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How we communicate with our clients, our staff, our managers, and each other is of utmost importance for our individual success as well as that of our organization.  This learning event is designed to provide you with the strategies, tools, and tips to communicate more effectively.

During this two-day workshop, you will learn about and apply communication skills, concepts and principles through a number of dynamic lectures, interactive class discussions, and practical hands-on activity-based learning exercises.

Communication Skills
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By The End of the Workshop You Will Be Able To:

  • Describe and understand the ‘Communication Process’
  • Identify strategies to communicate more effectively, both verbally and in a written format
  • Build rapport more quickly with others while avoiding unnecessary relationship stresses and frustrations
  • Properly use communication tools and technology
  • Communicate with greater confidence in various work and life situations

You Will Learn To:

  • Breakdown the ‘Communication Process’ into its fundamental building blocks to help you set goals for enhancing your communication skills
  • Send clear and effective messages by requesting feedback and asking appropriate questions (open-ended/closed-ended)
  • Actively listen to others to exhibit respect and to ensure understanding
  • Use skills such as; active listening, affirmative listening, building rapport, providing feedback, paraphrasing, summarizing, clarifying, probing, reframing, and confirming to minimize misunderstanding and conflict
  • Understand the ‘3 V’s of Communication’ (Visual/Non-Verbal, Vocal, Verbal)
  • Know when to use verbal vs. written communications
  • Understand the ‘3 Types of Communication Channels’ (Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Group)
  • Use the ‘Personality Style’ questionnaire to understand your own communication style and develop strategies for communicating with other ‘Personality Styles’
  • Inform, persuade, overcome objections, respond to criticism, resolve conflict, assert yourself and negotiate
  • Develop and enhance your public speaking skills
  • Use technology (telephones, cellular phones, voice mail, audio/videoconferencing) more effectively
  • Write efficient and effective e-mails, letters and memos

What’s Included?

  • Complimentary continental breakfast and tea/coffee each day from 8:30 am to 9:00 am
  • Complimentary full lunch and beverages each day at approximately 12:00 noon
  • Complimentary afternoon snacks and beverages each day at approximately 2:00 pm
  • Complimentary PTS pen, highlighter, notepad, and canvas carrying bag
  • All workshop manuals and other materials will be there for you when you arrive


  • Two-day Classroom Workshop:  $998
  • “Early Bird” Discount (register 60+ days in advance):  $898
  • “3 or more” Discount (register 3 or more people at the same time): $798 (contact us to take advantage of this discount)
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“This course really opens your eyes to the way you present yourself to other.”

Lynn Lamer
PURM (Priviledge User Risk Management)

“I have to admit that I came to the course with a closed mind. The instructor got and kept my interest. It was a valuable course.”

Jason Clarke
Network Administrator

“This course truly teaches great techniques in communications. It provides a wide variety of communication theory and tips.”

Lily Au
Senior Knowledge Management Officer

“The presenter was very animated & entertaining. He kept everyone awake & involved.”

Mr. Derek J Yetman
Communications Coordinator

“Most informative. I will put into practice what has been learned over these two days and I will refer to the manual on a regular basis in order to retain information.”

Jeannine Fortin
Administrative Assistant

“Learn how to improve yourself with this course”

Danielle Chartrand
Executive Assistant

“This course helps me to think before I speak in the future. The techniques are very useful in real life situations.”

Teresa Tsang
Financial Assistant

“I would and will recommend that all senior level personnel and team leaders take this course. The learning, enhancing and/or re-enforcing of communication skills is necessary and would go a long way in improving the environment within which we all work. “

John Fitzpatrick
Senior Financial Analyst

“The best workshop I’ve attended yet. Phil was informative, interesting and kept the whole group involved. I will retain and use a lot of the skills learned. It was so fun that it went too fast. Fantastic facilitator!”

Jennifer Law
Junior Registry Officer

“This was a very interesting and eye opening course on the different ways that people communicate. Everyone should take this workshop!”

Colin McGerray

“One of the best courses that I have taken. The instructor was knowledgeable, informative and responsive. He discussed not only how participants could improve their communication skills, but also the limitations regarding modifying other people’s views “

Christine Cowan

“The workshop was really helpful for in the workplace and in real life. It really will help you communicate with everyone.”

Shawn Nolan
Utility Systems Repairer-Operator

“I learned things which go beyond my professional life, as the subject of communication might imply, and they have provided me with the opportunity for positive change.”

Jeff Bartkiewicz

“Excellent course! I’ve learned some very interesting topics and techniques.”

Christine Castilla
Programmer Analyst

“This was an excellent course. The instructor was well informed and had high energy. I would definitely recommend this training program to others.”

Shirnelle Smith
Office Assistant

“This was one of the most informative and useful courses I’ve taken so far in my 24 years of government service.”

Brenda Harmon
Management Analyst


Luke Ignaczak
Research Officer

“This was one of the best courses I have ever taken. The instructor was knowledgeable, engaging and entertaining. I’ll definitely be recommending this course to my colleagues.”

Bill Macdonald
Research Manager

“Well organized and informative course.”

Andrew Aryee


Aboroginal Affairs and Northern Development
(Audit and Evaluaion Sector)

“Excellent course and instructor. I would recommend it for everybody!”

Izabela Kraszewski
Legal Assistant

“I do recommend it to managers (top and middle). It’s worth the time and the money spent. It gives one an opportunity to reflect on his/her own good and bad communication skills and work on the aspects that need improvement.”

Azaletch Asfaw
Research Officer

“I really appreciate this workshop. It will be very helpful. I’ve learned a lot of ideas that I could implement within my life.”

Ellen Silva
Program Assistant

“The classes at PTS are always engaging with their high quality instructors. I always walk away with something I can use at work and in life.”

Brenda Zamudio

“This is an excellent facilitation session on how to communicate with co-workers and managers. The design of this course helps both parents and workers alike.”

Don Washington
Mathmatical STATCN

“Great course and would recommend it to everyone required improvement’s on their communication.”

John Albert

IT Asset Management

Citizenship and Immigration
(NHQ-Information Management and Technologies)

“It is really a practical and useful course. I’ve learned many communication skills that I was not aware of before. Thanks for offering this workshop.”

Qian Li

“I came with a few problems and now I think I have solved them.”

Hafid Zaknoun
Project Technologist

“This course was very helpful, extremely useful and lots of fun.”

Ana Gnaedinger
Publication Support Coordinator

“The practical tips will do a lot to help me deal with different characters. It will also assist me in getting my message across better. The instructor was knowledgeable and interesting.”

Eric Sarrazin
Program Officer

“The course covered a broad range of techniques. It’s a very useful toolbox. The manual is a great reference to share with co-workers and friends. Highly recommend the course.”

Zora Crnojacki
Project Advisor

“This class will enable me to communicate with people by making certain to connect with them more professionally and effectively.”

Dianne Carraway
Associate Governmental Program Analyst

“The instructor is an excellent trainer. I really enjoyed the course and would recommend it to others.”

Polly McLeish
Administrative Services Officer

“This course is helpful. I am recommending co-workers attend this training.”

Blisenda Quinones

“Excellent course taught by a superior and gifted instructor who made the 2 day workshop highly educational and thought provoking. Bravo Phil and PTS!”

Bruce Tudin
Surveillance Officer

“The workshop was very informative. overall it was a great approch to improving our communication skills. “

Beryl Broomfield

Program Administrative Support

Natural Recources Canada

“This workshop was very well structured and expertly delivered.”

Tom Fitzpatrick
Course Manager

“PTS presenters have made it clear everytime!I have taken 3 courses with PTS and just loved it.Great job Su.”

Nataile Brazeau

Executive Assistant

Health Canada

“The course was extremely well presented by Mr. Curry.”

Mr. Graeme F Eastaugh
Project Manager

“I really enjoyed this workshop. The role playing and group participation made you realize the different styles of people’s views on communication and the way to approach it. Thank you!”

Carrie Gagliano
Office Manager

“This workshop is an excellent course to take. The techniques are highly beneficial to the workplace as well as at home. I would definitely recommend this course to everyone.”

Evelyn Jimenez-Iyow
Program Communications Specialist

“Highly recommended. Very professional.”

Cécile Goyette
Financial Administration Assistant

“The syllabus and facilitation techniques provided an excellent framework within which intentionality and consciousness of one’s communication patterns were brought to the surface for the purposes of personal recognition, assessment and skill building.”

Dianne Rogers
Communications Officer

“Excellent workshop, beautifully organized and delivered.”

Saeeda Mirza
Financial Assistant

“Dynamic and eye opening!”

Phil Ochoski
Project Officer

“The personal benefits of ‘Improving Your Communication Skills’ were immediate; and, with more practice, I expect to see a marked improvement in my communication skills into the future.”

Michael Watson
Technical Officer

“Excellent course, will recommend to my colleagues.”

Lyne Perreault
Administrative Services

“PTS taught me that whatever level of skill you may have in communications, you can always benefit from a well designed class such as this one. The PTS class & instructor provided me with the tools necessary to become more successful.”

Gary Dias
System Software Specialist

“Very informative. I’ve learned a lot on Communication and I am eager to use the resources given.”

Jackie Grenier
Scheduling Assistant

“One of the best classes I have ever taken. I recommend to ALL Federal Government employees.”

Chuks Onwuachi

“There is always room for those “golden moments” of learning in our busy lives. Thanks for a bunch of them!”

Michael Popovich
Afghanistan Analyst

“A very informative course which was easy to follow and apply to real life situations.”

Dmitry Kutikov
IT Analyst/Developer

“Great Experience! What I have achieved and learned in two days will certainly have a positive impact for the remaining 15 years on the workforce.… “

Maria Dallaire
Administrative Assistant

“I found this training course very useful and I now have communication skills I can take back, not only to the office, but for everyday use.”

Marlene Nucup
Administrative Technician

“The information given was simple but helped me to understand and learn to relate to people. I loved this training.”

Katie Fixico

“Overall this communications workshop was one of the best training sessions I have attended. I hope to be able to take more PTS courses in the future.”

Jessica Meiller
Fishery Biologist

“Thanks to this course, I am now confident in my ability to truly listen to what people say and what they ‘mean’.”

Brenda Harmon
Management Analyst

“I have learnt so much which I can apply in both my personal and professional life.”

Chantal Harding
Program Officer

“PTS is an open, friendly environment that allows individuals to express their opinions & experiences free of any bias.”

Annabelle Bandayrel

“Truly impressed with the quality of the Instructor, material provided and the overall course.”

Seyi Okuribido-Malcolm
Program Analyst

“Everyone should take this course at some point in their career.”

Charles Halpenny
Data Base Programmer

“An amazingly useful course that I would recommend to everybody.”

Ion Stancu

“This course has provided me with tools to use in communicating effectively not only professionally, but also in personal situations. The classroom exercises were very instructive.”

Brenda Koenig
Acting Partnership Program and Liaison Advisor

“This workshop helps you improve communication not only with co-workers, but also with managers.”

Terrance Reeves

“Excellent course, very dynamic instructor. She kept the group interested and motivated.”

Carol Irvine
Financial Analyst

“After taking this course, I feel well-equipped to communicate effectively in both business and personal encounters. This course was very informative.”

Ebonie Herbert
Secretary to Deputy Director

“Good useful information and well presented. An enjoyable course.”

Lorraine Young
Senior Investigator

“Learned many valuable techniques, all of which I find are very useful and I look forward to incorporating them all into my everyday life.”

Sandra Jokic
Executive Assistant

“This course contains a wealth of valuable information on better communication. The instructor is a fantastic course leader. She kept my interest throughout the two days.”

Judy Lynch
Policy Analyst

“The course is very useful and valuable. The manual is a very informative toolbox. Instructor is great. Highly recommend course.”

Christiane Wong
Information Administrator

“Good training course – very thorough. I especially enjoyed the non-verbal communication segment.”

Chris Rilling
Fishery Management Specialist

“I would highly recommend this class to anyone seeking to improve their communication skills.”

Nikki Baumrind
Adult Research Branch

“I think that many people would benefit from this course. It doesn’t matter if you are a new employee starting with a department or an employee that has been working within a department for 20 years. It would be beneficial for everyone.”

Giovanna Carrozza
Administrative Assistant

“Group participation and exercises reiterated the concepts and gave valuable realistic applications.”

Grace Rule-Ali
Senior Management Auditor

“The course, ‘Improving Your Communication Skills’ was very informative and productive. It is a course I would recommend to all levels.”

Debbie Barsoski
Compliance Officer

“Absolutely fantastic learning experience! Thank you.”

Cathy Hennick

“Tremendous instructor. Knew the subject and audience well!”

Parker Tutty

“The class was interesting and most importantly, the instructor was inviting, knowledgeable and helped me understand the complexities of communication.”

Praneet Singh
Contract Manager

“Very good overview of communication styles and techniques. Practical exercises really facilitated understanding of theory. Personality style component should prove most helpful in my work and personal life.”

Shane Quinn
Policy Coordinator

“Great workshop! Informative. Great instructor!. Overall – two thumbs up!!”

Mike Souliere
IM/IT Team Leader
Technical Support

“One of the best communication skills workshops I’ve ever attended. I’d recommend this workshop to all managers and supervisors. Invaluable skills and techniques.”

Gwendolyn Smith

“I’ll happily spread the good word about the instructor and the great course.”

Jill Milks
Senior Project Officer

“This workshop provided good insight on techniques to communicate in the workplace and at home.”

Anthony Huggins
Utility Systems Repairer-Operator

“Great class! It met all my expectations.”

Joseph Abhulimen
Program/Project Surpervisor

“Definitely worthwhile. The principles and knowledge that I’ve gained will not only be used in my office environment, but my personal life too.”

Yasmin Pisani
Administrative Assistant

“Excellent course. Well paced. Covered a variety of techniques in a very practical and useful method.”

Rhonda Healey

“PTS has provided me with some helpful information that I can and will use at work in addition to my home life.”

Theresa Montoya
Program Analyst

“It’s a good course that I would encourage my colleagues and friends to attend. A good learning experience overall!”

Jeannie Zhang
Financial Officer

“I am looking forward to using the new techniques that I have learned on this course. The instructor was very knowledgeable. There was never a dull moment on this course. David kept everyone interested.”

Ms. Brenda O'Reilly
System Officer

“Useful information and dynamic presentation.”

Zorica Zivanovic
Financial Assistant

“Great course. Easy to understand. Good balance and schedule.”

Ms. Sherryl Tully
Secretary to the Director

“This is a great course. I think everyone should try this. Managers and support staff, I think it applies to all of us! This has really changed my way of communicating.”

Venila Selvarajah
Business Administrative Assistant

“Great course! I will be taking the ‘Training for Tomorrow’ catalogue into work and showing it to people interested in taking courses…”

Training Administrator

“This was one of the best workshops I have been on. They don’t get any better.”

Elizabeth Cottee
Administrative Assistant

“I learned how to be meaningful, powerful and assertive while communicating with other colleagues, both senior and subordinate.”

Sukomal Bose

“Great learning experience.”

Caroline Yung

“This was a very well-run and stimulating workshop. I would recommend it as a required course for most government employees, since communication is a basic ‘building block’ for the success of our work.”

Caroline Prose
Fish and Wildlife Biologist

“Good Stuff!”

Victoria Yokingco
Corporate Financial Analyst

“It got down to the nitty-gritty of two-way conversation”

Roy Vestrum
Group Leader

“Facility was excellent. Location was ideal. Lunch was excellent. Charismatic instructor.”

Ms. Lurlene Saunders
Supply Team Leader

“Thank you for the very enjoyable two days!”

Darlene Lucas
Business Analyst

“This is an interesting and useful workshop to build communication skills.”

Mushtaq Ahmed
Policy Analyst

“Great course! Great teacher!”

Dennis Chen

Project Manager

Office of the Superintendent of financial Institutions Cana
(IM/IT EA & P)

“Very useful course. Our instructor was dynamic and very entertaining.”

Ms. Veronica Wessels
Senior Project Leader

“An excellent workshop. Beautifully organized and delivered. The extensive content was very well managed and communicated.”

Geofrey Dinwiddie
Health & Safety Risk Assessment Project Manager

“I found this course extremely useful. It identified a number of tools I will take away with me and apply to both my work and home environments.”

Joanne Giles
Senior Project Advisor

“The instructor was great – high energy, great performance! Kept you interested the whole time.”

Jamie Byerley
Program Officer

“I learned to structure my comments and observations in a way that will help me to frame my objectives better when meeting with colleagues and stakeholders.”

Monica Tang

Policy Analyst

“Wonderful course to attend! Learned so much and the teacher is fabulous! I recommend this course to everyone!”

Melanie Rollin Administrative Assistant

“This was a powerful workshop. It provided a good exchange and made me realize that communication is the key to success.”

Jeannine Wolfe
Administrative Officer

“Great overall approach to improving ones communication skills.”

Paul J Urso, Jr.
Associate Director of Technical Programming

“This was the best and most interesting workshop that I have attended in years. I felt very comfortable in participating in all aspects. Thanks.”

Patricia Horner
Administrative Officer

“The instructor is a very energetic and enthusiastic speaker who keeps the audience interested and alert at all times.”

Maureen Dawson
Policy Advisor

“This class was exceptional. I learned how to positively communicate with others.”

Cynthia Tucker
Human Resources Assistant

“Thoroughly enjoyed this course!”

Anna Cuffari
A/Senior Analyst

“This class was superb. I encourage everyone to take this class to help improve their communication skills. What you learn in class will definitely be beneficial to you in your everyday life.”

Rochelle Jones
Administrative Specialist

“Real. Tangible. Applicable. Results oriented!”

Nicola de Layen
Administrative Assistant to the Director

“This course was very educational and opened my eyes to all the aspects of communication.”

Patrick McNamara
Help Desk Agent

“Excellent course. I recommend it to all public servants, regardless of how long they have been working for government.”

Steve Mosher
Rulings Officer

“Well organized, excellent lectures, good food, practical exercises.”

Jun Wu

“I found ‘Improving Your Communication Skills’ to be of interest and very beneficial especially as it relates to my every day functions.”

Graham Martin
General Manager

“Totally enjoyed the course and instructor. I would recommend this course to others.”

Patricia Howse
Procurement Advisor

“I was always kept interested. No dull periods. Very energetic and sincere.”

George Bonavia
Procurement Officer

“I would highly recommend this course to anyone. It will be useful at home and at work.”

Brenda Agard-Alleyne
Acting Senior Communication Specialist

“The ‘Improving Your Communication Skills’ workshop is an excellent course for anyone to take. It is a beneficial course for the workplace as well as for home. I wish I knew all the tips and techniques that were taught at this course years ago.”

Mila Ong
Corporate Financial Analyst

“Very knowledgeable instructor. Good balance between exercise, discussions and lecture.”

Line Preston
Project Manager

“I enjoyed the interactive character of this workshop and the way it involved all the participants.”

Brian Emond
Information Officer

“The instructor is a phenomenal speaker and I would recommend this course to everyone!”

Joanne Jones
Executive Assistant

“This workshop has been delivered in a pleasant and fun learning style. I particularly enjoyed the excellent examples and life experiences presented by the Instructor. He is a very interesting teacher.”

Joan Heins
Procurement Systems Administrator

“Lack of communication and miscommunication are the biggest hurdles to effective project management in my workplace. This workshop is the cure.”

Jacques Lacroix
Programmer Analyst Developer

“Su was a very good teacher.She kept our attention , was articulate and knew when to throw in a joke to break it up a bit.Would definitely take any course she gave as I am bound to learn!”

Carole Cochrane

Project Coordinator

CRA-Public Affairs

“The instructor is a phenomenal speaker and I would recommend this course to everyone!”

Joanne Jones
Executive Assistant

“A very thorough walk-thru of all you need to know about communicating effectively, positively and without conflict”

Jim Zamprelli
Senior Researcher

“Excellent workshop on ‘Communication’. Highly motivated and well organized. The Instructor was very knowledgeable.”

Ann Persaud
Staff & Administrative Coordinator

“I believe that every person in a managerial or directorial position should take this course. Improving communication skills will greatly enhance the efficiency of any working environment.”

Evangelia Papadaki
Senior Policy Analyst

“Sometimes small changes make great differences in our lives or how we treat people, I learned some of those during this course.”

Jerry Mayo
In Charge Remount Training

“Very energetic and exciting course.”

Wendy Lazarenko
Executive Assistant

“Improving Your Communications Skills’ is the type of course that employees, especially those in the Government, must take. For me, it aptly addressed my communication concerns.”

Dawn Henry
Administrative Assistant

“We learned that good communication starts with ourselves and we must practice it in all realms of our lives. We learned from the ‘best’, an instructor who demonstrated the art of communication throughout the workshop. Thank you for one of the best works .”

Patricia Johnson
Project Manager

“Excellent course for all! Wonderful. Powerful training instructor.”

Kathy Gerding
IT Specialist

“This course is what everybody needs. I strongly recommend it!”

Eddie Tian
Systems Analyst

“Awesome instructor! I learned a lot! Thank you.”

Denise Denault
Administrative Assistant

“Enjoyed the course thoroughly & would recommend it to anyone. I have acquired very good techniques which I cannot wait to put into use. Job well done PTS.”

Emanuela Lolli
Senior Program Officer

“Amazing course with material that is applicable to everyone’s life. We all need these reminders on how to communicate more effectively.”

Heather Lynch
Communications Officer

“This workshop is very well organized. This course will help not only our office relations, but our lives. Thanks a million.”

Marc Fitzgerald
Security Analyst

“I have just joined a new Department and believe that this course could be useful to all members of my Team.”

Claire Martin
Capital & Business Planning Management

“Great course. As a Leaning Officer I would recommend this course.”

Diane Levett
Learning Officer

“Great two day course. Dynamic Instructor. Definitely will learn to use the new techniques.”

Pam Ledger
Audit Planning Coordinator

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