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Today’s organizations are using teams to carry out tasks and solve problems.  To get the job done, you need to communicate and cooperate.  Facilitation is the key to this critical skill set.  This workshop shows you how to become an effective facilitator, enabling you to develop this skill in others.  The importance of developing facilitators and facilitative leaders cannot be stressed enough.  In today’s organizations, facilitators add a critical ingredient to discussions, meetings, teamwork, and overall organizational effectiveness

During this three-day workshop you will learn to become an effective facilitator and consequently, a valuable asset to any organization’s team.  You will learn facilitation skills, concepts, and principles through a number of dynamic lectures, interactive class discussions, and practical hands-on activity-based learning exercises.  On the final day, the skills you’ve acquired will be put into practice as you lead a facilitation of your own design.

Facilitation Skills
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By The End of the Workshop You Will Be Able To:

  • Select and apply the right facilitation methods for any meeting you lead
  • Work through group conflicts and misunderstandings
  • Solicit group cooperation for maximum commitment

You Will Learn To:

  • Understand the purpose of facilitation and the role of the facilitator
  • Understand and apply the 3 components of the Facilitation Process:
    • Setting the context (purpose, people, processes)
    • Preparing the logistics (agenda, room set-up)
    • Starting the session (icebreakers, setting ground rules, defining objectives, establishing rapport)
  • Understand and lead the five parts of a Facilitation Cycle:
    • Generating content (asking questions, redirecting, balancing participation, rounds, bridging)
    • Clarifying content (active listening, paraphrasing, summarizing, clarifying, probing, confirming)
    • Recording content (flip charting, headlining, brainstorming)
    • Organizing content (mind mapping, affinity diagram, responsibility matrix, Ganntchart, flow chart)
    • Evaluating content (gradients of agreement, consensus building, 3 reasons why people disagree)
  • Understand and manage Group Dynamics:
    • Managing group dynamics (convergence diagram, group behavior, time keeping)
    • Dealing with problem participants (characteristics, analysis, strategies)
    • Keeping the energy high (concepts, energizers)

What’s Included?

  • Complimentary continental breakfast and tea/coffee each day from 8:30 am to 9:00 am
  • Complimentary full lunch and beverages each day at approximately 12:00 noon
  • Complimentary afternoon snacks and beverages each day at approximately 2:00 pm
  • Complimentary pen, highlighter, notepad, and canvas carrying bag
  • All workshop manuals and other materials will be there for you when you arrive


  • Three-day Classroom Workshop: $1,497
  • “Early Bird” Discount (register 60+ days in advance): $1,397
  • “3 or more” Discount (register 3 or more people at the same time): $1,297 (contact us to take advantage of this discount)
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“The instructor made learning fun!!”

Sue Dinchik
Account Manager

“The trainer exhibited great energy and an extremely detailed knowledge of the subject and presented it in a fun way.”

Henry Wright
Board Member

“Wonderful atmosphere, good learning experience. Useful material for many aspects of work.”

Nabil Eldib

“For anyone who must chair meetings, give presentations or organize focus groups (and their results) seriously consider taking this session.”

Jasmine Corluka
Policy Development Research and Communications Officer

“Professional and Personable Instructor. Well Prepared, Focused and Knowledgeable as well as a positive provider of a great learning experience.”

Kevin Balogh
Senior Project Officer

“This is the second course I have taken with PTS and it’s the second time that my expectations were met and exceeded. The instructors are excellent and knowledgeable of areas beyond the course content.”

Douglas Simpson
Atmospheric Science and Applications

“The workshop makes us se facilitation in a whole new light. Very dynamic and motivating.”

Vincent Jalbert
Policy Analyst

“This course is very practical and provides all the basics you need. I definitely feel like I could facilitate a meeting now.”

Valerie Hopper

“A great workshop full of humor and great information. Truly a great workshop and definitely worth the money. I highly recommend it!”

James Swink
Scientific Reviewer

“David was an extremely interesting leader.”

Ms. Sandy
Little Manager
Security Awareness

“If you’re a novice or fairly experienced facilitator, this course provides the practical “How to’s” to embark on, or continue the journey to facilitation excellence.”

Jim Zamprelli
Senior Researcher

“The workshop, tools, and exercises were practical and useful enough that one could immediately use them upon returning to the workplace.”

Mr. Bruce A. Cooper
Sr. Human Resources Projects Manager

“It is one of the best workshops I have ever taken. The instructor was fabulous.”

Rosanda Cuenca
Senior Planning Analyst

“It was a great pleasure to attend this course and improved my comfort and confidence levels a lot!”

Leon Horne

“This was an excellent course that managed to strike just the right balance between theory and practice.”

Katrina Marsh
Policy Analyst

“Excellent topic. Everyone can benefit from these facilitation techniques. The participants acquire the tools and the knowledge to better communicate and to achieve cooperation.”

Fatima Alves 

Project Coordinator

“Very energetic, informative and effective course to learn Facilitation Skills! I recommend it.”

Helene Bray
Project Manager

“If you are new to facilitation or if you are experienced. I recommend this course.”

Kenny Adams

“Exceeded expectations. The course was very well put together and couldn’t have been presented any better.”

Jaydn Cory
Acting Monitoring & Payments Officer

“Excellent training for anyone involved in groups.”

Murray Charlton
Project Chief

“An instructive and well conducted course.”

Jennifer Defalco
Executive Assistant

“Thanks for helping me commence my journey on the road of Facilitation. You’ve given me plenty of “tools” for my Tool Box.”

Rob Schryburt
Senior Project Engineer

“Great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone!”

Suzanne Côté
Senior Officer, Workforce Development

“This course had all the makings of a valuable and enjoyable experience. The instructor is the best facilitator I’ve seen so far. I am taking with me many key concepts to improve my skill set as a facilitator”

Stephanie Basi
Risk Analyst

“It is an excellent course. The instructor is knowledgeable and interesting. The course allowed me to measure my skills at the beginning and to concentrate on my own needs. It has increased my self confidence in my facilitation capabilities.”

Carmen Blouin
Comptrollership Secretariat

“Very well designed tarining, engaging instructor. Learned powerful tools and technique that were well explained. Great opportunities to put them into practice.”

Stephaie Cadieux

Senior Planning Officer

Canada Revenue Agency (Security /Finance and administration Branch)

“Three days well spent!”

Don McClymont
Procurement Manager

“Exciting and engaging session. The three days went by without realizing it. Hands-on exercises were very powerful as we re-enforced our skills and learned from each other. I will recommend it to my colleagues.”

Isabel Chang
Project Manager

“This is truly an excellent course that I would recommend to anyone in a facilitator role.”

Kristen Petruska
Team Leader

“Excellent course.Very practical hands on exercise. Fantastic facilitator.”

Colleen Barrie

Learning Analyst

Health Canada (Program Development and Engagement Division)

“The training is extremely useful. It also serves to enhance our individual interpersonal and communication skills.”

Joan Jappa
Division Director
Conflict Prevention & Resolution

“Enjoyed it!”

Debra Wade
Management Analyst

“The course was well organized and effective. While the time frame was brief, the results far outweigh the input.”

Mr.Ken Rodman
Senior Advisor
Small Pelagics and Engineering

“The perfect balance of conceptual knowledge and practical application.”

Barbara Mitchell
IT Training Team Leader

“One of the most stimulating learning events I have had the privilege to attend.”

Ray Zwicker
Senior Analyst

“The workshop allowed all participants to participate as all types of ‘learners’ were considered in the development of the structure of this workshop. The instructor was respectful and inclusive. This was one of the most holistic training experiences”

Catherine Henderson

“The speaker taught by example. She was an excellent presenter.”

Ms. Suzanne Nash
Client Advisor

“Very dynamic and diverse course that provided hands-on skills that I will be able to use in my day to day job tomorrow.”

Kirsten Loffler
Project Leader

“Great Course! It gave a better understanding of group dynamics and practical tools to generate feedback results.”

Susana Hemken
Administrative Assistant

“This was a great opportunity to learn facilitation skills in a fun and friendly environment. Excellent course.”

Josh Jenkins
Manager Performance Measurement

“Three days well spent!”

Barry Gerus
IT Specialist

“Would highly recommend this workshop to any business professional.”

Nadim Lakhani

“It was a very ‘hands on’ workshop which allowed the participants to demonstrate the skills as they were taught to us. Excellent workshop!”

Trudy Donnelly
Application Design Analyst

“Best course I have taken to date in my public service career. A very effective and efficient use of my time. I am very excited to put all the skills I have learned into practice.”

Laura Brown
Senior Analyst

“The workshop was well run, the practical application was great, the workbook was punchy and thorough and the instructor was a treat.”

Matthew Bown
Senior Policy Analyst

“I was a little unsure about taking this course, most training is boring. This is the best course I have ever taken! Great instructor.”

Shirley Hayes
Curriculum Coordinator

“Our instructor was very enthusiastic & knowledgeable.”

Shannon Wightman
Team Leader

“I would recommend this workshop without question!”

Brad Sawlor
Trade and Investment Manager

“Performance Training Solutions provided a fun, hands-on learning experience.”

Danielle Yuill
Senior Business Analyst

“An amazing course that is very relevant to everyday work places.”

Meachel Chad
Correctional Manager

“Très dynamique!”

Réjanne Saunois
Senior Project Officer

“Highly recommended for anyone who is involved in committees. The course gave me a structured approach to gathering information and a fresh perspective on increasing participation from a group, and still make it fun!”

Ms. Tammy Scrivener
Human Resources Advisor

“Facilitation skill was a great source to validate the skills I already possessed.It was also interesting to learn more skills and ideas such as brainstorming,time management and brain teasers!”

Jolynn Bear

Correctional Service of Canada

“This course was far more relaxing and enjoyable than I had expected. We learned better because of the light-handed but focused approach.”

Jill Varley
Acting Program Manager

“Great energy – wonderful experience!”

Melinda Patterson
Liaison and Coordination Officer

“Excellent instructor and content!”

Eleanor Smith
Business Analyst

“A great course – well structured and fun!”

Kristin Yuan
Pricing Strategist

“Facilitation is art! ‘Heart!’ I never thought we could integrate and accomplish so much in 3 days Thanks for your high level quality, professional trainer!”

Sylvie Leclair RN
Implementation Specialist

“This course was challenging, fun and informative. I learned a lot for my three days.”

Kevin Yamamoto
Senior Project Officer

“A confidence ‘booster’. Very inspirational. A skill acquired for a lifetime.”

Dominique Lemelin
Special Advisor

“This is the first workshop that I have attended that had the perfect balance of lectures, discussions and exercises. I actually had fun learning!”

Cynthia Kilmartin
Continuous Improvement Coordinator

“Excellent course! The content and practical parts of the course are relevant for all. Highly recommended for all levels of staff.”

Cesare Spadaccini
Special Advisor to the Director General

“The workshop was a very engaging opportunity to build on my existing ‘self taught’ abilities.”

Cheryl Hammond
Senior Project Officer

“The workshop was high energy and highly effective. Content and materials were excellent.”

Lesley Stefureak
Initiative Officer

“Very engaging and enjoyable. I left comfortable, confident and energized. An excellent use of my time and money. I would definitely recommend this to others.”

Kirsti Bergmeier

“An exceptional course . . . a very valuable introduction to the development of facilitation skills.”

Mr.Mark Piper
Senior Analyst

“I have come to expect a great training experience with PTS and this course did not disappoint. Our instructor was dynamic and perfectly blended theory with practice.”

Karen Patel
Implementation Coordinator

“Very good instructor. Knowledge of material was excellent.”

Linda Girard
IT Analyst

“Get out of your cubicle and take this course.”

Andrew Ng
Senior Risk Analyst

“Be prepared to participate to get the full value.”

Tim Mellor
Ontario Area Coordinator

“This workshop sarpassed my expectations. So glad to have participated and will definitely recommending this to colleagues. Su was anazing. Here experience and teaching probably the best I have ever seen.”

Trudy Albert

Senior Officer

Library of Perliament

“From the minute I walked in, I felt that PTS made my learning needs and level of comfort their highest priority.”

Ms. Kendal Weber
Policy Advisor

“The course left me feeling empowered and energized.”

Les Maiczan
Test Analyst


“The instructor provided an excellent workshop. He modeled the art and skills of facilitation therefore, as a participant, I felt confident and motivated to improve my facilitation skills.”

Louise Garrow
Senior Consultant

“The Instructor was so seemless that most of the time students weren’t even aware they were learning.”

Dave Fortman

“It is an excellent course. The instructor is knowledgeable and interesting. The course allowed me to measure my skills at the beginning and to concentrate on my own needs. It has increased my self confidence in my facilitation capabilities.”

Carmen Blouin

Analyst, Comptrollership Secretariat


“This course is one of the most valuable learning experiences I have had the pleasure of participating in! I wish I had had this opportunity years ago as it would have benefited me in so many aspects of my career.”

Barbara Harrison
Project Leader
System Testing

“I was able to obtain useful tools that could easily be practiced! An excellent workshop! Concepts would easily be incorporated into everyday situations.”

Marion Crowe
National Change Management Officer

“High energy course – skills relevant, useful and fun! Feedback was excellent!”

Kim Taplin

“I thought that the course was the perfect mix of teaching and practice! It is not very often that you actually get to test the skill you have just learned. I found this to be very useful and helpful. Thank you for the wonderful course!”

Jennifer Defalco
Executive Assistant

“The class was excellent and the hands on exercises forced real learning and focused discussion among attendees.”

Arnold A Jackson
Assistant Associate Director

“Information and tips were provided in successive small bites that really made learning easy.”

Michel Murray
Decisions and Operations

“Wow! What a productive workshop. A good mix of theory and exercises with a focus on actually doing while learning. I would not hesitate to recommend this course.”

Sue Cashman
Project Manager

“A well-presented, well-paced learning event that has many applications in the workplace, including applications outside of the facilitation discipline.”

Dieter Kuhnke
Social Science Researcher

“In just three days, I came away a stronger and more focused facilitator.”

Sandra Michelle
Radons Standards Development Officer

“Lots of fun, yet still practical”

Wolfgang Richter
Senior Business Analyst

“This course provides the necessary basics to prepare one for a role in facilitation.”

Mr. Dennis Moore
Program Advisor

“I highly endorse this course!”

Aldo Spadaccini
Risk Management Officer

“Performance Training Solutions’ ‘Facilitation Skills’ course provides participants with not only tools to become effective facilitators but skills and confidence that will benefit anyone in any part of life.”

Tara Phillips
Senior Policy Advisor

“Be prepared to participate to get the full value.”

Tim Mellor
Ontario Area Coordinator

“An amazing learning experience! Some tips and tools I will use everyday for work and my personal life. Thank you!”

Isabelle Bouchard
Administrative Assistant

“This course was well planned and delivered. There is a good balance of ‘passive’ and ‘active’ sessions. I really enjoyed the three days.”

Clara Hamory
Senior Occupational Researcher

“I have found this training extremely useful. It provided me with a chance to put in practice the skills that I have learned during these 3 days as well as to master those that I have learned during the past years. Phil is an exceptional facilitator. “

C Jeanne
Richard Advisor

“I’ve taken two courses with PTS now and both have proven effective and excellent. I would definitely recommend PTS to my colleagues.”

Kay Saicheua

“Great course. It will certainly benefit me in the future.”

Fred Smith
Senior Program Advisor

“I was extremely pleased with the training session and will use what I learned in my professional capacity.”

Simon Brascoupe
Senior Manager

“I was apprehensive in coming to this course. Was I wrong! I would recommend this to anyone and can’t wait til I apply my new found skills.”

Jennifer Wilson
Program Manager

“This is the 2nd workshop I’ve attended and both have been a great experience and fun. Keep up the good work.”

Myles Forget
Client Accommodation Service Advisor

“A wonderful opportunity to test our knowledge and apply new Techniques of Experience ‘Walking in the Shoes of the Facilitator’ An empowering experience! Thank you for an experience in learning and growing that will last a lifetime.”

Rosalieta Power
Case Management Officer

“Great trainer.Content provided a lot of tools that have practical uses.If you are new to facilitation I recommend this course. “

Kenny Adams

Environment Canada
(Planning, Reporting and Performance measurement division)

“Overall excellence! You just need to watch, to learn.”

Mary Buckley
Strategies and Quality Assurance

“This was an excellent workshop.Very well organized and relevant to the workforce today. The food was amazing. “

Lana Arsenault

Security Incident Reporting Officer.

Canada Revenue Agency

“The most empowering, useful and focused course I have taken in years. Literally work and life altering techniques that can be applied anywhere.”

Aaron Sawyer
Policy Analyst

“The course was very informative, fun, engaging and exceeded my expectations.”

Patricia MacLellan
Senior Policy Manager

“I’m big on improving skills and learning tools, and this course provided ample opportunities for both.”

Ms. Ellen Herreria
Service Delivery Operations Consultant Consultant

“The course presented a “non-intimidating forum” encompassing various components of an effective presentation.”

Mr. Peter Glenn
Senior Policy Analyst

“It should be the first course any young manager should take.”

Francis Philbert
Ecosystem Health Div.

“Very professionally organized. Everything was thought of, toys, work material, food, exercise etc. Very high class!”

Nicole Bougie
Team Leader

“Very skilled, dynamic, and encouraging facilitator. Techniques do illicit positive feedback from participants on other participants was excellent (i.e., Gifts of Happiness Exercise).”

Ms. Karla Pulsifer
Business Planning Officer

“Awesome experience! I learned a lot, applied my learning and had fun doing it in a safe and respectful environment. I would recommend this workshop to anybody who wants to improve their facilitation skills or embark on a journey of self discovery!”

Valerie Bournival
Team Leader

“If you are looking for ‘that Edge’ in your working environment, the Facilitation Skills workshop is a must.”

Bruce Roy
Systems Analyst

“Very interesting course; I learned great techniques. The atmosphere was very relaxing and comfortable. I appreciated having the opportunity to facilitate a session and get feedback from my peers.”

Robin Leckie
Project Analyst

“I’ve taken a number of professional development courses and this was by far the best!”

Michelle Mujoomdar
Clinical Research

“Awesome!! Very well organized and conducive to learning for adult professionals. I would recommend it without hesitation!”

Denis Houle
Risk Analyst

“This was one of the best courses I’ve taken. As someone who gets bored easily, it is not uncommon for me to tune out, but it was not possible with this course. Very informative, energetic and fun! Highly recommended to anyone!”

Tracy Brown
Regulatory Project Officer

“I would recommend this training course to all government employees. It does not only teach the skill of facilitation, but also provides an excellent insight into the issues we deal with daily – how to listen, how to build consensus, etc. Such skills “

Nellie Cheng
Project Manager

“Thank you for contributing to my growth.”

Tina Maxwell
Senior Business Analyst

“Awesome workshop! The instructor was great! Highly recommended!”

Kristine McCann
Release Coordinator

“Excellent workshop! All of my objectives were met and the tools provided will assist me in my professional endeavours for years to come. The instructor provided a relaxing, yet professional environment which was conducive to learning.”

Art Hay
Senior Program Manager

“There was an excellent progression of applying the techniques we learned in a hands-on experience.”

Monika Rostkowska
Marine Energy Officer

“This was a very well developed workshop. Well organized, well presented.”

Susan Doherty

“Excellent course with exceptional group dynamics. It was three days well spent.”

Diane Boone

“A very effective combination of theory and practice. The instructor was an excellent role model.”

Gary Patterson
National Soil Correlator

“We learned everything from active listening to how to rip a flip chart.”

Christopher Bowen

“I think the skills I acquired in this workshop and the things I learned will be important not only at work, but also in life. This is a sign of a truly great and transformative workshop.”

Maja Cholich
Project Analyst

“I acquired a lot of new knowledge that is going to be crucial help for leading working groups in the near future.”

Francois J Plourde
Senior Systems Analyst

“Thank you for making the past three days a comfortable, positive learning experience.”

Lora Thacker

“I was pleasantly surprised by the wealth of material and it’s applicability to both my work and my home life. I would definitely recommend this course to both my team and colleagues.”

Kevan Ladd

“This was truly an inspirational course as it allowed participants to think outside the box and be creative in a positive environment. I had a lot of fun and gained many tools and resources.”

Sarah Tease

“I feel very honoured to have participated in such a dynamic and possibly life altering experience.”

Rosa Dias
Program Coordinator

“It is one of the very best training courses I have ever taken. I would recommend it to all managers and scientists.”

Richard F. Lawuyi
Evaluation Specialist

“This is an excellent course. I am confident that it will be useful throughout my career and even in my personal life.”

Isabelle Saint-Laurent
Account Manager

“Su Thomas is an awesome instructor. Lots to learn from her. “

Rayanne Bendaoud

Junior Analyst

Canada Revenue Agency

“The material and the presenter are of excellent quality. Good balance of lecture and hands on activities. An excellent course.”

Mary Moore
Senior Business Analyst

“The workshop provided new tools for me to utilize as a new facilitator that can be directly applied to my job. I intend to incorporate them immediately!”

Debbie Brown
Project Manager

“Get out of your cubicle and take this course.”

Andrew Ng
Senior Risk Analyst

“This workshop should be promoted to all levels of employee from clerical to upper management.”

Keith Lance
Project Manager

“The course preparation and delivery was excellent. There was just enough time to deal with the subject material. This course can be used in so many more ways than managing groups. It was well worth the time invested.”

Ken Balkwill
CIDM Administrator

“I am enriched for attending. Keep up the excellent work!”

John Hummel
Head, Security Policy and Awareness

“Very engaging, enthusiastic and passionate instructor.”

Kareen Hashmi
Senior Commications Advisort

“This was a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. I picked up lots of usable tips, and felt comfortable participating.”

Lynn Rowe
IT Team Leader

“Of all the learning events that I have attended during my ten year career, this one was easily the best one and, the most fun as well. In no small part due to the excellent trainer. I highly recommend it.”

“A professional facilitator takes you through the complete process of facilitation, illustrating the practices/skills you can employ. Then you have the opportunity to try out these skills in a safe environment. Really positive learning experience.”

Iva Tackman
Senior Corporate Officer

“Most worthwhile class I have ever attended. Will influence, in a positive manner, my future activities both personally and professionally.”

Karen Lipkind
Survey Statistician

“I enjoyed the instructor’s honesty with respect to my abilities. He has given me a lot to take with me – mostly that it’s okay to believe in myself.”

Katie Dale
Acting Project Officer

“This course exceeded my expectations! I learned new skills and will be able to use the numerous facilitation tips in a real life situation.”

Liette Lavallée
Development Officer

“Fun, interesting and worthwhile course. I will recommend it to all of my co-workers.”

Meghan Klasic
Program Analyst

“I thought this workshop was very well presented. I would recommend this course to my colleagues.”

Carolyn Lamothe
Program Auditor

“This was the most useful, productive and interesting workshop that I have attended in my ten years with the Federal Government, Hands Down!”

Don Wilkie
Asset Management Asst.

“I was skeptical at first that this would be another wasted learning opportunity however, there was real value in what was taught and it will undoubtedly help my future career achievements.”

Jason McKay
Junior Policy Analyst

“I learned a lot. Great Job!”

Nicole Prieur
Service Desk Peer Coach

“The ‘Facilitation Skills’ training was top-notch. I thoroughly enjoyed the format, which had regular opportunities to apply our skills as we learned them, rather than waiting until the end.”

Monica Figueroa
Business Information Officer

“Very dynamic and energetic!”

Lisa Harvey
Emergency Preparedness Trainer

“Excellent topic. Everyone can benefit from these facilitation techniques. The participants acquire the tools and the knowledge to better communicate and to achieve cooperation.”

Fatima Alves
IAMIS Project Coordinator

“One of the best courses I have attended. Interactive exercises kept the entire group at ease and engaged.”

Ida Etoubashi
Senior Project Officer

“I am considering Facilitation as a career and was excited to find this course. It did not disappoint. I feel I have a very good foundation to build upon and apply the skills I have learned.”

Laura Stevenson
Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

“I would recommend this workshop regardless of sector or position. The skills can be applied both in the workplace and in interactions with people in various other contexts. Thank you so much for the insight. Very enjoyable workshop.”

Sharron Stafford
Senior Supervisor

“Awesome course, awesome teacher. Very glad I was able to participate.”

Charlotte Qamaniq

“Probably the most interactive workshop I will ever attend. The atmosphere was ‘excellent’ for learning as much as possible.”

Dany Ross
Senior Investigations Officer

“The three days flew by as we were busy listening, discussing and practicing. We all came out of the course with the skills and information needed to actually start facilitating effective sessions.”

Kathy Deeg
Program Development & Coordination

“Thoroughly interactive and fun course.”

Simmy Ahluwalia
Acting Director

“Now I feel better equipped to tackle the dynamics of a mixed group of diverse stakeholders and gain a consensus.”

James Lynn
Senior Investments Consultant

“Informative, engaging and valuable!”

Sandra Sharpe
Executive Assistant to the Regional Chair & CEO

“A very good refresher of how to facilitate a meeting. Effective meetings are crucial to a high performing team. The skill of facilitating an effective meeting will save thousands of tax payer dollars.”

Terry Lewis
Chief of External Affairs

“Definitely worth my (your) time. The course presents a concise and very useful compilation of knowledge on the art of facilitation and the powers it holds.”

Remi Gardiner
Information and Records Management Analyst

“This was the most fun and enlightening course I’ve ever taken. I can put to use the knowledge that I gained right after I walk out of the training room.”

Daniel Yu
Senior Project Officer

“The trainer exhibited great energy and an extremely detailed knowledge of the subject and presented it in a fun way.”

Henry Wright
Board Member

“Great Course! Very informative & fun. I would recommend to anyone in today’s business environment.”

Carol Goodspeed
Residential Underwriter

“This workshop really opened my eyes to the main tools available, the challenges that can arise and the fun you can have. The instructor makes it look so easy! I have a new respect for facilitation.”

Bobbie Smith
Senior Communications Advisor

“My journey from presentator to facilitator has started. The facilitation skills workshop has provided me with all my need to succeed.”

Isabelle Bouchard


Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Internal Audit)

“Professional from start to finish! Organized, practiced and enthusiastic!”

Richard R Hardin
Land Resource Specialist

“Empowering, high-energy session. Tools and techniques can be used immediately in the workplace!”

John Mason
Regional Manager

“Great course delivered by an excellent teacher/guide, with many applications for work and life.”

Hingman Leung
Project Officer

“The course and the instructor were outstanding. An excellent balance of theory and practical, of lecture, discussion and practice.”

Sue Derby
Project Officer

“I would recommend this course to anyone involved in assisting/planning group sessions/debates/projects.”

Luc Poulin

“Great, practical course that I will be able to use some new techniques in my facilitation role.”

Ms. Suzanne Robert
Project Manager

“This is one of the best courses I’ve ever been on.”

Charlene Swatman
Assistant Business Analyst

“This training was engaging and very goal-oriented. Skills were learned and put into action immediately which allowed learners to grasp material. The Instructor/Facilitator was skilled in his profession and taught by example every step of the way.”

Lee-Ann Salmaso
Emergency Preparedness Trainer

“Without exception the best course I’ve ever attended. Extremely well done.”

Jacques Chabot
Senior Advisor

“PTS’s Facilitation Skills workshop provided me with excellent additional knowledge to my studies in Public Relations and increased my confidence to lead/facilitate productive group meetings.”

Vivienne Laxdal
Communications Officer

“I learned many tools and techniques that will assist me in my present job and future career. Thanks for a great course!”

Victoria Skinner
Learning Design Officer

“Strongly recommend this form of training. No time wasted, extremely professional and task oriented.”

Elena Furlan
Analyst MAF Coordinator

“What a great experience! After only three days, I feel more confident and armed with tools that I can use to facilitate events in the workplace. I highly recommend this course. You won’t regret it!”

Candace Newman
Science and Technology Policy Advisor

“I got so much more out of this workshop than I expected. I learned valuable new tools and tips that I can bring back to my office and use right away. I only wish I could go back in time and apply these new skills to run past meetings better.”

Christine Hoisington

“This workshop has provided all the tools I need to make my facilitation successful.”

Christine Bertin
Planning and Reporting

“The training session really allows participants to acquire and enhance facilitation skills by applying the tools of the trade. Very practical.”

Mr. Ron Sisk
Project Manager

“I would definitely suggest this course to my colleagues. The “Facilitation Skills” workshop has given me the tools to be able to conduct my own facilitation session with confidence.”

Beverley Monnette
Senior Manager

“The ‘Facilitation Skills’ course has given me the tools and tips needed to successfully complete my role within the organization. I feel confident now that I could run effective sessions to achieve objectives. Highly recommended!”

Serena Mortlock
Special Projects & FMC Secretariat

“The facilitator made the workshop interesting, challenging enough to learn yet ensured that help was provided when needed. Great atmosphere: respect, dynamic learning, great exercises and tools.”

Christine Forget
Team Leader

“This course is an excellent opportunity to learn and practice facilitation skills in a comfortable learning environment. It provides a wide range of options in dealing with issues and problems arising during a typical facilitation session. “

Terry Ryan
Team Leader

“Outstanding class. I would highly recommend this course to all who frequently hold team or group meetings.”

Susan Taylor
Senior Management Analyst

“The course and instructor provided excellent, effective tools and mechanisms to get results from meetings. I recommend the course to anyone who wants to facilitate better.”

Mr. David Showell
Senior Policy Officer

“Learning was completed by actually carrying out the various sessions in both individual and group settings confirming one’s knowledge and abilities at the same time.”

Lucien Comeau
Food Safety Assessor

“The combination of lecture, exercises, and application has definitely made me feel ready to facilitate.”

Ms. Yolanda Driesen
Human Resources Consultant

“Awesome workshop and an awesome instructor.”

Guy Breton
Senior Business Analyst

“Skills and tools I will use frequently. Very effective course and we had the best instructor ever.”

Julie Maxted
Senior Program Officer

“The instructor has a very positive approach, building the skills step by step, which really helps build confidence.”

Pauline MacDonald
Project Leader

“Excellent course, a must for anyone who manages people, projects or meetings.”

Allen Sinfield
Infrastructure Support Unit

“Great course, excellent materials and tools.”

Matthew J Baker
Cabinet Affairs

“This workshop gave the participants a lot of hands-on experience practicing their new skills. The facilitator was extremely helpful and encouraging. I felt comfortable with the processes and learned many new abilities.”

Saleema Mohamed
Audit and Review Officer

“Excellent course. Builds confidence to speak influent of a group.”

Chirstiane Boyer

Program Coordinator

Canada Revenue Agency (Emergency and Incident Management Division)

“The course seemed to provide benefit to the perticipants, from the new to the experienced. The instructor knew her stuff.”

Dave Bruce

Canada Revenue Agency

“This was a great opportunity to learn about and employ facilitation skills and tools.”

Barbara Breston
Team Leader

“I learned the importance of separating the process from the content.”

Lorraine O'Leary
Project Officer

“The course was very informative and interesting. Thank you PTS very much! I am on my way to being a great facilitator.”

Adrian Vaughan
Administrative Manager

“The facilitator was very good and quite knowledgeable about the subject matter. He also made the entire class want to participate in the exercises.”

Theodois Corbett
Special Employment Program Manager

“The course provided a thorough coverage of all aspects of facilitation. The practical exercises were extremely effective in helping me learn how to facilitate a meeting. Great course!”

Linda Toy
Scientific and Regulatory Projects Officer

“Excellent course and instructor!”

Sarah Hampel
Policy Analyst

“The way in which this course was planned and taught appealed to my adult learning needs. I feel energized, more confident in my skills and am looking forward to applying my learnings at home and at work. Thank you.”

Barbara Power-Newton
Senior Policy Analyst

“This course, which included a lot of ‘hands on’ work, covered a good spectrum of techniques, tools, tips and will definitely improve my ability to facilitate ‘discussions among adults.”

Douglas Pollard
Senior Researcher

“I was extremely pleased and surprised at the high quality of both the instructor and the course material. I am very happy I came, I learned so much.”

Bev Sherman
IT Project Leader

“Very useful course content, very professional instructor.”

Mr. Mark Shokoff
Insurance Program Advisor

“An informative yet relaxed facilitation course that I would recommend to anyone who attends meetings.”

Ms. Helen Cowtan

“The course was instructive, to the point and within the time frame allowed. My personal goals were met totally. I would and will recommend this course to anyone who needs results at the end of a meeting.”

Robert Boisselle
Supply Team Leader

“Excellent course! Good use of hands-on exercises to improve learning and keep things fun.”

Heather Butland
Business Analyst

“Very interesting course. I learned a lot and in a very enjoyable way!”

Carole Atchison
Specialized Communications Officer

“I enjoyed the energizing, positive learning experience and obtained valuable techniques and knowledge which will benefit my work.”

Shiyu Reynolds
Team Leader

“Phil is a great facilitator and trainer. This was the best course/workshop I have ever participated in!”

Jennifer Birta
Evaluation Officer

“Excellent session with many practical tips! Well worth the time and cost.”

Sam Carnovale
Regional Manager
Business Development

“Excellent instructor! He did a fantastic job of making the group feel comfortable enough to participate, which made for great group dynamics over the three day workshop.”

Jill Geddes

“Thank you for making the past three days a comfortable, positive learning experience.”

Lora Thacker

“I had a very positive learning experience. There was a process that we were informed about and it was followed. We built upon skills that we learned – now we can use them back in the workplace.”

Marianne O'Sullivan
Emergency Services Educator

“I am happy about this workshop, especially the exercises that helped me gain confidence and understand what’s in the Facilitator’s Role.”

Isabelle Guimont
Accounts Manager

“Excellent course to learn techniques and methods of facilitation.”

Ron Veluz
Project Manager

“Very useful. Opened my mind to a different approach to meeting conduct and issue analysis/action planning. Could lead to better productivity.”

Ronald Zaloum
Program Coordinator

“Excellent workshop! While informative and useful, it was most importantly, lots of fun and very enjoyable.”

Cathy Cheung
Research Associate

“This was an excellent learning experience, unique approach and a very effective one.”

Lorena Uribe
Senior Advisor

“A course for anyone who wishes to learn the art of facilitation.”

Mike Thomas
Human Resources Development

“This is my second course with PTS and both were excellent and exceeded my expectations.. Looking forward to the 3rd.”

Richard Dubois
Client Services

“Excellent course for the ‘new’ presenter and provides a “refreshment” for the experienced presenter.”

Ms. Liz
Sr. Account Executive

“I found this course extremely useful. The energy and enthusiasm of our facilitator was a great part of the experience. The subject was very well covered. I would recommend that anyone making these kinds of presentations/facilitations take this course.”

Linda Herron

“Very effective course. I now understand how I can use the facilitation process to achieve specific objectives.”

Ms. Sylvia Young
Project Leader

“I have only good things to say about this course!”

Debbie Woodrow
Client Advisor

“Innovative is how I would describe the ‘Facilition Skills’ class.”

Renee Leong
Associate Information Systems Analyst

“Great tools and techniques for getting the job done.”

Jennifer Normandin
Project Office Specialist

“This training will give me much more confidence to facilitate a workshop or meeting. Also, the tools I’ve learned to use will make my facilitation more focused.”

Angus MacDonald
Northern Development Advisor

“A very useful course. I will be able to apply all of the concepts and techniques in my daily work environment.”

Paul Kittner
Senior Policy Analyst

Average evaluation score
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