given, as well as the shared experiences in this workshop, have been absolutely uplifting and the pace fantastic! I started applying them immediately and with great ease.”

Helene Grognard
Administrative Assistant

“Very useful, informative, practical and down-to-earth suggestions. Delivered in an interesting and engaging (and entertaining) format.”

Ms. Alana Daly
Research & Coordination Officer

“Absolutely amazing workshop where I found myself learning how to balance life and work, respecting my own person in the process.”

Guy Ratté
Senior Program Advisor/Team Leader

“Great workshop! Very informative and entertaining! Kudos!”

Tracy Freeland
Information Officer

“This course inspired me to make immediate, life enhancing changes, that will benefit me, my family and my workplace.”

Kathleen Navas

“Very interesting, it is the best course I attended in years. It will help me at work and also at home. “

Sheila McNamara
Project Officer

“This workshop exceeded my expectations! I feel that I will be applying the techniques and lessons learned to better manage both my professional and personal life.”

Brian Wallace
Senior Policy Advisor

“A course well worth the time!”

Ms. Janet Mullins
Sr. Advisor

“This course should be put on your bucket list. Very useful for work and personal life. All the tools given are doable and manageable.”

Suzanne Frere
Compensation Advisor

“This course opened my eyes to rethink my work and personal lives.”

Janice K Poole
Communications Analyst

“I found the course very useful as a means to review the fundamentals and find ways to improve my ability to manage multiple projects.”

Scott Boswell

Special Advisor

Canada revenue Agency

“This was an excellent course. Well designed and expertly facilitated.”

Wendy Martin

“The course was excellent. We were able to apply our own day-to-day examples which helped us apply the theory!”

Diane Belanger
Project Leader

“Worthwhile, amazing, priceless, excellent investment and a very efficient use of my time, but most of all – Fun!!”

Eric Giroux
Senior Program Engineer

“I learned a lot of new techniques. It was an interactive, amazing and uplifting course. Thank You.”

Isabel Sebastiao
Senior Business Analyst

“This was a fun, lively workshop and I agree that we learn better by doing, so I appreciate the different learning styles presented.”

Stephanie Bealle
Psychometrics Administrator

“Very little actions can make huge differences in life. This is what I learned from the “Will it take less than two minutes?” principle.”

Boniface Koudjonou

“This course gave me immediate practical tips to use in my everyday life and emphasized the importance of balance in my life.”

Linda Palmer

“Taking these workshops is a good investment for organizations. Managers and staff will both benefit from the learning experience.”

Denise O'Donnell
Administrative Assistant

“This course was very stimulating and informative. Highly recommended for all positions.”

Baruch Pryce
Junior Commerce Officer

“The instructor is very motivational. The class was inspiring and effective. The pace of the class was very good.”

Diane Adams
Network Specialist

“Very informative course. It will be useful at work and at home.”

Derek Baines
Tax Appeals Case Specialist

“I really enjoyed this workshop. I fell I will be able to incorporate the tools I learned into my work and personal life.”

Sylvia Duncan

“This course provided me with additional tools and techniques to better plan and manage, which is something we always need to improve on to maximize what needs to be done.”

France Vézina

“The workshop provided me with some tools and instructions that I will incorporate into my daily routine.”

John Davie
Planning and Integration Analyst

“Informative and fun. Relevant knowledge of ‘Project Management’ was learned through activities and discussions.”

David Gosse
Project Officer

“I will definitely recommend this course to anyone. Thanks so much PTS!”

Essodom Kpatcha
Senior Program Administrator

” Would recommend to anyone at any stage in their career. Great motivational speaker and discussions.”

Ms. Jocelyne Garland
Administrative Assistant

“This was my third course with PTS. I would definitely come back for more in the future.”

Lynn Lamer
PURM (Priviledge User Risk Management)

“The ‘Time Management and Organizing Skills’ workshop was outstanding! It equipped me with all the tools needed to successfully maximize my potential and enable my organization to capitalize on my talents during the time allotted!”

Kevin Hearne
Program Analyst

“Time well spent! I am going back to work with the tools to manage my day, week and month much more effectively. The last two days were fun and fast.”

Nancy McEvoy
Program Clerk

“The instructor provided an excellent approach to learning this topic and associated principles. The interaction with others, practical exercises and re-enforcement tools were extremely beneficial to ensuring information learned is actually utilized.”

Sharon Doucet
Research Planning & Support

“Excellent course! The instructor was the best I have ever had the privilege of meeting. There was a wealth of content in the workshop and no effort was spared to make it interesting, relevant and fun.”

Sigrid Draffin
Data Base Analyst

“Excellent training for those individuals that lack time management skills. The Skills and tools provided in the training shows you how to create a balance between your work and personal life.”

Viviana Bolton
Conflict Resolution Specialist

“Great way of learning very useful ‘Time Management’ skills in a very, very short time. Recommended to everybody that works for the Federal Government.”

Monica Gewurz
Assistant Negotiator

“Excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from the class.”

Diane Meeks
Contract Specialist

“I feel that this workshop was excellent and that everyone should participate in the course. I found an extra two hours each day to fulfill my goals.”

Charity Gallen

“The Facilitator encouraged and stimulated interaction among participants, providing increased comprehension and exchange of ideas.”

Dave Bell
Assistant Area Manager/Kingston

“At first I questioned how much I could learn, and I don’t have the time to learn hot to save time. However, I found the suggestions provided to be very worthwhile and will implement them.”

Ben Dieterele
Landscape Architect

“This course exceeded my expectations. I came into it hoping to improve my organizational and time management skills and left thinking about making serious changes in my life and the development and fostering of goals. Exciting and thought provoking.”

John Robichaud
Programs Officer

“The ‘Time Management and Organizing Skills’ workshop is leaving me with valuable skills that I can use in my everyday personal and professional life. I recommend this course to those who need structure in their daily life!”

“This was an excellent course. Well designed and expertly facilitated”

Wendy Martin

“Time Management and Organizing Skills’ is very well developed with excellent pace through the direction of the teacher. Well done!”

Denis Normand
Senior Chief

“The course was excellent. I will definitely take another course with your company.”

Roseanne Renaud
IT Project Officer

“My expirience with the workshop was positive and very helpful. I will now be able to apply the skills I learned in my daily tasks.”

Wendy Havens

“I have learned how to manage my time and how to say ‘no’ with ease for the first time in my life.”

Tomeka Nelson
Program Specialist

“This training was very informative and I received excellent ideas not only pertaining to my work life but my home life as well! The instructor had a good sense of humor!”

Shelly Dawson
Administrative Officer

“My two days just flew by. We wanted more!”

Bernard Seguin

“I highly recommend to every person. It was very informative”

Ms. Hoda Sawaya
Administrative Assistant

“I enjoyed this course very much. I found it to be very well organized and thorough. I am very confident that it will help me greatly in managing my time and get myself much better organized in my work environment.”

Ms. Louise Marion
Regional Awards Coordinator

Average evaluation score
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