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Below is a partial listing of our extensive—and growing—list of customer accolades. We are confident that you will be just as satisfied with our training as these people were. We look forward to adding your comment to the list!

Introductory Project Management

“I is very useful for every project manager and team.”

Hong Lin
Model Application Specialist

“Dave Curry makes this course fun and interesting. I would recommend this course for anyone involved or will be involved in project management.”

Mr. Chris Muldowney

“Very good workshop! Anyone who has to manage or oversee a variety of projects will benefit from this.”

Monik Emmerson
Manager Grants and Contributions

“Great energy! If only all workshops were so dynamic and yet so knowledgeable.”

Erin Laking
Policy Advisor

“The instructor is great! I think it is impressive the way he was able to keep our interest and transmit the necessary information to us. This is the work of a great teacher. I appreciate the plethora of information and tools that were provided.”

Chad Mariage
Procedural Clerk

“What a safe and positive learning environment with course content that should be taught as a ‘mandatory’ requirement for everyone who is participating in a project(s) in the public service.”

Jan Douglas t
TBZ Dental Hygienis

“A great course and I look forward to applying these concepts!”

Ms.Mary Tapsell

“This training helped to integrate the pieces of the puzzle for me.”

Ruth Greenspan
Project Manager

“Our instructor was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. It was interesting to see that I could learn and enjoy at the same time.”

Donna Drouin
Senior Systems Management Officer

“Excellent workshop!”

Kathleen Ippersiel
Administrative Assistant

“I learned a lot about management and I plan to use the tools I learned in my next project. “

Ginger Tansey
Institute Veterinarian

“Thanks PTS. You have provided me with the project management skills which will enable me to comfortably and competently approach potential problems and projects with an analytical and practical mindset.”

Blair Thom
Support Clerk

“David Curry gave a very concise project management course. It was easy to follow for new-comers and reassuring for veterans. There were plenty of hands-on examples to help the ideas sink in and relate to the participants’ day to day jobs.”

Jim Coughlin
Environmental Planning Officer

“I liked the class, it was concise and to the point. “

Etsegenet Meshesha
Clinical Research Associate

“A definite must before starting any project.”

Simona Sasova
Senior Project Officer

“I have been a community developer for almost ten years and only wish that I had attended this course years ago. “

Anna Parks
Community Economic Development Officer

“This was the best seminar I’ve ever attended. The information was practical and immediately useful. The instructor presented it in a way that made it stick. His mix of dynamic lecturing, excellent facilitation of group discussion, hands-on group exercise. “

Barn-Yen Li
Policy Analyst

“I thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Project Management’ workshop. The interactive learning activities presented helped to re-enforce the concepts of ‘Project Management’. The facilitator did an excellent job of managing a diverse group, drawing upon our collection. “

Suzanne Jackson
Human Performance Specialist

“This course is very practical. The tools and techniques are taught and practiced in the classroom which increases the likelihood that the participant will use them with confidence and success in their workplace.”

Iva Tackman
Senior Corporate Officer

“It is a highly focused and fun workshop which has helped me to have a comprehensive grasp of all the major aspects of project management.”

Qing Yu
Manager Asian Office

“This course was one of the best course I’ve ever been on.Phil is a great instructor.If you want to learn about PM and have fun at the same time, this is the course to take.Thank you phil and keep that great sense of humour! “

Linda Belanger

Special Advisor to the Director

Public Works and Government Services
(Real Property branch)

“This training exceeded my expectations!”

Zeljka Stakic
Administrative Assistant

“This workshop has been very successful in all aspects. It provides an overview of ‘Project Management’ without overwhelming details. The class was conducted in a very positive and fun environment.”

Grace Li
Senior Systems Analyst

“One of the best, if not the BEST workshop I’ve ever participated in. Gives me more confidence in the level of knowledge and charisma consultants have these days. “

Siva Kathirgamanathan
Financial Audit Officer

“This was the most interactive workshop I have ever attended. I will definitely recommend it to everyone I know. Thank you!! “

Kim Ostapyk
Policy Analyst

“The Introductory Project Management course was excellent. The instructor presented the course in a manner that was useful and relevant to the participants.”

Lauren Kirk

“This course is a must-have for anyone wanting to learn project management, or those wanting to hone their skills by getting back to the fundamentals.”

Charleen MacCulloch
Logistics Officer

“Excellent opportunity to put together the flow of events required to manage a project. Clear, concise and understandable.”

Brenda Sanderson
Aboriginal Program Coordinator

“Excellent course. Very interactive. I was always engaged throughout the course with all the exercises being offered. Good balance between theory and practical application.”

Michael Wollman
Planning and Coordination Officer

“The course was very informative and shared many new techniques about an ever changing and growing industry.”

Kitty Brew

“I have taken many courses in my career. By far, this Instructor has been one of the best I have met. He is very knowledgeable and engages the audience. I will fully recommend courses by ‘Performance Training Solutions’.”

Robert Gillis
Project Manager

“The introductary project management course taught by Phil gave me the tools to feel confident in applying the skills to my work and also to my personal life. Phil was a great instructor who made the materials interesting and relevant to our work. Phil was flexible and accommodating to the needs and wants of tghe group.”

Lucia Cha


Department of justcice.
(Ontario Regional Office)

“I will recommend this course to anyone planning to manage a project.”

Brice Gbedokpossy

“A well organized and laid out course. Provided the fundamentals in an easily understandable way. The material covered is not just for project managers but for all team members.”

Douglas Simpson
Atmospheric Science and Applications

“Terrific workshop! Very dynamic and useful to anyone involved in managing projects.”

Mr. Michel Ruest
Manager, Mail Management Services

“Project Management was shown to be something one can integrate into life management.”

Judy Strazds
Inspection Manager

“Well documented, well prepared, well delivered. Good mix of personal experience, formal concepts and lessons learned from others. Even if you may not know everything there is to know about ‘Project Management’, you will come out more confident that you “

Claude Allard
Acting Senior Marine Analyst

“I was expecting this to be an informative but dry course. The complete opposite was true. The course was interesting, engaging and very motivating.”

Aimee Brady
Administrative Assistant

“Absolutely phenomenal course! The material was extremely well done and gauged to all experience levels. I definitely feel more capable of handling larger portfolios and projects after this course.”

Chris Hyde
Research Associate

“I found that even if you have experience in Project Management, this course is a help anyway. It gives you the tools to better plan and manage projects, no matter the scope or size. I was impressed.”

Tyler Zettel
Facilities Manager

“One of the most informative courses I have attended entailing up-to-date knowledge in the field of ‘Project Management’. Presented in a powerful and very human fashion. Dynamic and very recommendable course for government employees.”

Zul Nanjee
Program Specialist
Microbiology and Food Processing

“Master Phil is a phinominal facilitator. The course was well worth my time. I learned a lot and I had fun doing it.”

Marilyn Coleman

Agri-Food Program Manager

Canadian Food Inspection Food Agency

“This course provides an excellent overview of project management & introduces several useful tools and techniques for rookies & veterans alike.”

Heather Earle
Senior Analyst

“This course provides you with the technical knowledge you need to transition from a good to a great project manager.”

Geneviève Giroux
Legal Councel

“Extremely well facilitated, rendering the learning experience most enjoyable.”

Kurtis Clifford
Senior Program Officer

“Throughout the workshop I realized how much I was ignorant about such an important matter. How is it possible that this workshop had not been recommended to me earlier in my career?”

Aziz Saheb-Ettaba
Legal Counsel

“The instructor did an excellent job in facilitating this learning exercise. The aspects I liked most included: the opportunity for group participation, discussion and input. The way the instructor demonstrated the value of consensus building.”

Allan Howard
Acting Manager of NAIS

“This course was a delight from beginning to end. Relevant, creative and fun.”

Glenda Murphy
Case Management Specialist

“Very engaging course for all levels of project management experience.”

Frederic Arpin

Defence Scientist

Defence Research and Development Canada (Countermeasures Techniques)

“One word to describe this workshop is: Excellent!”

Christine Levesque
Laboratory Research Technologist

“Instructor had a great level of energy. I am in public sector for 4 years and this is the most interesting course I have taken.”

Xaand Bancroft


Health Canada
(First Nations and Inuit health Branch)

“The training material was well organized, clear and well explained. The presenter not only had a solid subject expertise level but made the material interesting and facilitated the 3 days in an engaging manner. I would definitely recommend this training. “

Sujata Verma
H.R. Programs Consultant

“I have renewed confidence within myself to be able to go back and apply what I have learned here to all of the projects that I currently work on. It was the best course I’ve taken in five years.”

Danielle Gudbranson
Senior Project Officer

“This training was exactly what I needed to start a project when the theme and issues are ones that I’m not familiar with. Critical path and budget sections were very informative and I will use them in all my projects.”

Manon Richard
Executive Assistant and Coordinator

“The learning environment was great. The instructor was very knowledgeable, energetic and made the material interesting and fun.”

Judy Longhurst

“I have taken many amazing courses but this was the best!”

Lisa Deganutti
Executive Assistant to the CIO

“The training provided a great overview of Project Management. Now I feel ready to be a member of a project management team.”

Josée Gardiner
Executive Assistant

“I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone hoping to define the project management tasks they do instinctively already, but have never been trained for. There is much more to learn which will help you improve and it will inspire you to go on.”

Ruth Clarida
Sr. Program Officer

“I was extremely pleased with my experience in the project management training. The right blend of materials, a positive, informed instructor and a great learning environment perfectly met my needs.”

Shawn Humphrey
Program Analyst

“PTS offers an excellent overview of Project Management in the public sector through this course. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in Project Management.”

Stephen Ellsworth
Project Manager

“The instructor presented a very interesting process for ‘Project Management’ work. He showed patience, institutive knowledge of behavior and the ability to motivate and keep all involved. Excellent work.”

Raed Inayeh

“A good, high level perspective on public service project management.”

Doug Carnegie
Senior Project Advisor

“The best course I have ever taken!”

Janet Comis
Information Management

“Another excellent workshop. It builds on other Performance Training Solutions workshops (Facilitation Skills) so that I can continue to apply my new skills.”

Kirsti Bergmeier

“I felt that the course gave an excellent overview of the ‘Project Management’ function and a good introduction to the tools and methodology.”

Terry Hodkinson
Senior Business Analyst

“Best three days of training I’ve ever attended. It puts into perspective what you subconsciously do and gives you the tools to become an effective project manager. “

Lynne Blais
Office Manager

“Exercises were excellent. Simple yet powerful.”

Barry Smith
Project Lead

“Thank you for putting the Project Management pieces together as applicable to Project Management in the Public Sector. A great course for all potential public sector Project Managers.”

Ted Martyn
Supply Team Leader

“This course goes well beyond my expectations for Introductory Project Management.”

Jack Khac Tien Nguyen
Support Analyst

“This workshop was a great overall experience in learning the basic foundations of Project Management.”

Tammy MacDonald

“Focus on the valid few instead of the trivial many’. One of the best quotes to apply to life, love and work. Thank you.”

Christopher Coutu
Project Officer

“If there is one “Introductory Project Management” course to take, it’s this one. The classes are high energy, focused and fun too!”

Allan Collins
Senior Systems Analyst

“The course met all my expectations for an introductory project management course.”

Joseph Abhulimen
Program/Project Surpervisor

“The instructor is excellent. He has a lot of insight and knowledge and is very motivating at all times.”

Fedele Stella
Computer Programmer Analyst

“The training and tools would benefit anyone, regardless of whether they are responsible for project management or not.”

Shawn Williams
Capital Management Officer

“Thanks, Dave! I can see applications for the techniques and principles you presented both in the work realm and outside”

Ms. Cecilia Wong
Environmental Objectives Scientist

“The techniques and skills learned from the workshop are very practical and useful for my work, as well as for my personal life.”

Shiyu Reynolds
Team Leader

“A time and money well-spent; systematic, instructive and educational. I highly recommend it to all despite their area of expertise, their line of business or their work environment.”

Rafal Smiechowski
Content Manager

“The very large, and sometimes overwhelming subject of ‘Project Management’, was presented in a clear and concise manner. Class participation and personal experiences made the subject matter ‘real’. I hope to apply some of the principles and techniques “

Alison Wall
Senior Drafting Officer

“One of the best course I have followed.The instructor was very good and I was able to understand very clearly all the steps.”

Jacques Aubrey

Chief,Pay and Benefits.

Public Service Commission
(HRMD,compensation services)

“Through this workshop I have learned various project management skills and concepts. They are very useful and will be a benefit to my future career. Thank you.”

Qian Li

“The instructor brought to bear many of their relevant professional and personal experiences to the Project Management course. He was very engaging and motivated the group to embrace the more complex terms and processes involved in project management.”

Logan R. Thornton
Health Specialist

“The instructor taught this course in a concise and user friendly way. His expertise was much appreciated and he made me feel like what I had to say mattered by using positive reinforcement.”

Bettina Harmon
Information Management Specialist

“For me, effective communications is a core competency. I found this course useful in that it helped refresh and supplement my communications skills.”

John Marrone
Director General

“An excellent course! Very practical and full of tips, tools and processes to successfully manage a project.”

Debra Conner
Housing Information Analyst

“Great course and excellent teacher.kept it very interesting during the 3 dayt course.”

Michele Boisvert

Administrative Assistant

National Research Council of Canada

“I have taken three courses with PTS. It keeps getting better and better. The tools and knowledge that I have gained can be applied in my personal and work environments.”

Rita Haddad
Public Affairs Advisor

“Great introduction to the world of Project Management. My most positive adult learning experience thus far. Practical and applicable skills and knowledge. I ended the course wanting more. It was an excellent experience.”

Gillian Rizcallah
Business Analyst

“Concise, professional and well presented material. A valuable course for developing project management skills.”

Ruth Poulin
Lab Manager

“The course taught me practical, useful tools that will improve my ‘Project Management’ skills.”

Kelly Cott
Habitat Biologist

“This course is unique in that it teaches project management principles with an expressed focus on Treasury Board guidelines. This focus allows attendees to directly apply knowledge gained to their daily work activities.”

Ebert Ephraim
Senior Project Officer

“The course provides an excellent overview of ‘Project Management’ with hands on interaction, discussions and take-home exercises.”

Grace Hamwi
System Analyst

“Tools, insights, processes, practices can also be applied in your personal life, at home, volunteering, committees.. Etc.”

Lucie Lacroix
Payments Officer

“Even if you are currently operating in a Project Manager capacity, this session demonstrates how your performance can be improved.”

Rosalind Tarrant
Program Consultant

“This course will help you to identify weaknesses in the ‘Project Management’ strategies you employ.”

Anthony Reale
Physical Scientist

“The training was dynamic and required active participation.”

Dania Khanafer

“Informative and Enjoyable.”

Jean Diehl
Technical Information Specialist

“Interactivity makes learning so much more pleasant.”

Sylvain Massia
Program Manager

“This course provided excellent material which allowed me to get a good understanding of the project management concepts and how I could apply them to my current roll.”

Wendy McEvoy
Regional Contribution Agreement Officer

“Great course, well presented and engaging. Would highly recommend it to anyone involved or interested in project management.”

Yassin Ali

Health Canada

“This course is exceptional for non-project managers like myself, to introduce ourselves to the important concepts associated with ‘Project Management’. I learned a lot of useful tools and had fun doing it.”

Lisa Bokwa
Senior Policy Analyst

“I consider it highly useful to learn both the science and the people skills of Project Management. This course certainly fulfilled my expectations.”

Julie Duchesneau
Senior Project Officer

“David Curry gave a very concise project management course. It was easy to follow for new-comers and reassuring for veterans. There were plenty of hands-on examples to help the ideas sink in and relate to the participants’ day to day jobs.”

Jim Coughlin
Environmental Planning Officer

“The exercises helped me to understand the whole planning process. I feel I’m equipped to take on a project with confidence. This was gained in this course.”

Ms. Jennifer McFadden

“This course was one of the most beneficial courses I’ve attended in my 23 years of work with regards to meeting my needs and providing valuable useful tools I can apply immediately.”

Kerry Petryshyn
Officer in Charge

“Every element of the presentation made sense and was thought through. Excellent!”

Antonella Gullia

“Can’t wait to implement what I learned on my next project. I’m excited to get started!”

Lisette C Martins
Senior Program Officer

“Presentations were knowledgeable and upbeat”

Deborah Ross
Information Management Specialist

“It was a great course,very knowledgeable,very useful +entertaining.I would recommend this course to anyone that would be interesting to take this course.”

Maureen Alcorn

Project Officer

Correctional Service Of Canada

“This workshop is a project in itself. Everything that is taught is applied in the method of teaching and there is no better way to teach than by example. The process was as important as the product.”

David Gill
Project Lead for HR CASS

“A very good introduction to the concepts and processes involved in project management.”

John Forman
Senior IT Specialist

“A great overview and launch into the world of Project Management. “

Curt Sutton
Senior Programs Advisor

“This is a great course that provides an education on ‘Project Management’ but also equips you with other tools and techniques that will make project leaders more effective.”

Scott Milton
Project Director

“Excellent. This course should be a mandatory requirement for any project team member or project manager.”

Marc Jetté

“The instructor was an excellent facilitator and kept the participants motivated and engaged.”

Dan Chow
Senior Project Manager

“A fun and active learning environment.”

Brenda Morehouse
National Coordinator

“This workshop provided me with a better understanding on how to start a project and how to include all the complex elements to be considered before, during and after the project. The hands-on experience was illustrated through a simple idea of a project “

Zakia Atif
National Unit Program Advisor

“Excellent workshop, high energy with lots of participation. The tools and methodology were easily understood and adaptable to many situations.”

Richard Hill
Director General
Audit and Evaluation

“Project Management course provided some valuable tools that can be applied in project planning in the operational activities that Water Survey Branch is involved in.”

Mr. Ed Mayert
Area Head

“The Instructor is excellent. His training techniques allow for a fun, challenging learning environment. The three day course went by fast and I had a valuable, informative experience.”

Jonathan Lutes
Information Management Specialist

“I enjoyed the workshop very much. The instructor did an excellent job as facilitator. He encouraged and received 100% participation from all of the attendees. The participants had different backgrounds and levels of experience in ‘Project Management’ “

Harold Cowling
Business Development Officer

“Educational and fun!”

Ryan J Guthrie

“Great job at making the material ‘real’.”

Christopher Babakaiff
Senior Project Officer

“This workshop was excellent. You don’t need to be an expert or a new comer in order to feel your experience is worthwhile.”

Josée Charbonneau
Senior Planning and Reporting Officer

“A time and money well-spent; systematic, instructive and educational. I highly recommend it to all despite their area of expertise, their line of business or their work environment.”

Rafal Smiechowski
Content Manager

“Overall, a well structured, presented and integrated workshop. It tied all the concepts and tools together. “

Gordon Jung
Project Manager

“This course was excellent and I feel it should be a mandatory course for all government ‘Project Managers’. The instructor drew ideas and the best out of everyone.”

Deborah Kressler
Project Manager

“Very helpful and relevant to public service project management, regardless of the project scope.”

Manon Bernier
Program Requirement & Information Management

“Fantastic way to spend three days. Great course! Great energy!”

Avery Altose
Project Coordinator

“This course was excellent. Lectures, discussions, exercises were all excellent. Exceeded my expectations.”

John Chong

Environmental Health Officer

Public Health Agency of Canada (Office of Quarantine Services)

“A wonderful class for public sector employees to hone their skills on and to become more adept in dealing with an ever more complex work environment. Excellent for entry level employees through to managers.”

Joshua Vogel
Policy Analyst

“One of the best conceived and delivered courses I’ve taken in my career.”

Yves van Chestein
Defence Scientist

“Excellent course for project managers and projects officers in all fields of work.”

Sarjapur Nagarajan
Aerospace Engineer

“I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone with experience in project management or anyone who will be working with projects. It has application to managers and team members, both in terms of enhancing understanding of effective project management “

Elizabeth Smith-Kawasaki
Project Officer

“I enjoyed the instructors’s liveliness and personality. He listened and helped us apply the tools learned to practice. I have learned so many new brainstorming and planning techniques that I plan (and will) apply to my workplace.”

Karen Mendonca


Department of Justice

“I felt comfortable asking any question.”

Christine Bouffard
Payment Officer

“This is one of the most exciting and informative workshops I have attended and the instructor is by far, the best facilitator I have had the opportunity to listen, learn and interact with.”

Carla Reed

“This course should be offered to all levels of employees responsible and heading teams.”

Janet Salazar

“The training was timely, thought provoking and offered useful methods to better manage various work projects. The instructor is an excellent communicator of these useful methods.”

Kamela Davis
Animal Program Director

“I am a visual person and the content was laid out in a strong manner to help me see the critical path in Project Management.”

Robin Campbell
Project Officer

“After 18 years in government, I think I found ‘what I want to do when I grow up’.”

Ms Claude-Andrée Ouimet
Manager, Policy Planning and Operations

“Very dynamic and relevant to today’s working environment. Best training I’ve attended in years!!”

Marie-Lynn Bériau
Senior Project Officer

“Project Management in the Public Sector” provided an interesting outlook towards assigning tasks within the Project Management team.”

Michael Niebudek

“If only everything else in life was that clear and useful. Thank you, Dave.”

Manon Boucher

“I have managed many projects, but this workshop made me think of what I can do better.”

Kym Collins-Lee
Public Inquiries Manager

“A wonderfully dynamic and interactive workshop. An exceptional learning environment where everyone feels valued.”

Julie Wessel
Administrative Assistant

“Excellent workshop with concrete tools and skills I can take back and apply to my projects.”

Venetia Lawless

“Very refreshing presentation style!”

Elizabeth Wheeler
Project Support Officer

“Very informative and fun. I didn’t realize how much detail is practiced in Project Management. I have a new appreciation for people in this field.”

Barbara Vink
Export Consultant

“As a manager of a Project Management Office and an employee for 30 years, I found that this workshop, which is given in a positive format, allows the participant to learn and provide their own experiences. The instructor was excellent and I wasn’t bored “

Keith Findley

“The instructor’s focused and disciplined delivery of the course material worked to effectively educate our class in Project Management in the Public Sector.”

Joel Allen
Senior Systems Management Officer

“The training provided me a clear understanding of the ‘Project Management Process’. It was well presented and our instructor was open to discussion and questions. I will attend another session that is offered by Performance Training Solutions. “

Sue Dodds
Senior Project Officer

“Very useful tools in demystifying the process of Project Management.”

Jo-Anne Dohar
Cartographic Technologist

“Fun environment. Great workshop. Excellent training facilitator.”

Jen Whelan
Planning Analyst

“Practical, thorough information in a stimulating and positive learning environment – useful and enjoyable!!”

Luisa Crapigna
Senior Policy Analyst

“Very informative and comprehensive, the three days went by fast!”

James Mecher
Advisor Project Management

“Instructor kept participants interested in the course. I would recommend this course to others.”

Maria Rodrigues
Supply Team Leader

“I really enjoyed the sessions. The days went by very quickly and I am very excited about applying my new knowledge when I return to work.”

Stephanie Teal
Accomodations Officer

“Thank you for putting the Project Management pieces together as applicable to Project Management in the Public Sector. A great course for all potential public sector Project Managers.”

Ted Martyn
Supply Team Leader

“This course exceeded my lofty expectations, and Phil Nguyen was a superb instructor whom I would recommend highly. I would gladly attend another training course held by PTS.”

Terence Stechysin
Senior Notification Officer

“This course provided an excellent, detailed overview of project management. The instructor was very professional, knowledgeable and had a great sense of humour. Thank you for the new techniques I can apply to my work and home life.”

Meredith Seabrook
Environmental Scientist

“Great course, great instructor.”

Ken McAndrew
Project Leader

“Great course. Phil really made the course enjoyable.”

Meara Angen

“The course delivered what it promised.I got lots of leadership and facilitator tools and tips and to top it off was lots of fun.”

Elizabeth Bush

Science Advisor,Climate Change

Environment Canada
(Science and Technology Branch)

“My goal coming into the workshop was to gain background knowledge in Project Management in order to develop confidence in my everyday work. My expectations were surpassed in an entertaining and informative way.”

Aaron Swansburg
Project Engineer

“The course provided an excellent systematic and organized approach to accomplishing a defined goal.”

Sylvester J. Burks
Fleet Inspection Officer

“Excellent workshop!”

Kathleen Ippersiel
Administrative Assistant

“Great class for someone interested in the PMP to get a better understanding of what project management is all about.”

Todd Jones
NDP Resource Program Manager

“This course was great on many levels: instructor, course material, time-frames respected and very fun. Participants were great. Best of all, it was on budget!”

Theresa Barclay
Senior Analyst

“Time well spent! An excellent introduction to Project Management.

Minelle D'Souza

“The instructor was an excellent ‘Project Management’ facilitator. He kept the room focused and interested for pretty much all of the three day session (and I’m easily distracted!) He has lots of enthusiasm and knowledge which makes learning fun. Great “

Shannon Matsubara
Senior Program Officer

“A well thought out course that solidified Project Management concepts.”

Ben Gasman
Inspection Manager

“Excellent learning experience.”

Ms.Debora Turner
Project Administrator

“Session was presented in a clear and easy to understand manner. Review of topics made it easier to absorb. Learning tools made it a lively session by engaging all participants and becoming very relaxed with our teams. Extremely enjoyable three days.”

Anja Van Beek
Project Support

“The course provides a solid foundation in project management. Anyone taking the course will have a good basis on which to build their project management skills.”

Ian Anderson
Desktop Support Analyst

“Not only was the program interesting and beneficial to my career, but the words of wisdom, quotations and sense of humor and respect for all participants, made this experience one of a kind.”

Ada Dabek
Financial Operations Specialist

“Project Management has a definite application to planning trade missions (i.e., Team Canada/Team Atlantic missions in particular).”

Mr. George Carew
Account Manager

“The course was a fast-paced, hands-on, interactive course which provided the basic skills for being a Project Manager. The basic skills practiced through ‘real-life’ exercises provide a level of confidence that will help the junior Project Manager.”

Anne Bank
Staff Officer

“Provided excellent Project Management tools. The workshop was extremely user friendly and interactive.”

Manon Comeau
Project Officer

“A course one should take once or twice during their career. Very informative and material was well presented.”

Elizabeth Rody
Head Conference Secretariat

“Master Phil made the workshop stimulating regarding through his range of creating aids, Tools and technical Techniques. Thank you.”

Erin Appceton

Plant Health Survey Biologist

CFIA (Plant Health Science Services)

“The course is very applicable to public service project management. The quality of facilitation reminds us that learning and application can still be fun.”

Patricia Pentney
Veterinary Project Manager

“The course was so fun–it’s the best way to learn. Many good ideas! Useful, practical, and realistic.”

Ms.Marie Macleod
Project Officer

“I found the ‘Introduction to Project Management’ course to be one of the most useful courses I have taken in the Public Service. Clearly, Project Management, when done properly, will lead to intended successful outcomes. I highly recommend this course. “

Diane Riley
Planning and Strategic Analyst

“I’ve taken 3 courses provided by PTS…and have enjoyed all of them. The instructors were excellent lecturers and allowed a great deal of open idea exchanges throughout. I would recommend to anyone to consider PTS as a T&D provider before any others.”

Ron Murray
Project Development Officer

“A great learning experience. Continuously engaging with a strong emphasis on team building and work.”

Shawna Fourney
Administrative Officer

“This class was extremely dynamic and based upon hands-on learning. I gained a lot of knowledge related to Project Management from my instructor and my peers!”

Colleen Fisher
International Trade Specialist

“Performance Training Solutions provides a good, clearly structured course on ‘Introductory Project Management’. Take this course if you are considering entering into the area of ‘Project Management’. “

Terry Williams

“I have had an exceptional experience in the ‘Project Management’ course and also have innovative ideas to utilize. The instructor was probably the best I have ever had. Thank you.”

Myra Auger
Senior Systems Management Officer

“The session facilitation was superb.”

Deborah Kressler
Project Manager

“Excellent course and time well spent. ‘Project Management’ is a skill set that is definitely needed in the government and what I have learned today, I can use in the office tomorrow.”

Lubna Bokhari
Senior Policy Analyst

“This was an excellent course that was well organized and fun. I really feel that this is going to be a huge benefit to future projects in my career.”

Geoff MacDonald
Junior Development Officer

“Not only interesting, but extremely stimulating course!”

Stacy-Lynn Colton
Program Coordinator

“It is a great workshop that provided me with practical tools for future projects.”

Irene Zhou
Senior Policy Analyst

“The instructor was entertaining and held our attention using personal stories to convey his points. He also made the class atmosphere very comfortable, making us all feel like asking questions and participating. “

Nicole Amado
Health Specialist

“I found the course structure very interactive and hands-on. The instructors enthusiasm for his profession, life and material presented was both infectious and inspiring.”

Ian Hoyte
IS Auditor

“This course combines lectures, hands-on exercises and visual presentations to best prepare the participant for Project Management.”

Shaunna Lucas
Information Officer

“This workshop was very comprehensive and will be very useful to me, as a new project manager. The quality of the teaching was excellent.”

Mathieu Doucet
Project Manager

“Instructor and material was firing on all cylinders!! A valuable tool for anyone in business.”

David Anderson
Managing Director

“The instructor was outstanding! I learned a tremendous amount about project management that I can apply to my job. I would recommend that others take this course.”

Eileen Maturi

“Our instructor kept us focused at all times, thanks to his enthusiasm, listening skills, appreciativeness of participants’ comments, ideas and opinions. In other words, the 3-day workshop was a success thanks to a highly inter-active process of learning “

Hedda Blom
Policy Analyst

“The course was taught in a fun environment that nurtures learning. “

Jerry Situ

“I would greatly recommend this course!”

Marie-Eve Lebrun
Regulatory Project Manager

“I was impressed with the depth of knowledge. ‘Project Management’ courses cover so many disciplines; negotiation, facilitation, organization and planning. The instructor demonstrated a deep knowledge and shared experiences in all these areas.”

Jamal Tyman
National Coordinator
Business Information Systems

“This project management course has been a valuable use of my time.”

Deborah Kupchanko
eHealth Nurse Advisor

“I’ve taken 3 courses provided by PTS…and have enjoyed all of them. The instructors were excellent lecturers and allowed a great deal of open idea exchanges throughout. I would recommend to anyone to consider PTS as a T&D provider before any others.”

Ron Murray
Project Development Officer

“Dave Curry makes this course fun and interesting. I would recommend this course for anyone involved or will be involved in project management.”

Mr. Chris Muldowney

“The information and project management techniques presented in the course are practical tools that will assist in providing a better service to my clients.”

Leslie A Way
Acting Senior Counsel

“Taking this course was a great opportunity. PTS provided a good course – tools, exercises, and instructor were excellent.”

Ms. Josie Sirna
Program Consultant

“I have enjoyed this course .Phil is an excellent instructor with lots of energy and humour that he demonstrate throughout the seminar.”

Cheri Bisson

Canada Border Service Agency

“This course provides several practical tools which can be applied hands-on during the conduct of my job. The instructor is excellent at motivating participants and encouraging group participation. The other aspect of this course is that it greatly help”

Charles Dillabough
Audit Manager

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course content. The facilitation was excellent. The characteristics of a professional trainer were displayed – high energy, well versed in course content, and a good mix of activities. I learned a lot from this course.”

Tony Conway

“This step-by-step approach makes it very easy to understand Project Management Principles. I really enjoyed this training!”

Monique Boutin
Acting Manager

“Well presented and delivered. An excellent intro to project management. The course provided me tools that will be valuable in my career.”

Ron Ron
Team Lead

“Well suited for the Public Sector! Highly recommended.”

Lisa Harvey
Emergency Preparedness Trainer

“Great course! Exceeded my expectations! The three days went by very quickly, good pace, broken down in very manageable blocks. The facilitator was great! “

Steven McRoberts
Comprehensive Audits

“Excellent presentations and engaging Instructor.”

Edith Ross
Executive Assistant

“This workshop was useful and relevant. The hands-on exercises helped to really cement the concepts.”

Leonora Marro

“This course is a must for all Project Managers.”

Eric Joe
Vital Statistics Section

“David has a genuine (and contagious!) enthusiasm for project management.”

Mr. Dan Del Villano
Regional Director

“I feel I am leaving here with a good understanding of ‘Project Management’. I am eager to apply my knowledge. Great quotes, brainteasers, exercises, it all makes a difference. I think I may pursue ‘Project Management’ certification now. Thanks “

Katrina Nicholson
Testing Analyst


“Exceeded my expectations!”

Jared Cousins BSP
Regulatory Project Management Section

“Highly recommended. Techniques can be applied immediately to projects both large and small. Essential learning for those involved in any level or phase of project development.”

Jacques Chabot
Senior Advisor

“I was very impressed with the Project Management course. Both the course material and the instructor’s knowledge.”

Levanaj Paralegal

“I’ve taking lots of training in the public service. This course was most intersting and more useful. Su was a fantastic facilitator. She was very effective and engaging.”

Marsha Axford

Project Analyst

Correctional Service of Canada (Research NHQ)

“A great opportunity to obtain formal project management training that I was lacking. “

Suzanne Thomas
Business Analyst

“This ‘Project Management’ workshop has provided valuable tools that I am excited to apply to my work and personal projects.”

Philip Myers
Policy Officer

“This was an excellent course providing great insight into techniques and tools used in Project Management. The material was presented in a very fun way.”

Max Stocker
Research Scientist

“Excellent course. The instructor was dynamic, knowledgeable and skillful at soliciting participation from a diverse group of individuals. He provided a great selection of learning tools, brainteasers, tips and exercises to facilitate the Project Manage”

Lynne Iocca
Project Leader

“Applicable to anyone in any organization, any position and even in personal endeavours.”

Rachel Landriault
Administrative Coordinator

“One of the most enjoyable courses I have taken in my career in the public service.”

Tara Leech
Environmental Health Officer

“The instructor provided a fun learning environment. He was an excellent speaker – motivator.”

Wilma Kuiper
Knowledge Manager

“The instructor made all the difference in the world – there was a lot of good material and the teaching method made it all fun to learn. I could really see how I would apply these tools and concepts to my job and how it would help me perform better.”

Philippe Dussault
Program Coordinator

“David Curry is an extremely knowledgeable and energetic trainer and facilitator who passes that energy along to the participants. The course was extremely successful.”

Ms. Judy Rose
Project Leader

“I appreciated all the tools provided and the manner in which the instructor presented them. The instructor was very dynamic and enthusiastic which contributed greatly to the learning process.”

Debra O'Donnell

“Very good course. Very useful, helpful. I think all project managers should take the course.”

Lucie Lortie

“This course provides a wonderful first look at the world of PM.Phil is a great facilitator.”

Catherine Auger

Assistant to Director

Western Economic Diversification Canada

“Immediately applicable in both professional and personal endeavors.”

Connie Thoma
Environmental Protection Specialist

“Having this course prior to beginning a project will save time, money and aggravation.”

Dale Foote
Program Supervisor

“This workshop may act both as a project management course and a team building activity.”

Mathieu Rouleau

“I really think that this course will help me to be a better Project Manager/Coordinator in the future. Already, I’ve been thinking of how to use the tools and skills gained from this workshop in my current project. Thanks for the opportunity!”

Shemma Adlain
Project Co-ordinator (Student Intern)

“The material, the energy and learning experience was enjoyable. I now have a better understanding of project management structure. I feel confident and competent to speak the language of project management.”

Julie Chartrand
Administrative Coordinator

“Excellent course! To the point and concise. Compared to other project management courses, this one was more useful.”

Ricardo Pacheco
Regional Accreditation Coordinator

“Excellent course with hands on exercises!”

Nicole Leger
Assistant Regional Director

“Dave Curry delivers an informative course in an entertaining, fun manner.”

Mr. Ed Porter
Head Pulp and Paper

“Although the level of Project Management. experience varied amongst the participants, all found something new to apply in future projects.”

Rosemary Nowosielski
Team Leader

“Well organized and presented. Good course!”

Mr. Blair Holmes
Program Microbiologist

“This was a great class and the material was delivered in a way that was clearly understandable and digestible. I feel like I can go to work and apply everything I’ve learned without problems.”

Myss R Sykes-Stephens

“This workshop provided several excellent and practical tools for ‘Project Management’. The instructor had great energy and made the class fun.”

Erika Blackburn
Communications Assistant

“This was an excellent refresher course. It will help me not only in ‘Project Management’, but in all aspects of my work. The instructor was tops!”

Ken Kirkhope

“The first three day workshop that held my attention from start to finish. Thank you.”

Olajumoke Oni
Accounting Operations

“The workshop was presented in a very professional way. I can assure you that each attendee will be your ambassador wherever he or she goes.”

Gugsa Werkneh
Evaluation Officer

“I was interested in finding out about the metholodgy used in project management and the course provided me with this information in an engaging and practical manner. If you only had three days to become a Project Manager, this would be the way to go! “

Joseph Dubonnet
Project Analyst

“The best training course I have attended to date.”

Sandra Murdoch
Finance Team Leader

“Great introduction to project management! It has provided me with an appreciation for the complexities of project delivery and a better understanding as a client, as to what I can do to positively contribute to the process.”

Julie Hewson
Security Advisor

“The course was excellent! It allowed me to consolidate my previous knowledge of ‘Project Management’ in a practical way. The instructor was fantastic and I would strongly recommend this course to anyone.”

Chaidwick Leneis
Program Delivery Officer

“This is an excellent course. I learned a lot about ‘Project Management’ and most importantly, how ‘Project Management’ concepts and principles can be applied to many facets of professional and personal life. (e.g.. Facilitation techniques and tools).”

Ruth Fox
Staffing Program Consultant

“An excellent course, I can’t wait to apply the tools and techniques I learned to real life situations/projects.”

Colin Angus
Hydrometric Monitoring Supervisor

“This course is perfect for anyone interested in project management or as a refresher for anyone who has previous experience.”

Amy Harik
Junior Program Officer

“As a new Project Leader, this course came at a perfect time in my career.”

Douglas Forster
Project Leader

“I was impressed to learn the visual techniques that would help me manage different scale projects more efficiently and within a shorter period of time.”

Houssam El Menini
GTA Laboratory

“Excellent workshop. Well presented and prepared.”

Myles Thorsteinson
Funding Services Officer

“I really enjoyed this course and know I will be able to use the materials I learned over the last few days. The instructor’s energy and enthusiasm created an excellent atmosphere for learning.”

Leigh Ann Thompson
Facility Manager and Office Design Specialist

“The instructor was excellent. His high level of energy encouraged participation from all.”

Jamie Byerley
Program Officer

“One of the best training courses I have participated in. I have learned skills and tools that I can apply, not just in my job, but to all aspects of my life. “

Judy Goodyear
Cataloguing Technician

“The course was extremely helpful and informative. I look forward to being able to apply my knowledge to projects in both the workplace and my personal life.”

Sherri Convey
Junior Project Officer

“Master Phil Provided the opportunity for each individual to perticipate in a respectful environment. I felt comfortable to ask any question (if clarification was required). The additional tips (toolbox items) and quotes were appreiated and relevent to course material.”

Cristine Bouffard

Payment Officer

Industry Canada (FedNor)

“Very informative, very interactive, very detailed. Thank you so much!! “

Tracey Timoll
Projects Coordinator

“This was a very interactive course. The discussions were meaningful and practical. The information gained can be easily utilized in the workplace.”

Clyde Balfour
Convictions Section

“Project Management course provided some valuable tools that can be applied in project planning in the operational activities that Water Survey Branch is involved in.”

Mr.Ed Mayert
Area Head

“An excellent workshop even for non-project managers. Plenty of practical tools were presented that can be applied to numerous work and personal projects.”

Sheila Armstrong
Manager Policy

“The course was well organized and everyone participated. One of the best courses I have ever taken.”

Suzanne Hall
Support Assistant

“This course provided me with the necessary knowledge to complete any project. Now I have to apply it to my work.”

Sylvain Lefebvre
Technical Support Officer

“The course was very informative and it provided hands on solutions that we can take back with us to the workplace. The facilitator was dynamic and he motivated the group to participate and stay involved throughout the 3 day course.”

Loretto McCool
Chief of Web Services

“If only I had known about this course when I started at my current division – these skills are indispensable for any team lead or team member.”

Jay Wilson
Senior Project Officer

“A wonderful three day course. I was able to relate the presentation and materials provided back to my own experiences with Project Management.”

Tina Connors
Development Officer

“Fantastic intro to project management as well as a refresher. The tools, templates and methodologies taught can be easily applied in a workplace setting. One of the few courses I have taken where I will immediately apply some of the lessons learned.”

Cindy Clark
Resourcing Programs Consultant

“Probably the most engaging and useful workshop I have attended in over a decade in the Public Service.”

Drew deKergommeaux

“Excellent introduction to the art and science of project management.”

Genevieve Bondy
Section Head
Toxicology Research Division, BCS

“Well done, well spoken facilitator. Course material covered as advertised.”

Timothy Whan
Technical Officer

“The information provided in the workshop was very understandable and provided a very good base for developing Project Management skills.”

Kent Johnston
Information Technology Analyst

“Regardless whether you are involved in managing projects in the public sector or not, this course is a must for people involved in programs and other such governmental initiatives.”

Mr. Dave Walker
Sr Technician

“Creates confidence within project management, therefore feeling like a greater contribution can be made when returning to work.”

Theresa Jones
Junior Project Officer

“Excellent presenter. Material can be dry, But tought it well. Enthusiasm from him was contagious. Lessons well spaced out. I would highly recommend him as a presenter and facilitator.”

Judy Chan

Senior Counsel

Department of Justice (RCMP Legal Services)


“The course was well organized and fun. The atmosphere was relaxed and inviting. Participation was encouraged and the facilitator had great skill at getting people to participate.”

Tim MacDonald
Risk Reduction Strategy Coordinator

“Course was very useful, especially in its relation to government operations….”

Jocelyn Hiltz
Junior Economic Development Officer

“A complex topic that was broken down into a very simple form, making it easy to understand and truly learn something.”

Karen Birch

“Everyone should take this class. The instructor is very engaging. The best training session I ever attended.”

Tania Belanger
Project Officer

“It was a great, interactive introduction to the world of Project Management. The instructor was helpful, informative, patient and welcoming to all.”

Jason Ober
Senior Program Officer

“Simply the best Project Management course I have ever been on! Course material was easy & simple to use – instructor was top notch and current in their teaching style. I would recommend it highly.”

Elsie Casaway
Senior Policy Office

“Well structured presentation. Very knowledgeable instructor. Relevant exercises that made me apply the theory.”

Denis Gauthier
Licensing and Charters Officer

“Excellent workshop. Great Facilitator with lots of energy and enthusiasm. Great discussions and exercises. I learned a lot of practical tools that I can use. We do this in our heads so it’s nice to see it in specific stages, with names and templates. “

Graziellia Grbac
Community Economic Developer

“A concise and comprehensive overview of the entire Project Management Process.”

Laurie Walinga
Senior Project Officer

“This was a great introduction to project management, especially for a rookie.”

Myranda Bolstad
Communications Officer

“Regardless whether you are involved in managing projects in the public sector or not, this course is a must for people involved in programs and other such governmental initiatives.”

Mr.Dave Walker
Sr Technician

“The instructor combined content, process and humour in a way that made ‘Project Management’ come alive!”

Stefa Katamay
Senior Project Coordinator

“I really enjoyed this course. My director strongly encouraged me to take it even though I was not keen on it. I am glad I did. The instructor was great!”

Joe Iacampo
Program Analyst

“A very informative workshop with many hands-on exercises that brought the learning to real life. You actually practiced and learned how to implement the theory. Thank you.”

Julie Grandy
Development Officer

“A most informative and enjoyable workshop. The tools of ‘Project Management’ will be useful not only in a daily work environment but also for projects in your personal life.”

Annette D. Pivnick
Derivatives Documentation Coordinator

“Excellent course, excellent instructor resulting in 100% participation and a high level of satisfaction in understanding the material presented.”

Kevin Crawford
Team Leader

“This was a true learning event. Project management was de-mystified for me, in a big way!”

Carole Willans

“A great course and a great teacher! I would recommend to any team interested in planning for results.”

Charles Charron
Acting Director

“We were provided with practical information that will be helpful as part of our professional and personal lives. Thank you for making the workshop interesting and giving us tools to work in complex situations.”

Rick Flohr
Senior Policy Analyst

“This course should be mandatory for all public sector Project Managers and anyone aspiring to become a Project Manager. “

William Muhwezi
Communications Officer

“Overall, very informative course in “Project Management in the Public Sector”. This course has provided me with the proper tools to build a stronger business case for any projects that I may take on in the future. Also, very good group discussions.”

Simon Hum
Special Projects Officer

“This particular course really opened my eyes to daily procedures and how one project can affect the outcome of another. It validated the time that should be put into planning vs. reacting.”

Pamela Burwash
Junior Program Officer

“Thanks, Dave! I can see applications for the techniques and principles you presented both in the work realm and outside.”

Ms.Cecilia Wong
Environmental Objectives Scientist

”The course was excellent. The facilitator keeps the people involved with brainteasers and constantly asks for thoughts from the learners.”

Pierre Gervais
Application Support Officer

“Course was very useful, especially in its relation to government operations….”

Jocelyn Hiltz
Junior Economic Development Officer

“This course was a pleasure. I thought the material would be dry but the instructor made it interesting and used examples that made it easier to understand.”

Terence Roy
Senior Project Officer

“Dynamic, well trained instructor led to a lively and informative workshop.”

Ms.Donna Williams
Senior Research Geographer

“Fun learning environment!! Clear and focused material! Time well spent.”

Charlotte Fishback

“This was a very worthwhile investment of my time as I came away with more than I came in with. I now have the building blocks to further my career as a ‘successful’ Project Manager. “

David Doyle
Functional Program Manager

“If only everything else in life was that clear and useful. Thank you, Dave.”

Manon Boucher

“If you want a practical introductory course to project management, delivered like no other course you’ve ever taken, this one is for you! The trainer is engaging and energetic.”

Cindy Cameron
Policy Analyst

“Excellent course. If definitely makes project management much easier. I will be able to apply my newly learned skills to all kinds of projects at work and at home. I would definitely recommend Phil as an instructor.”

Roxane Baskett

A/Program Specialist, Food labelling

CFIA (Imported and manufactured Food)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and will be taking away a much better understanding of the Project Management process.”

Patrick Farrell
Program Assistant

“I found this workshop very useful, provides an excellent opportunity for learning and was entertaining. The instructor’s approach to teaching was so good that one felt it was a one day workshop instead of three.”

Riad Younes
Market Development Officer

“Coming into this session I expected a relatively dry 3 days. The instructor made it anything but boring. The group was fully engaged throughout. The participation of co-workers greatly enhanced the experience.”

Tom Doyle
Inspection Manager

“This course was excellent! I highly recommend it to anyone who is planning to pursue project management as a career path.”

Erin Collins
Project Admin

“This course provided a clear and concise picture of the ‘Project Management Process’ from beginning to end. The tools used were very helpful, especially the visual aids and exercises.”

Adrienne Jones
Health Statistician

“This was a very informative class which reinforced some key concepts in critical thinking and how to use them in project management.”

Stacey Adams

“Well though-out, well organized program. I learned techniques that can be directly and immediately applied to any project, large or small.”

Annabelle Mackey
Regional Communications Advisor

“A well organized workshop. The facilitator has great enthusiasm and subject-matter expertise. The use of class participation was well-implemented”

Dennis Abraham
Planning and Accountability Officer

“An all encompassing course that details the entire Project Management process from beginning to end. Provides participants with numerous tools to take back to their workplace.”

James Sapp
Senior Resource Analyst

“A must have if you are managing or participating in a project.”

Marjorie Bell
Senior Communications Advisor

“I can already see huge benefit from this course in how I approach projects as well as how I manage my everyday workload and schedule.”

Ellen Dickson
Officer Web Publishing and Design

“Subject matter experts…. a must for all! “

Roy Lafontaine
Directorate Services and Special Projects

“I was first very interested by the description of the course you sent me. I was not deceived! I learned a lot and am going to look forward to taking other trainings offered by ‘Performance Training Solutions’.”

Isabelle Mandeville
Senior Project Manager

“As a Manager, I think this training should be mandatory for all Project Manager/Assistants prior to taking the position/task.”

Marc Jetté

“Very professional, insightful and fully comprehensive course on Project Management fundamentals.”

Josef Gryszczuk
Team Leader

“This is the most useful/practical course I have taken and I am actually bringing back tools to my workplace which I can use to more effectively manage my project.”

Kelly De Cecco
Evaluation Manager

“Excellent training. Good hands-on exercises.”

Bruce Grundison

“The Implementing Performance Measurement workshop is so insightful that most, if not all, Managers should be required to participate as part of their development program”

Michael Leman

“I enjoyed these sessions very much. I have some experience in managing projects but the knowledge gained will help me to better plan and execute projects. The knowledge gained here will help with my professional work and volunteer activities. “

Wayne Bennett
Fire Program Specialist

“Now that I know all the timeline terminology in ‘Project Management’, scheduling a project will make that much more sense.”

Gregg M Hamilton
Project Leader

“As an experienced Project Manager, I appreciated the opportunity to go back and review the basics and, as expected, to find a few new techniques to add to my manager’s toolbox.”

Michael Brady
Executive Director
Project Leader

“This course provides participants with practical tools and examples of how to use these tools in order to manage a project like an experienced professional. The instructor conveys the material in a clear and efficient manner, and as well keeps the class. “

Shalini Ahuja
Applications Support Officer

“The lessons are invaluable and every executive in the public sector should take this course and be exposed to it’s teachings.”

Sarah Jayne Blair
Program Officer

“I appreciated the knowledge transfer. It enabled me to fill in the gaps regarding performance measurement.”

Seyed Mirdavoudi
Senior Corporate Officer

“The instructor, John Harrison, is very knowledgeable and extremely passionate about Performance Measurement and this was reflected in the high quality of his course delivery.”

Richard Telekawa
Manager, Shared Services Management

“This training provides a practical how to and hands-on approach to developing a logic model and performance indicators for a program. Highly recommended!”

Joe Johnston
Business Analyst

“I left the course excited to begin the process of implementing a performance management strategy in our centre.”

Christy Gallant Planning Analyst

“I now have a much better understanding and appreciation for the complexities in doing performance measurement.”

Sylvia T Boucher
Chief, Training and Outreach

“Great combination of fundamentals, examples, templates and team exercises.”

David Jenkins
Strategic Advisor

“Using actual programs from class members was very interesting.”

René Blais
Program Control Officer

“Bar none, this has been the best course I have taken on Performance Measurement. Bravo!”

Christine Pellerin
Performance Measurement Engineer

“The instructor was very knowledgeable, his experience obviously extensive, and his ability to share all this is impressive.”

Sylvain Massia
Program Manager

“This course provides a fundamental rethinking of performance measurement for government organizations and should be required material for all government employees.”

Devon Menard Financial Planning Officer

“Excellent course and Instructor. I will definitely use the tools and information for finalization of the PMF for my program.”

Gladis Lemus
Regional Manager: EHP

“This was a well presented program on a challenging topic. It had a good blend of theory and hands-on work to reinforce the subject material.”

Frank Schilder

“Great course! It provides a solid foundation for getting involved with Performance Measurement within your organization.”

Jean-Alec Delorme
Planning Officer

“Third course for me and again, leaving with lots of information, tools, ideas and perspectives that will be useful for me and my agency.”

Louise Vachon
Project Officer

“Excellent course – wish I had completed it years ago!”

Daniel Ingram
Marine Sector Analyst

“Reporting on program performance in a meaningful way is one of the greatest challenges faced by government. This course is invaluable in closing the gaps in reporting and priority establishment.”

Casey Wood
Policy Analyst

“The workshop was very well organized and the content was delivered in an easy to understand manner.”

Carlo Bossio
Technical Advisor

“Superb course. Should be required for all government employees who manage programs.”

Tara Paull
Science Analyst

“One of the most practical courses I have ever taken. Thanks for demystifying the scary world of performance measurement!”

Pamela Massad

Performance Measurement

Improving Your
Communications Skills

“Dynamic and eye opening!”

Phil Ochoski
Project Officer

“I really appreciate this workshop. It will be very helpful. I’ve learned a lot of ideas that I could implement within my life.”

Ellen Silva
Program Assistant

“Well organized, excellent lectures, good food, practical exercises.”

Jun Wu

“There is always room for those “golden moments” of learning in our busy lives. Thanks for a bunch of them!”

Michael Popovich
Afghanistan Analyst

“This course is helpful. I am recommending co-workers attend this training.”

Blisenda Quinones

“Great overall approach to improving ones communication skills.”

Paul J Urso, Jr.
Associate Director of Technical Programming

“Excellent course and instructor. I would recommend it for everybody!”

Izabela Kraszewski
Legal Assistant

“The personal benefits of ‘Improving Your Communication Skills’ were immediate; and, with more practice, I expect to see a marked improvement in my communication skills into the future.”

Michael Watson
Technical Officer

“Thoroughly enjoyed this course!”

Anna Cuffari
A/Senior Analyst

“This was a very interesting and eye opening course on the different ways that people communicate. Everyone should take this workshop!”

Colin McGerray

“This was one of the best workshops I have been on. They don’t get any better.”

Elizabeth Cottee
Administrative Assistant

“Excellent course, very dynamic instructor. She kept the group interested and motivated.”

Carol Irvine
Financial Analyst

“I have just joined a new Department and believe that this course could be useful to all members of my Team.”

Claire Martin
Capital & Business Planning Management

“Good training course – very thorough. I especially enjoyed the non-verbal communication segment.”

Chris Rilling
Fishery Management Specialist

“Great Experience! What I have achieved and learned in two days will certainly have a positive impact for the remaining 15 years on the workforce.… “

Maria Dallaire
Administrative Assistant

“Tremendous instructor. Knew the subject and audience well!”

Parker Tutty

“This was one of the most informative and useful courses I’ve taken so far in my 24 years of government service.”

Brenda Harmon
Management Analyst

“Everyone should take this course at some point in their career.”

Charles Halpenny
Data Base Programmer

“This course is what everybody needs. I strongly recommend it!”

Eddie Tian
Systems Analyst

“This is a great course. I think everyone should try this. Managers and support staff, I think it applies to all of us! This has really changed my way of communicating.”

Venila Selvarajah
Business Administrative Assistant

“Su was a very good teacher.She kept our attention , was articulate and knew when to throw in a joke to break it up a bit.Would definitely take any course she gave as I am bound to learn!”

Carole Cochrane

Project Coordinator

CRA-Public Affairs

“The course, ‘Improving Your Communication Skills’ was very informative and productive. It is a course I would recommend to all levels.”

Debbie Barsoski
Compliance Officer

“I found this course extremely useful. It identified a number of tools I will take away with me and apply to both my work and home environments.”

Joanne Giles
Senior Project Advisor

“This course has provided me with tools to use in communicating effectively not only professionally, but also in personal situations. The classroom exercises were very instructive.”

Brenda Koenig
Acting Partnership Program and Liaison Advisor

“This workshop was very well structured and expertly delivered.”

Tom Fitzpatrick
Course Manager

“I think that many people would benefit from this course. It doesn’t matter if you are a new employee starting with a department or an employee that has been working within a department for 20 years. It would be beneficial for everyone.”

Giovanna Carrozza
Administrative Assistant

“Absolutely fantastic learning experience! Thank you.”

Cathy Hennick

“The instructor is a very energetic and enthusiastic speaker who keeps the audience interested and alert at all times.”

Maureen Dawson
Policy Advisor

“The class was interesting and most importantly, the instructor was inviting, knowledgeable and helped me understand the complexities of communication.”

Praneet Singh
Contract Manager

“Excellent course taught by a superior and gifted instructor who made the 2 day workshop highly educational and thought provoking. Bravo Phil and PTS!”

Bruce Tudin
Surveillance Officer

“Very knowledgeable instructor. Good balance between exercise, discussions and lecture.”

Line Preston
Project Manager

“I would and will recommend that all senior level personnel and team leaders take this course. The learning, enhancing and/or re-enforcing of communication skills is necessary and would go a long way in improving the environment within which we all work. “

John Fitzpatrick
Senior Financial Analyst

“The instructor is a phenomenal speaker and I would recommend this course to everyone!”

Joanne Jones
Executive Assistant

“Very useful course. Our instructor was dynamic and very entertaining.”

Ms. Veronica Wessels
Senior Project Leader

“The ‘Improving Your Communication Skills’ workshop is an excellent course for anyone to take. It is a beneficial course for the workplace as well as for home. I wish I knew all the tips and techniques that were taught at this course years ago.”

Mila Ong
Corporate Financial Analyst

“Good useful information and well presented. An enjoyable course.”

Lorraine Young
Senior Investigator

“Thanks to this course, I am now confident in my ability to truly listen to what people say and what they ‘mean’.”

Brenda Harmon
Management Analyst

“I believe that every person in a managerial or directorial position should take this course. Improving communication skills will greatly enhance the efficiency of any working environment.”

Evangelia Papadaki
Senior Policy Analyst

“Great learning experience.”

Caroline Yung

“The information given was simple but helped me to understand and learn to relate to people. I loved this training.”

Katie Fixico

“One of the best classes I have ever taken. I recommend to ALL Federal Government employees.”

Chuks Onwuachi

“The presenter was very animated & entertaining. He kept everyone awake & involved.”

Mr. Derek J Yetman
Communications Coordinator

“The best workshop I’ve attended yet. Phil was informative, interesting and kept the whole group involved. I will retain and use a lot of the skills learned. It was so fun that it went too fast. Fantastic facilitator!”

Jennifer Law
Junior Registry Officer

“Learn how to improve yourself with this course”

Danielle Chartrand
Executive Assistant

“The course is very useful and valuable. The manual is a very informative toolbox. Instructor is great. Highly recommend course.”

Christiane Wong
Information Administrator

“We learned that good communication starts with ourselves and we must practice it in all realms of our lives. We learned from the ‘best’, an instructor who demonstrated the art of communication throughout the workshop. Thank you for one of the best works .”

Patricia Johnson
Project Manager

“Great two day course. Dynamic Instructor. Definitely will learn to use the new techniques.”

Pam Ledger
Audit Planning Coordinator

“Definitely worthwhile. The principles and knowledge that I’ve gained will not only be used in my office environment, but my personal life too.”

Yasmin Pisani
Administrative Assistant

“Enjoyed the course thoroughly & would recommend it to anyone. I have acquired very good techniques which I cannot wait to put into use. Job well done PTS.”

Emanuela Lolli
Senior Program Officer

“Excellent course for all! Wonderful. Powerful training instructor.”

Kathy Gerding
IT Specialist

“After taking this course, I feel well-equipped to communicate effectively in both business and personal encounters. This course was very informative.”

Ebonie Herbert
Secretary to Deputy Director

“This is an interesting and useful workshop to build communication skills.”

Mushtaq Ahmed
Policy Analyst

“Excellent course. I recommend it to all public servants, regardless of how long they have been working for government.”

Steve Mosher
Rulings Officer

“Truly impressed with the quality of the Instructor, material provided and the overall course.”

Seyi Okuribido-Malcolm
Program Analyst

“I really enjoyed this workshop. The role playing and group participation made you realize the different styles of people’s views on communication and the way to approach it. Thank you!”

Carrie Gagliano
Office Manager

“The instructor is an excellent trainer. I really enjoyed the course and would recommend it to others.”

Polly McLeish
Administrative Services Officer

“Very informative. I’ve learned a lot on Communication and I am eager to use the resources given.”

Jackie Grenier
Scheduling Assistant

“Excellent workshop, beautifully organized and delivered.”

Saeeda Mirza
Financial Assistant

“Highly recommended. Very professional.”

Cécile Goyette
Financial Administration Assistant

“Totally enjoyed the course and instructor. I would recommend this course to others.”

Patricia Howse
Procurement Advisor

“Wonderful course to attend! Learned so much and the teacher is fabulous! I recommend this course to everyone!”

Melanie Rollin Administrative Assistant

“This class was superb. I encourage everyone to take this class to help improve their communication skills. What you learn in class will definitely be beneficial to you in your everyday life.”

Rochelle Jones
Administrative Specialist

“Real. Tangible. Applicable. Results oriented!”

Nicola de Layen
Administrative Assistant to the Director

“Useful information and dynamic presentation.”

Zorica Zivanovic
Financial Assistant

“The instructor was great – high energy, great performance! Kept you interested the whole time.”

Jamie Byerley
Program Officer

“This course was very educational and opened my eyes to all the aspects of communication.”

Patrick McNamara
Help Desk Agent

“The workshop was really helpful for in the workplace and in real life. It really will help you communicate with everyone.”

Shawn Nolan
Utility Systems Repairer-Operator

“I found ‘Improving Your Communication Skills’ to be of interest and very beneficial especially as it relates to my every day functions.”

Graham Martin
General Manager

“This workshop helps you improve communication not only with co-workers, but also with managers.”

Terrance Reeves

“I have learnt so much which I can apply in both my personal and professional life.”

Chantal Harding
Program Officer

“The syllabus and facilitation techniques provided an excellent framework within which intentionality and consciousness of one’s communication patterns were brought to the surface for the purposes of personal recognition, assessment and skill building.”

Dianne Rogers
Communications Officer

“A very informative course which was easy to follow and apply to real life situations.”

Dmitry Kutikov
IT Analyst/Developer

“Overall this communications workshop was one of the best training sessions I have attended. I hope to be able to take more PTS courses in the future.”

Jessica Meiller
Fishery Biologist

“PTS has provided me with some helpful information that I can and will use at work in addition to my home life.”

Theresa Montoya
Program Analyst

“Great course and would recommend it to everyone required improvement’s on their communication.”

John Albert

IT Asset Management

Citizenship and Immigration
(NHQ-Information Management and Technologies)

“This class was exceptional. I learned how to positively communicate with others.”

Cynthia Tucker
Human Resources Assistant

“This was a very well-run and stimulating workshop. I would recommend it as a required course for most government employees, since communication is a basic ‘building block’ for the success of our work.”

Caroline Prose
Fish and Wildlife Biologist

“PTS is an open, friendly environment that allows individuals to express their opinions & experiences free of any bias.”

Annabelle Bandayrel

“Learned many valuable techniques, all of which I find are very useful and I look forward to incorporating them all into my everyday life.”

Sandra Jokic
Executive Assistant

“I’ll happily spread the good word about the instructor and the great course.”

Jill Milks
Senior Project Officer

“I do recommend it to managers (top and middle). It’s worth the time and the money spent. It gives one an opportunity to reflect on his/her own good and bad communication skills and work on the aspects that need improvement.”

Azaletch Asfaw
Research Officer

“One of the best courses that I have taken. The instructor was knowledgeable, informative and responsive. He discussed not only how participants could improve their communication skills, but also the limitations regarding modifying other people’s views “

Christine Cowan

“Great course. As a Leaning Officer I would recommend this course.”

Diane Levett
Learning Officer

“PTS presenters have made it clear everytime!I have taken 3 courses with PTS and just loved it.Great job Su.”

Nataile Brazeau

Executive Assistant

Health Canada

“Improving Your Communications Skills’ is the type of course that employees, especially those in the Government, must take. For me, it aptly addressed my communication concerns.”

Dawn Henry
Administrative Assistant

“I learned how to be meaningful, powerful and assertive while communicating with other colleagues, both senior and subordinate.”

Sukomal Bose

“The practical tips will do a lot to help me deal with different characters. It will also assist me in getting my message across better. The instructor was knowledgeable and interesting.”

Eric Sarrazin
Program Officer

“Excellent workshop on ‘Communication’. Highly motivated and well organized. The Instructor was very knowledgeable.”

Ann Persaud
Staff & Administrative Coordinator

“Well organized and informative course.”

Andrew Aryee


Aboroginal Affairs and Northern Development
(Audit and Evaluaion Sector)

“I would highly recommend this course to anyone. It will be useful at home and at work.”

Brenda Agard-Alleyne
Acting Senior Communication Specialist

“Good Stuff!”

Victoria Yokingco
Corporate Financial Analyst

“A very thorough walk-thru of all you need to know about communicating effectively, positively and without conflict”

Jim Zamprelli
Senior Researcher

“This was one of the best courses I have ever taken. The instructor was knowledgeable, engaging and entertaining. I’ll definitely be recommending this course to my colleagues.”

Bill Macdonald
Research Manager

“This workshop has been delivered in a pleasant and fun learning style. I particularly enjoyed the excellent examples and life experiences presented by the Instructor. He is a very interesting teacher.”

Joan Heins
Procurement Systems Administrator


Luke Ignaczak
Research Officer

“This was the best and most interesting workshop that I have attended in years. I felt very comfortable in participating in all aspects. Thanks.”

Patricia Horner
Administrative Officer

“The course was extremely well presented by Mr. Curry.”

Mr. Graeme F Eastaugh
Project Manager

“I learned to structure my comments and observations in a way that will help me to frame my objectives better when meeting with colleagues and stakeholders.”

Monica Tang

Policy Analyst

“This course was very helpful, extremely useful and lots of fun.”

Ana Gnaedinger
Publication Support Coordinator

“This course truly teaches great techniques in communications. It provides a wide variety of communication theory and tips.”

Lily Au
Senior Knowledge Management Officer

“Most informative. I will put into practice what has been learned over these two days and I will refer to the manual on a regular basis in order to retain information.”

Jeannine Fortin
Administrative Assistant

“Very energetic and exciting course.”

Wendy Lazarenko
Executive Assistant

“I found this training course very useful and I now have communication skills I can take back, not only to the office, but for everyday use.”

Marlene Nucup
Administrative Technician

“This workshop is an excellent course to take. The techniques are highly beneficial to the workplace as well as at home. I would definitely recommend this course to everyone.”

Evelyn Jimenez-Iyow
Program Communications Specialist

“This workshop provided good insight on techniques to communicate in the workplace and at home.”

Anthony Huggins
Utility Systems Repairer-Operator

“Thank you for the very enjoyable two days!”

Darlene Lucas
Business Analyst

“Excellent course. Well paced. Covered a variety of techniques in a very practical and useful method.”

Rhonda Healey

“Great workshop! Informative. Great instructor!. Overall – two thumbs up!!”

Mike Souliere
IM/IT Team Leader
Technical Support

“This workshop is very well organized. This course will help not only our office relations, but our lives. Thanks a million.”

Marc Fitzgerald
Security Analyst

“Sometimes small changes make great differences in our lives or how we treat people, I learned some of those during this course.”

Jerry Mayo
In Charge Remount Training

“Very good overview of communication styles and techniques. Practical exercises really facilitated understanding of theory. Personality style component should prove most helpful in my work and personal life.”

Shane Quinn
Policy Coordinator

“The course covered a broad range of techniques. It’s a very useful toolbox. The manual is a great reference to share with co-workers and friends. Highly recommend the course.”

Zora Crnojacki
Project Advisor

“The workshop was very informative. overall it was a great approch to improving our communication skills. “

Beryl Broomfield

Program Administrative Support

Natural Recources Canada

“This course contains a wealth of valuable information on better communication. The instructor is a fantastic course leader. She kept my interest throughout the two days.”

Judy Lynch
Policy Analyst

“An amazingly useful course that I would recommend to everybody.”

Ion Stancu

“An excellent workshop. Beautifully organized and delivered. The extensive content was very well managed and communicated.”

Geofrey Dinwiddie
Health & Safety Risk Assessment Project Manager

“I have to admit that I came to the course with a closed mind. The instructor got and kept my interest. It was a valuable course.”

Jason Clarke
Network Administrator

“This is an excellent facilitation session on how to communicate with co-workers and managers. The design of this course helps both parents and workers alike.”

Don Washington
Mathmatical STATCN

“Great course! I will be taking the ‘Training for Tomorrow’ catalogue into work and showing it to people interested in taking courses…”

Training Administrator

“Great class! It met all my expectations.”

Joseph Abhulimen
Program/Project Surpervisor

“This was an excellent course. The instructor was well informed and had high energy. I would definitely recommend this training program to others.”

Shirnelle Smith
Office Assistant

“Lack of communication and miscommunication are the biggest hurdles to effective project management in my workplace. This workshop is the cure.”

Jacques Lacroix
Programmer Analyst Developer

“One of the best communication skills workshops I’ve ever attended. I’d recommend this workshop to all managers and supervisors. Invaluable skills and techniques.”

Gwendolyn Smith

“I enjoyed the interactive character of this workshop and the way it involved all the participants.”

Brian Emond
Information Officer

“Facility was excellent. Location was ideal. Lunch was excellent. Charismatic instructor.”

Ms. Lurlene Saunders
Supply Team Leader

“Amazing course with material that is applicable to everyone’s life. We all need these reminders on how to communicate more effectively.”

Heather Lynch
Communications Officer

“This was a powerful workshop. It provided a good exchange and made me realize that communication is the key to success.”

Jeannine Wolfe
Administrative Officer

“The instructor is a phenomenal speaker and I would recommend this course to everyone!”

Joanne Jones
Executive Assistant

“I was always kept interested. No dull periods. Very energetic and sincere.”

George Bonavia
Procurement Officer

“This course helps me to think before I speak in the future. The techniques are very useful in real life situations.”

Teresa Tsang
Financial Assistant

“PTS taught me that whatever level of skill you may have in communications, you can always benefit from a well designed class such as this one. The PTS class & instructor provided me with the tools necessary to become more successful.”

Gary Dias
System Software Specialist

“It is really a practical and useful course. I’ve learned many communication skills that I was not aware of before. Thanks for offering this workshop.”

Qian Li

“Great course. Easy to understand. Good balance and schedule.”

Ms. Sherryl Tully
Secretary to the Director

“It’s a good course that I would encourage my colleagues and friends to attend. A good learning experience overall!”

Jeannie Zhang
Financial Officer

“Group participation and exercises reiterated the concepts and gave valuable realistic applications.”

Grace Rule-Ali
Senior Management Auditor

“This course really opens your eyes to the way you present yourself to other.”

Lynn Lamer
PURM (Priviledge User Risk Management)

“This class will enable me to communicate with people by making certain to connect with them more professionally and effectively.”

Dianne Carraway
Associate Governmental Program Analyst

“I would highly recommend this class to anyone seeking to improve their communication skills.”

Nikki Baumrind
Adult Research Branch

“It got down to the nitty-gritty of two-way conversation”

Roy Vestrum
Group Leader

“Great course! Great teacher!”

Dennis Chen

Project Manager

Office of the Superintendent of financial Institutions Cana
(IM/IT EA & P)

“Excellent course, will recommend to my colleagues.”

Lyne Perreault
Administrative Services

“Awesome instructor! I learned a lot! Thank you.”

Denise Denault
Administrative Assistant

“Excellent course! I’ve learned some very interesting topics and techniques.”

Christine Castilla
Programmer Analyst

“I am looking forward to using the new techniques that I have learned on this course. The instructor was very knowledgeable. There was never a dull moment on this course. David kept everyone interested.”

Ms. Brenda O'Reilly
System Officer

“I came with a few problems and now I think I have solved them.”

Hafid Zaknoun
Project Technologist

“The classes at PTS are always engaging with their high quality instructors. I always walk away with something I can use at work and in life.”

Brenda Zamudio

“I learned things which go beyond my professional life, as the subject of communication might imply, and they have provided me with the opportunity for positive change.”

Jeff Bartkiewicz

“The instructor provided an excellent approach to learning this topic and associated principles. The interaction with others, practical exercises and re-enforcement tools were extremely beneficial to ensuring information learned is actually utilized.”

Sharon Doucet
Research Planning & Support

“As a ‘big picture’ individual, I appreciate the fact that the instructor’s approach to ‘Time Management’ is as much, or more, about philosophy and balance as it is calendars and stop watches.”

Chris Kitzan
Project Manager

“This class was very informative and well delivered. Anyone taking this class in the future will benefit from it.”

Kyle M Boyd
Program Specialist

“This course inspired me to make immediate, life enhancing changes, that will benefit me, my family and my workplace.”

Kathleen Navas

“This course exceeded my expectations. I came into it hoping to improve my organizational and time management skills and left thinking about making serious changes in my life and the development and fostering of goals. Exciting and thought provoking.”

John Robichaud
Programs Officer

“Over the course of our lives we invent our own ‘Time Management and Organizing Skills’ out of necessity. I wish I had taken this course 30 years earlier – it would have saved me re-inventing many wheels!”

Liza Tanczyk
Science Policy Advisor

“Excellent program to begin your day.”

Hazra Wade
Legal Assistant

“The exercises associated with the PTS principles were beneficial and ready to implement.”

Tabmitha Jervey
Assistant Professor

“Time Management and Organizing Skills’ should be mandatory to all public servants.”

Ted Bulat
Lease Review Officer

“I Thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. I found it very informative and very well presented.”

Donna Arcand
Administrative Assistant

“Looking forward to getting back to use the techniques learned in this wonderful workshop. I’m leaving here with confidence that I will improve management of both my professional time and personal time. I highly recommend this workshop!”

Kelly-Ann Chisholm
Senior Compliance Officer

“The workshop is not just about working more effectively, it’s about living more effectively.”

Richard Ingham
Management and Program Analyst

“I have been in the Federal Government for 20+ years, however this class taught me you are never too old to learn. I learned so many valuable tools that I can’t wait to get back to the office to use them. Thanks very much!”

Anthony Grimm
Program Analyst

“This workshop was excellent! I would definitely take another workshop with PTS.”

Dawn Freeman
Administrative Assistant

“I feel that this workshop was excellent and that everyone should participate in the course. I found an extra two hours each day to fulfill my goals.”

Charity Gallen

“…tools are very useful & readily applicable to every day work & play situations.”

David Crevier

“Finally, a time management course that I can integrate into my work and home lives, easily!”

Jennifer Pfitzer
Manager Creative Services

“I found the content and the relevance to be right on with regards to work and day to day life.”

Juan James
A/Sup. Court Support

“This course was beyond my expectations. Thank you for a focused, energetic and well planned and delivered course.”

Lorri Thompson
Senior Engineer

“Very motivating.”

Manuel Castro
Director of the Air Staff Coordination

“The Facilitator encouraged and stimulated interaction among participants, providing increased comprehension and exchange of ideas.”

Dave Bell
Assistant Area Manager/Kingston

“Very useful, informative, practical and down-to-earth suggestions. Delivered in an interesting and engaging (and entertaining) format.”

Ms. Alana Daly
Research & Coordination Officer

“Excellent course! The instructor was the best I have ever had the privilege of meeting. There was a wealth of content in the workshop and no effort was spared to make it interesting, relevant and fun.”

Sigrid Draffin
Data Base Analyst

“This workshop will be a great help in my professional life.. But, what was more of a surprise, is how much these skills will apply to my whole life.”

Steve Yorston
IT Team Leader

“Great workshop. I would recommend it to others.”

Manon Allaire
Administration & Communications Officer

“This course has emphasized the need to take control of our life and that we are in control. With that attitude, we can manage anything and accomplish everything we want. What was taught will be useful in every aspect of our lives.”

Lucie Graveson
Senior Analyst

“I really liked the workshop and the way it was taught. The instructor’s positive attitude, mindset and listening skills are an example. Thank you!”

Anne Tshimbalanga
Operations Assistant

“The course was excellent. We were able to apply our own day-to-day examples which helped us apply the theory!”

Diane Belanger
Project Leader

“The tools and information provided will allow me to have a more balanced lifestyle both professionally and personally. To be more organized will provide more free time to do the things you truly love.”

Theresa Pigeon
Financial and Administrative Officer

“I highly recommend to every person. It was very informative”

Ms. Hoda Sawaya
Administrative Assistant

“PTS did a great job with this course. Many useful tools that will help me with my everyday work.”

Dawn-Marie Boudreau
Executive Assistant

“I would recommend this course to even the most organized people out there.”

Darren Gallant
Testing Analyst

“This is more than a workshop on time management. It goes into behavior modification. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. This workshop was awesome.”

Christy Campbell
Office Assistant

“It forced me to step back and take an important look at my work and home life. We need time to think, and this course provided the time.”

David Wehrle

“I am so glad that I have taken this workshop. Not only can I apply the concepts in my daily work but also in my personal life. Fantastic facilitator!”

Angela Paniccia
Branch Secretary

“This workshop was outstanding. It gave me plenty of helpful ideas to help me in my personal life as well as at work. The instructor was very knowledgeable of the topic. The food served was excellent!”

Cynthia Gordon-Butler
Office Manager

“I found the course very useful as a means to review the fundamentals and find ways to improve my ability to manage multiple projects.”

Scott Boswell

Special Advisor

Canada revenue Agency

“An extremely positive learning experience. The techniques taught will serve me in my daily work. The instructor kept it extremely interesting and engaging with stories, experiences and activities. Thanks!”

Robert Douthwright

“Very enjoyable course with lots of interaction between participants and with the instructor. I learned many valuable things in a little bit of time.”

Alane Ferry
Supervisor Court Operations

“This was by far my best training experience. A huge eye opener. The professionalism of the facilitator was beyond great. It changed my life. Thanks a lot!”

Martin Villeneuve
Substances Management Information Line Agent

“Great workshop! Very informative and entertaining! Kudos!”

Tracy Freeland
Information Officer

“This workshop makes you realize that you need to go back to basics. Plan your work, plan your life. Planning keeps you focused and organized.”

Brigitte Trau
Administrative Officer

“Very dynamic learning methods with great discussions which participants could easily relate to their work environments.”

Patrick Corcoran
Analyst, Address Management

“I’ve learned numerous tips and tricks to better organize myself and others. I recommend it to everybody.”

Angela Carmichael
Junior Project Officer

“The course was motivating and was given with a lot of respect for every single participant.”

Josée Chalifoux
Office Manager

“Very dynamic and informative workshop. The facilitator was very engaging and encouraged everyone to participate. I received some great tips to become more organized.”

Verdeen McBurnie
Senior Financial Analyst

“I enjoyed the course! I am looking forward to applying all that I learned to make me a more organized person.”

Karen Jasmin
Senior Officer Resource Management

“The ‘Time Management and Organizing Skills’ course has provided me with realistic tools which will be easily implemented on a day to day basis.”

Nicole Vienneau-Spencer
Account Assistant

“The most useful and enjoyable course I have attended.”

Ms. Florence Scalena
Human Resources Assistant

“Great session and great delivery! It was refreshing to be kept interested during the whole session! Keep up the good work.”

Herve Madelaine

“This course was one of the most interesting, informative and beneficial courses I have attended or participated in. ‘Excellent instructor’. I know that I will be able to apply and follow much of what I have learned and discovered.”

Robert Allen Miller
Civil Aviation Safety Inspector

“The information was delivered in a very positive atmosphere. The value added with all the extras is really what sets this course apart from the others. We all love meat on the bone!”

Richard Duford
Administrative Assistant

“One of the best classes I have every attended. Interesting and enjoyable.”

Lynn Alcorn
Engineering Technician

“The program shows you how to organize and use a number of skills you already use everyday. The instructor, through lectures and group discussion helps you to put all the life skills together to assist you in all aspects of life.”

Mike Elchyshyn

“Excellent workshop and presenter!”

Jeanette Crowder
Administrative Assistant

“A course well worth the time!”

Ms. Janet Mullins
Sr. Advisor

“I thought the training was excellent and can be applied personally and professionally. Definitely recommend this to everyone.”

Rasa Malinauskas
Detective Constable

“Very informative course. It will be useful at work and at home.”

Derek Baines
Tax Appeals Case Specialist

“I will be a better organized employee as a result of taking this training.”

Helen Golightly
Project Officer

“I would highly recommend this workshop to my colleagues and superiors. It is both useful and fun.”

Nona Ioan
Systems Analyst

“There are ideas and techniques you will be using immediately. This class condenses a wealth of information and makes it accessible.”

Blake Wright

“I will definitely recommend this course to anyone. Thanks so much PTS!”

Essodom Kpatcha
Senior Program Administrator

“I learned very practical tools during this workshop. I will use some right away and implement others step by step in the weeks to come. Now I know that I can handle all the “stuff” that comes in.”

Francine Magnan
Controlled Drugs Section

“In seven years with my department this was, by far, the best course I’ve taken.”

Aaron Barclay
Information Analyst

“Dynamically presented, very interesting course providing a fresh view on time management and organizing skills. A good opportunity to assess your current skill level, learn other skills and acknowledge your techniques for continued self improvement.”

Mr. Guy Breton
Client Services-Operations

“I thought this course provided information that could be used both professionally and personally. I am ready to move forward.”

Victoria Nelson
Personnel Security Specialist

“I would highly recommend PTS as a tool for career development.”

Mari Long
Project Management Officer

“It has been an amazing experience! Iam leaving this workshop with the positive feeling that I can now handle anything.”

Joan Licari
Senior Program Officer

“The instructor was very positive and upbeat. She was also very good at recommending reading material.”

Susan Doka,PhD
Research Scientist

“This workshop provided positive techniques that will definitely help me to operate more effectively in my current position as well as establish goals for myself, and strive to accomplish those goals.”

Ronschall Love
Legal Technical

“Training that will not only help you in your professional life but also in your personal life.”

Sarah O'Reilly
Executive Assistant

“This class has helped me re-direct my focus to what’s really important in life and has helped me to balance and prioritize my life.”

Valerie Stevens
Trademark Specialist

“The Time Management & Organizing Skills workshop helped me discover my organizational ‘personality’ and put my organizational skills in perspective.”

Ms. Lynn Morris
ABE Training

“Great course. I now have a plan!”

Paulo Costa
Acting Unit Head

“The course and the instructor are great at showing you some practical tips that can be easily incorporated into your day to day life.”

Barclay Easton
Manager of Accountability

“This course was informative and gave more practical solutions. “

Aman Bal
Team Co-ordinator

“At first I questioned how much I could learn, and I don’t have the time to learn hot to save time. However, I found the suggestions provided to be very worthwhile and will implement them.”

Ben Dieterele
Landscape Architect

“I got more than I ever imagined out of this course.”

Evan Salter
Senior Financial Advisor

“Practical techniques for everyday problems”

Sheik Abdul
Programmer Analyst

“Just what I needed to make me more organized in my work place and at home. Thank you!”

Fran Aves
Briefing Assistant

“It is the greatest course I have ever attended.”

Lan Lin
Senior Informatics
Applications Specialist

“I was doing some of the things suggested, but now I will be doing them the right way and new ones too. I am sure that my desk and my files will be more organized now. Thank you, it was a very interesting course and the instructor was very interesting.”

Suzanne Drouin
Security Directorate

“This course was instrumental in helping to realize that I wasn’t managing my most valuable asset – ME – as well as I could. This course was great!”

Darin Dixon
Budget Analyst

“The class was very informative and taught me how to better utilize my time and be more organized professionally and personally. There is a better way if you manage the use of your time properly. I recommend this class to everyone.”

Jacqueline Davis-Maxfield
Staff Assistant

“The course was helpful, enjoyable and reaffirming. I have learned some new techniques and tools to help me better organize and manage my time and look forward to applying them on the job. The instructor was great!”

Maureen Burtch

“Lots of common sense commentary brought up in a humorous, enlightening manner.”

Ms. Debbie Malone
Financial Administrative Clerk

“I found this course very useful. I am confident I can use some of the skills learnt in my day-to-day life.”

Rajeev Sood
IT Applications Specialist

“The instructors of PTS are top-notch….”

Ms. Barbara Cantave
Administrative Assistant

“This course is the catalyst I need to formulate my personal plan to set achievable goals and get my life in order. I can’t wait to start implementing the time management principles I learned.”

Mr. Chris Fraser
Sector Training Assistant

“I enjoyed the course. The material was relevant and the techniques I’ve learnt will certainly make a difference.”

Joyce Calvert
Programmer Analyst

“Very pertinent to today’s taxing routines. Innovative ideas to better manage your daily routines, whether it’s at home or in the office. Very comfortable pace by which to learn neat tricks and adapt tips to busy lifestyles.”

Beverley Hunt
Quality Control Coordinator

“I would suggest that if people are looking for a course to either gain or reinforce their time management techniques, that they consider taking this course. The material and instructional examples really helped me regain my focus on both work and person.”

Dan Sonmor
Senior Environmental Specialist


“Completely entertaining while enlightening. Probably better than the new craze ‘Laughter Yoga’.”

Matt-Ja Bickerton
Senior Test Analyst

“I think it is a great course to attend. I will be able to apply most of the tips and tricks in both my personal and professional life.”

Mr. Eric Massie
Senior Technical Support Analyst

“Excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from the class.”

Diane Meeks
Contract Specialist

“Informative and fun. Relevant knowledge of ‘Project Management’ was learned through activities and discussions.”

David Gosse
Project Officer

“Phil’s sincerity greatly helps in making the course more engaging and enjoyable.”

Michael Bazant

Internal Auditor

Canadian Institutes of Health Research (Internal Audit and Risk Management)

“The instractor’s performance makes this workshop worth attending.”

Sylvine Bertrend

project Maneger

Correctional Service of Canada (Intelligence Operations, Policy and Programs)

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was very informative and given with just the right amount of humour. I’m eager to return to my office and start organizing, organizing, organizing. I feel like I can now accomplish my goals.”

Bonnie Grohs
Government On-Line Coordinator

“Informative, relevant, and fun. The instructor has the knowledge and experience to provide the course with an element of fun I have never seen. The content is practical and easy to implement in everyday life. Highly recommended.”

Heather Leaman
Program Officer

“It’s a well run, interesting program.”

Dean J. Kelly
Web Master

“I will recommend this course to my co-workers. It introduces different ways to organize one self. I really enjoyed it. The Instructor was really open to comments which opens up discussion and allows us to learn from one another.”

Therese Landry
Staffing Officer

“A great eye opener!”

Mr. Walter Peruzzini
Program Manager

“Phil is a very good speaker. He encouraged participation and sharing experiences and ideas. He mixses mutual arts techniques and tought also respect and prise at the organizing skills.”

Liliane Castets-Poupart

Program Management Officer

International Development Researce Centre (Fellowships and Awards program/Special Initiatives Divis)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course which will certainly be beneficial to me both professionally and personally .”

Ms. Shireen Khan

“This was my third course with PTS. I would definitely come back for more in the future.”

Lynn Lamer
PURM (Priviledge User Risk Management)

“Engaging. Interesting from beginning to end. I finally understand why certain files intimidate me and how to overcome it. Planning my ideal week with my goals in mind will allow me to achieve what I thought were only dreams. Thank you.”

Mylène Germain
Telecommunications Policy Analyst

“This Time Management workshop is an excellent, professionally presented program. I highly recommend it for all.”

Robert Coulson
Technical Writer/Supervisor

“The course on Time Management & Organizing Skills was great. It helped me define tasks more precisely and rand them according to their priority. The mind sweep technique was useful in reducing anxiety and help focus my energy in a more productive”

Gilles Langis
Senior Ice Forecaster

“This was a great class. Everyone who attends will most likely walk away with excellent skills they can apply both in their professional and personal lives.”

Dorothy Utech
Visitor Use

“It turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks!!”

Patricia Lawrence
Senior Counsel

“I highly recommend this workshop if you need organization in both your personal and business life. The instructor was great!”

Daphne Stewart-Bennett
Consumer Safety Officer

“I thought the content of the course was excellent, and the information was provided in a clear and concise manner.”

Ken Willard
Property Officer Two

“Great course for relieving stress caused by others.”

Ms. Ana Garcias
Administrative Officer

“Great help for me in my personal life as well as work which I didn’t expect. I think my spouse and I will achieve more by being more organized which will help us both stay calm through our stressful lives.”

Sonya Boyce
Administrative Co-ordinator

“This session has provided me with the tools necessary to better manage my time and organizational skills.”

Marie Miron
Project Officer

“Look forward to the other courses!”

Mr. Richard McEwen
Postal, Dist., & Mail Processing Serv.

“Excellent instructor which is key to delivering this type of session. Humour is very important and she does it well.”

Ms. Jo-Anne Monette
Program and Development Officer

“I will excel in every aspect of my work/life decisions for now, I feel reinforced and charged to take on a lot more.”

Natalie Brazeau
Administrative Assistant

“This course was very stimulating and informative. Highly recommended for all positions.”

Baruch Pryce
Junior Commerce Officer

“Time and money well spent.”

Rania Alarie
Administrative Assistant

“This workshop was a great investment!”

Ms. Michelle Saucier
Administrative Assistant

“Great course. The teacher knows the material and is very energetic. I will come back for more.”

Jacques Saumur
Contract Security Officer

“Demystified the process and allowed me to identify, fit and bring a sequence to the “puzzle pieces” of Project Management. Highlighted the “human” side of this otherwise paper-driven process.”

Denise Worrell
Logistics Coordinator

“I always appreciate a course that takes the whole person into consideration (feelings, spirit, head, body). This course spoke to the whole person.”

Barb Cloutier
Subject Specialist

“My time and money were well used in attending this course.”

Cathy Paul
Manager Client Services

“The material is excellent and the delivery, absolutely the best!”

Danielle Flemming
Registry Officer

“One of the few workshops I’ve attended that provided useful skills and tools to take away.”

Tara C Goetze PhD

“This course gave me immediate practical tips to use in my everyday life and emphasized the importance of balance in my life.”

Linda Palmer

“This is a course everyone should have. Valuable tools to have for home and work.”

Carolyn O'Hanley
Administrative Assistant

“A real pleasure. An effective way to spend my time and money.”

Chris Mains
Senior Programs Officer

“The course was extremely useful, efficient, and “absorbable”. I’ve come away with a multitude of useful techniques, methods, and an improved mindset to make more effective use of my time. Ann is a fabulous instructor with tons of experience and very “

Kathi De
Program Officer

“Excellent! Well worth taking. Everybody knows about different time management but to learn how to put everything together is great.”

Lisa Vine
Contract & Property Manager

“This workshop will help me in my day to day activities whether it be work related or personal, it will give me a more balanced life.”

Nadene Gonthier-Westbrook

“The course is excellent and very productive! Highly recommended to anyone!”

John Ho
Technical Support

“This was a great workshop. Put a lot of things into perspective in regards to my own ‘Time Management’. The instructor was great, with a fantastic sense of humor! Lots of fun and highly recommended!”

Lisa Harper
Compensation Advisor

“Time Management and Organizing Skills’ is very well developed with excellent pace through the direction of the teacher. Well done!”

Denis Normand
Senior Chief

“The adaptability of the material for personal and professional application is remarkable and much appreciated. The tools and tips will be very useful. The flexibility of the trainer and the material, to be able to encompass all backgrounds and levels”

Carlo Verdicchio
Senior Program Advisor

“This was a great course. I recommend it to anyone who requires less mess and clutter in their lives, instead to be replaced with order and discipline.”

Martin Ivancic
Database Support Officer

“The instructor was very personable and put a human touch to a subject matter that can be at times, very cold.”

Roger Parent
Probation Manager

“I can really appreciate a class of this nature. Not only is the class important for my job, but it is important for my personal life as well.”

Don Washington
Mathmatical STATCN

“This is a very useful workshop for people having hard time to keep up with the ever demanding workplace and life in general.”

Dr Ali Benmeddour

Research Officer

National Research Council Canada (Fix-Wing Aerodynamics)

“A very informative, eye opening course, taught by an extremely dynamic individual. I will most assuredly use what I have learned in my everyday life. Well done!”

Bill Baldwin

“Excellent course! I learned a lot!”

Jo-Anne Dohar

“I enjoyed the ‘dialogue’ format of this course. The discussions and sharing of ideas and experiences among the participants offered beneficial insight in better understanding the difficulties and potential solutions to our own individual work experience.”

Giovanni Torrente
Communications Services Agent

“The ‘Time Management and Organizing Skills’ workshop was a great tool for personal and professional growth.”

Laria Hairston
Administrative Support Specialist

“This was one of the best courses I have eve taken. I am expecting to put the information into use immediately.”

Lorraine Young
Senior Investigator

“Excellent course. Instructor was entertaining, knowledgeable, and allowed me to thoroughly enjoy the conference. I will be sure to apply the techniques and information in the office.”

Assunta Guay
Administrative Officer

“Common sense approach to dealing with the paralysis of busy-ness.”

Chris Kruszelnicki
Senior Communications Advisor

“I found the course very enlightening on both a personal and a professional level. I will recommend this course to all of my co-workers.”

Keith Brown

“Good luck if you planned on having a nap!”


“I will recommend this course to my team.”

Eva Goldfield
Finance and Administration

“The instructor was very dynamic. It makes the workshop much more interesting.”

Ms. Carole Gonthier

“Excellent course with useful everyday tools applicable for daily life. I highly recommend this class.”

Valeria Ramirez
Program Analyst

“I found the course, and the instructor, very dynamic.”

François Legault
International Development Project Advisor

“The ‘Time Management and Organizing Skills’ workshop is leaving me with valuable skills that I can use in my everyday personal and professional life. I recommend this course to those who need structure in their daily life!”

“I found this course to be very fulfilling and eye opening. It was given in a very relaxed and comfortable environment.”

Suzanne Gates
Administrative Assistant

“A must for all managers”

Julie Thibeault
Senior Regulatory and Evaluation Specialist

“I would recommend this to any of my colleagues. It was worth traveling for. Empowering, and a great use of two days.”

Tracy Urquhart

“Excellent course and excellent presentation.I would love to take future courses with phill.Thanks for great 2 days course. “

Courtland Atkinson

Support Clerk

Public Health agency of Canada

“Excellent workshop! I’ll be able to use the techniques learned from this workshop right away at work as well as at home. The instructor was excellent, and created a very friendly environment.”

Praful Desai
Environmental Database Officer

“Excellent workshop. Looking forward to getting back to the office and implementing techniques and lessons learned from the interactive seminar.”

Martin Fitzgerald
Administrative Assistant

“Absolutely amazing workshop where I found myself learning how to balance life and work, respecting my own person in the process.”

Guy Ratté
Senior Program Advisor/Team Leader

“Very informative and provided useful tools, along with solutions to disorganization.”

Debi Connolly
Corporate Software Officer

“My expirience with the workshop was positive and very helpful. I will now be able to apply the skills I learned in my daily tasks.”

Wendy Havens

“Excellent two-day course. Instructor was very passionate and knowledgeable. I definitely have a new outlook on life and career. Thank you!”

Biren Juttun
Environmental Engineer

“I really enjoyed the training. It provided me with a host of tools and concepts to help me increase by productivity and efficiency. Kim is a great facilitator. She kept the training on track and made the training from a engaging.”

Chantal Allen

“This was truly a mind shifting work-life experience that will impact me for years to come.”

Jennifer Larlee Substances Management Information Line Agent

“Fantastic Course. Learning in a fun way, that I can use at work and at home, to accomplish more than I thought I could.”

Thomas McGee
Business Analyst

“Good time management techniques and also good participation by all. (Both listening and talking).”

Rhonda Healey

“You not only get learning time, but you also have a good time! (productivity).”

Xuan-Thang Tran
Systems Analyst

“Some excellent techniques that I should have been using for the last 35 years.”

Douglas Cuddy
Section Head

“I think that when I return to work I will be able to apply what I learned over these past two days. Hopefully these tips will help me succeed and advance in my career.”

Jennifer Garton
Administrative Assistant

“Master Phil is an enjoyable and dynamic instructor who keeps us on our toes mentally and physically. I am decluttering the tasks in my mind, putting them down on paper and into action.”

Trena Allen

Senior Policy Analyst

Environment Canada (Aboriginal and Stakeholder Affairs)

“This is one of the few courses I’ve taken that I will actually apply at work and life.”

Tai-Huor Tang
Technology Advisor

“Although I am a very well organized person, I have learned a lot more new tricks and tips to improve my organizing and time management skills….”

Meena Paul
Administrative Officer

“Excellent course organization/progressing through the framework and to specific techniques.”

David Brannan
Investment Analyst

“The instructor was dynamic, energetic and very knowledgeable. He made the course relative and very able to be implemented.”

Heather Cohen
Functional Analyst

“Excellent training for those individuals that lack time management skills. The Skills and tools provided in the training shows you how to create a balance between your work and personal life.”

Viviana Bolton
Conflict Resolution Specialist

“The course provided a solid framework of tools for practical use in the work environment as well as personal life.”

Frank Oda
Market Research Analyst

“I will use the lessons learned not only at work but in my home. I would highly recommend this workshop.”

Adrian Boler-Bonny
Administrative Support

“Valuable tools for managing and balancing workloads and personal life for today’s government office environment.”

Leon Spiro
Budget Analyst

“Instructor was very good with group dynamics. All students participated and exchanged ideas and experiences, the context of the course was very good.”

Lorna Dear
Systems Analyst

“Thank you! That was the best workshop/training I have ever attended.”

Kimiko Bellefeuille
Project/Program Officer

“Practical advice presented in an energetic way. I would recommend it to everyone, even those who may think they are organized!”

Ron Murray
Project Development Officer

“This course was definitely a journey of self-discovery. I leaned practical new tools that I will certainly use again.”

Patrick Boyle
Program Coordinator

“It is amazing how a work-related course has also impacted the rest of my life and given me tools to improve my life management, not just my time. Thank you so much!”

Christopher Collings
Enforcement Officer

“Great instructor and material. This workshop is worth taking.”

Steve Mara
Air Polutions Specialist

“The course was excellent. I will definitely take another course with your company.”

Roseanne Renaud
IT Project Officer

“Definitely worth the price of travel and expenses.”

Christine Bouffard
Payment Officer

“This course enabled me to re-focus and analyze my personal and professional life in a profound yet simplistic manner.”

Jennifer O'Brien
Communications Officer

“The recommended time management principles taught in this course are truly feasible and flexible for any individual to achieve. I’m leaving this course with the sense that, if I apply these principles and stick with it, my life will change for the better.”

Jennifer Murray
Communications Advisor

“The instructor was well informed, pleasant, and lots of fun! Very enjoyable.”

Joanne Baxter
Administrative Assistant

“This course will not only reinforce your time management skills at your worksite, but also in your personal life.”

Mr. Larry Williams
Plant Supervisor

“Excellent! Hands on experience was great!”

Stephen Page
Default and Claims Officer

“The course was a breath of fresh air in the area of time management. Optimistic and energizing. Very valuable concepts and practical applications.”

Janice Habasinski
Lead, Service Standards

“The instructor brought lots of energy, enthusiasm and ideas that are both helpful and intuitive. Thanks!”

Greg Booth

“I am looking forward to implementing the tools I learned in this workshop. I am now very motivated to make better use of my time.”

Cindy Folz
Hearing Officer

“My two days just flew by. We wanted more!”

Bernard Seguin

“This was an excellent course. Well designed and expertly facilitated.”

Wendy Martin

“The instructor was informative, amusing, and knowledgeable. I enjoyed the workshop.”

Robert Corsello
Process Improvement Team Leader

“Very dynamic workshop! Lots of ‘hands on’ exercises. I would definitely recommend this course to others as I walked away from this with the skills needed to take the stress out of my life and get organized. Tomorrow is the start of a new way of working “

Melissa McDonald
Administrative Clerk

“Loved it, everyone should attend . . . a must in life.”

Ms. Melanie Dinn
Executive Assistant

“I do not have a bad thing to say. I enjoyed both days and will recommend this course to others.”

Tony Legault
Move Coordinator

“It is possible to have fun while learning. “

Sébastien Bertin

“Very useful tools, tips and techniques to learn to manage my time both at work and in my personal life. Everything from goal-setting to planning, prioritizing and tracking is covered in a stimulating, fun and relaxed atmosphere. Excellent job! Thank you.”

Olga Petosa
Project Officer

“This is the best workshop I’ve ever attended!”

Julie Edwards
Assistant to the Director, Mental Health & Addictions

“Time Management and Organizing Skills’ was an excellent course. The instrctor knew her material and was able to get the information across to all of us.”

Barbara Kanabe
Chemical Technologist

“I really enjoyed this workshop. I fell I will be able to incorporate the tools I learned into my work and personal life.”

Sylvia Duncan

“Taking these workshops is a good investment for organizations. Managers and staff will both benefit from the learning experience.”

Denise O'Donnell
Administrative Assistant

“I was a skeptic about the course at first but it was an eye opener.”

Jamie Machado

“The instructors of Performance Training Solutions can teach you and guide you but best of all, they stimulate you! Never a dull moment!”

Sara Thornton
Finance & Admin

“The course is set up in a way that is very conducive to learning and simple to follow and understand.”

Craig Macartney
Administrative Assistant

“Very little actions can make huge differences in life. This is what I learned from the “Will it take less than two minutes?” principle.”

Boniface Koudjonou

“I learned a lot of new techniques. It was an interactive, amazing and uplifting course. Thank You.”

Isabel Sebastiao
Senior Business Analyst

“Very interesting. Made me realize that small and simply changes can greatly enhance my time management skills.”

Chantal Gignac

“Time well spent! I am going back to work with the tools to manage my day, week and month much more effectively. The last two days were fun and fast.”

Nancy McEvoy
Program Clerk

“The combination of content, pace, and energy made this course one of the best I’ve ever attended. Thank you!”

Wendy Taylor-Phelps
Administrative Officer

“I am very impressed by the quality of this course…..This course is very practical and I’m not exaggerating when I say life changing! I highly recommend it to anyone.”

Tania Magloire
Secretariat Officer

“The instructor is very motivational. The class was inspiring and effective. The pace of the class was very good.”

Diane Adams
Network Specialist

“The workshop gave me a new perspective on how time can be managed which in turn helps organize your personal and professional life!”

Prabh Tambar
Briefing Officer

“The exercises were practical and instructional. I learned a lot from them by consolidating the learning from the lectures.”

Ola Smith
Senior Programme Specialist

“Well rounded course.”

Les Maiczan
Test Analyst

“A great course. I would recommend this to everyone that I work with. (It would make my job easier!)”

Donna Hamilton
Administrative Assistant

“The ‘Time Management and Organizing Skills’ workshop was outstanding! It equipped me with all the tools needed to successfully maximize my potential and enable my organization to capitalize on my talents during the time allotted!”

Kevin Hearne
Program Analyst

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The Instructor was passionate, energetic, respectful and knowledgeable. The pace was perfect. The exercises and discussions truly helped me focus on applying the techniques in a very personal way. Thanks!”

Lori Rees
Senior Budget & Planning Analyst


George Tolson
Statistician Demographer

“A very positive course delivered by a high-energy instructor.”

John Dewar
Office Clerk

“I found the workshop to be very informative and I learned many techniques I can use immediately. Real life examples were shared freely. I will recommend this workshop to others.”

Carrie Stone

“The tools, methods, tips and concepts given, as well as the shared experiences in this workshop, have been absolutely uplifting and the pace fantastic! I started applying them immediately and with great ease.”

Helene Grognard
Administrative Assistant

“The course provided some terrific concepts, tips and tricks for reducing/eliminating time-wasters which will surely help to keep me focused on attaining specific goals.”

Ray Bullard
Security Policy and Operations

“I now understand the importance of taking the time to manage my time. It is time to start defending it.”

Leanne Callery
Head/Supply Services

“Excellent workshop. Interesting and well delivered. Solid “doable” skills offered.”

Corina Hayward
Policy Analyst

“You will find yourself with more time to do what you like!”

Bob Grenon
Building Operations Technician

“Would recommend to anyone at any level.”

Eva Jacobs
Director, Corporate Accounting and Reporting

“I truly enjoyed this ‘Time Management and Organizing Skills’ workshop. It showed me how to better organize myself at work and at home. I truly recommend it to everyone as everyone needs organizational skills. The instructor was awesome!”

Melanie Luna
Administrative Assistant

“This is the first time I’ve attended a course where I felt a positive connection with the instructor and participants. I truly feel that in addition to learning, I made friends.”

Mario Emond

“Worthwhile, amazing, priceless, excellent investment and a very efficient use of my time, but most of all – Fun!!”

Eric Giroux
Senior Program Engineer

“A great workshop in a fun environment.”

Dr. Jason Gardner

“Great course. I took away many tools to better organize my work and plan my busy life! The two days went by so fast during this fun-filled and informative workshop.”

Joanne Purdie
Administrative Assistant

“This wasn’t just a ‘Time Management’ course, it was also empowering and it gave me a sense of accomplishment. It’s an eye opener on how we perceive time and how we use it.”

Ramaz Samrout

“I really enjoyed the workshop. It was exactly what i needed. The level of detail was perfect for the time alloted.”

Shannon Castella


Environment Canada (Risk Management, Persistant Organic Pollutants)

“Excellent course, applicable to more than just the workplace. It is so good it leaves little room for improvement!”

Thomas Tigley
Project Officer

“The Instructor and the course was very well delivered. Learned many tips on how to better organize my work and my life. Also had lots of fun!”

Sylvie Tessier
Network Specialist

“Tools for work and home! Instructor keeps the class going and provides an excellent learning environment.”

Shawn Rycroft
Systems Analyst

“The course was enlightening and eye-opening. One big ‘EUREKA’ moment!!”

Robert Dykstra
Senior Analyst


“This was a fun, lively workshop and I agree that we learn better by doing, so I appreciate the different learning styles presented.”

Stephanie Bealle
Psychometrics Administrator

“Valuable learning tools to choose from. Presented in a format that’s realistic and tangible. The instructor was very energetic and encouraged class participation. This class allowed me to reevaluate how I conduct my professional and personal responsible.”

Wanda Hall
Program Analyst

“This is one of the best courses I have attended. I will benefit from it, and a lot can be applied to my personal life as well…”

Jeannine Beaudoin
Executive Assistant

“This workshop really exceeded my expectations. The material presented is not only essential for my work, but it is practical for my personal life as well.”

Linda Zarth
Issues Management Officer

“An excellent course that will help anyone enhance his or her time management skills. I wish I had taken this course several years ago. “

Katherine Grimmnitz
Administrative Officer

“A very enjoyable and engaging course with useful information and a highly recommended instructor.”

Lisa Pearce
Project Officer

“A comprehensive course that left nothing unanswered!”

Jason Schmaltz
Senior Analyst

“Fantastic workshop! Very interesting and helpful information and techniques which I will certainly put to use in my day-to-day tasks. I will recommend this workshop to my colleagues!”

Cécile Poirier
Executive Assistant

“This course was very empowering because it made me aware of how my own choices, (about what to do with my time), were contributing to my levels of stress. It was a pleasure and a good use of my time to attend this class.”

Genevieve Kroes
Sr. Evaluation Advisor

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course which will certainly be beneficial to me both professionally and personally .”

Ms. Shireen Khan

“A truly insightful seminar. I would definitely recommend it. Excellent tips on making better use of my time both at work and in my personal life”

Angie Georgakakos
Administrative Coordinator

“I found out how much I was a pack rat and was able to improve myself in only two days with what I learned from this course. Definitely a life changer.”

Robert Scharf
Web Administrator

“I really enjoyed this course. I look forward to implementing the techniques I have learned in my professional and personal life.”

Lori Brenning

“Amazing on so many levels!!”

Stephanie Burden
Adminitrative Assistant

“No matter where you work, what your position – or even if you work at all – as long as you breathe you will gain knowledge that you will employ for the rest of your life. A wonderful learning experience. Thank you. The instructor lives this philosophy”

John Mason
Project Officer

“Excellent class! It gave me great ideas and I learned simple new ways to gain control over my time and interruptions.”

Julie Weiblinger
Supervisory Accountant

“Exceeded my expectations. Bravo!”

Lise Viau
Administrative Assistant

“Useful tools, tips, techniques and strategies that should lead to better organization and a clearer frame of mind at work and at home.”

Steve Walker
Senior Environmental Management Officer

“What a fun way to learn new tools and techniques to better manage your time and organize yourself both in your personal and professional life. I learned a great deal and I was pleasantly surprised with this workshop.”

Fanie Tanguay
Administrative Coordinator

“What I have learned will not only be valuable at my work + also in my personal life. -The course was motivating and will given with a lot of respect for every single participants.”

Josee Chalifoux

Office Manager

Natural Resources Canada
(AECL Restructuting)

“I found the workshop very helpful in giving me an overview of the ‘”Project Management Process’. The tools and techniques I learned will be helpful to me on the job.”

Brenda Wilson

“Refreshing! I actually learned practical skills and techniques that I will use at work, beginning today. The learning environment was like no other: toys, music, puzzles and exercises intermixed with substantive information and learning experiences.”

Aurelia Mauro
Legal Counsel

“If you want to improve the quality of your life, take this course.”

Cindy Hunter
Administrative Officer

“If you do not have the time, this is the workshop for you.”

Mr. Jim Somerville
Team Leader

“The course forced me to stand back and look at my work habits. I was able to see many areas where improvements could be made and practical suggestions to achieve these improvements were presented.”

Gary Bishop
Agricultural Engineer

“It is nice to take a course that relates personally and professionally.”

Cheryl A Morris
Blood-Born Pathogens and STI Coordinator

“I enjoyed the ‘Time Management’ course very much. It provided me with valuable tools to help me in my work and home life. I definitely recommend this course.”

Velma Whately
Financial Assistant

“Great course! It confirmed what I do well and what aspects I need to work on.”

Jocelyne Cayouette
National Crown Agent iCase Coordinator

“I learned a lot – mostly from some discussions with my peers on how to deal with office ‘clutter’. I know exactly what to do to get started – tomorrow morning! Thanks a million! It was worth the money!”

Shirley Verret
Acting HRMIS Co-Ordinator

“I enjoyed this course very much. I found it to be very well organized and thorough. I am very confident that it will help me greatly in managing my time and get myself much better organized in my work environment.”

Ms. Louise Marion
Regional Awards Coordinator

“For the first time I can remember, I didn’t want to leave early or sleep through any part of the two days.”

Rui Fonseca
Environmental Contaminants Officer

“Inspirational and motivational training. The course taught me how to deal with day to day tasks more effectively while focused on long-term goals.”

Naoko Kors
Branding Officer

“This confirmed a lot of what I am doing in terms of time management/organizing skills, but also served to identify tools and concepts I need to implement.”

Jim Murray
Industrial Technology Advisor

“This course help me with a paradigm shift, in realizing that the place where we invest the most time and energy are not necesserily where we should be and that things people clamour for the most from us are not necessarily what we should be doing for them. By prioritizing, setting long-term goals, and establishing boundaries we may actually do less, but accomplish more and increase our contributions to our organization, our families, and ourselves.”

Barbara Acheson

Thermal Hazard Technologist

Natural Resources Canada

“A great deal of thought and preparation goes into an educational experience that is relevant and learner centered. This workshop assures that lessons and tools/aids are applicable immediately, on the job.”

Suzanne Robillard
Emergency Services Educator

“I don’t have the right words to describe how you have changed my life! Not only my professional life, but my life outside the office too! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Rana Connolly
Junior Business Analyst

“The best Time Management and Organizing Skills course.. . .It has changed my life. . .positively. . .”

Ms. Nathalie Frigon
Computer Operations and Network Serv.

“I got a lot out of this course. The stuff I knew was reinforced or brought to focus. The instructor made the course enjoyable and entertaining.”

Amal Kareem
Financial Officer

“Very informative. Too bad this was not available at the beginning of my career. I hope to retain much of the information and put it to use.”

Jeannine Fortin
Administrative Assistant

“I enjoyed it so much that I will recommend it to my coworkers and everyone who wants to take it.”

Mario Barrette
Planning and Analyst Officer

“This workshop was an eye opening experience. I can already see how it will help me in different aspects of both my professional and personal life.”

Saviz Mortazavi
Research Engineer

“The instructor empowered me with his method, knowledge and skills, to maximize my success using practical Time Management and Organizational Tools, approaches and processes.”

Sue Hinves

“This workshop exceeded my expectations! I feel that I will be applying the techniques and lessons learned to better manage both my professional and personal life.”

Brian Wallace
Senior Policy Advisor

“This was a perfect example of a well planned and well paced workshop.”

Judith Lezama-Charles
Administrative Officer

“This training was very informative and I received excellent ideas not only pertaining to my work life but my home life as well! The instructor had a good sense of humor!”

Shelly Dawson
Administrative Officer

“I’ve rarely attended a workshop that was as informative and useful as this ‘Time Management and Organizing Skills’ workshop.”

Luce Levasseur
Production Support Officer

“The workshop provided me with some tools and instructions that I will incorporate into my daily routine.”

John Davie
Planning and Integration Analyst

“Excellent course. The workshop reinforced my existing time management and organizational skills and introduced me to new skills to use in my professional and personal life.”

Anne Pace
Technology Administration Specialist

“I strongly recommend this workshop for anyone who may be time management challenged. The topics discussed have enabled me to put everything into perspective.”

Larry Jackson Fleet
Service Representative

“I am very satisfied with the quality of this training session. I feel as though I can apply many of the time management tips given during the session to my home and work life.”

Mr. Wendell Wilson
Utilities Management

“This course opened my eyes to rethink my work and personal lives.”

Janice K Poole
Communications Analyst

“I will take what I’ve learned and apply it to my personal life as well as at work. “

Kendra Pammett
Administrative Assistant

“Engaging and Lively! Changed my perspective and motivated me to move forward and take charge of my life.”

Julia Barkhouse

Assistant Standards Officer

Library and Archives Canada (Quality Assurance)

“I have always struggled with time and being organized but now, with the tools I was taught, I am able to organize my time and my priorities and to regain control of my life.”

Natalie Archambault
Cabinet Liaison Advisor

“Instructor really made the class! I learned so much and I’m looking forward to putting this knowledge into practice right away!”

Gary Horne
IT Specialist

“Powerful presentation by a dynamic facilitator. No ‘boring spaces’, he keeps you interested all the time.”

Shahnaz Rahman
Technical Specialist

“Great way of learning very useful ‘Time Management’ skills in a very, very short time. Recommended to everybody that works for the Federal Government.”

Monica Gewurz
Assistant Negotiator

“Phil Nguyen is an excellent instructor. He keeps all the participants focused and the discussions interesting. The training was very informative and definitely not boring.”

Laura Genereux
Project Officer

“Best course I have taken in years.Master Phill is truely a master in his subject.”

Philippe Boyer

Manager,Strategic Resources

Public Works and Government Services
Human Resources Branch

“I used to be a great organizer but I fell off the bandwagon. This course has been a fabulous kick-start to get me back on track. A great instructor, useful tools that are easy to apply and a great opportunity to share ideas and experience with the other. “

Sophie McKenna

“I have learned how to manage my time and how to say ‘no’ with ease for the first time in my life.”

Tomeka Nelson
Program Specialist

“The course was very well organized, informative and entertaining! The Instructor kept my attention for the entire course, and he taught me techniques that are applicable not only to my working environment, but also to my personal life.”

Sara Pagani
Legal Assistant

“This course surprised me. I expected a Time Management course related to work but was shocked to have it affect my personal life as much as it did. Life-Balance does cause one to be a better person at work and at home.”

Tina Hearty-Drummond
Environmental Officer

“I found the course interesting and very useful. This was one of the best workshops I’ve attended in a very long time.”

Ms. Deborah E. M. Hoeg
Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Administrator

“Very interesting, it is the best course I attended in years. It will help me at work and also at home. “

Sheila McNamara
Project Officer

“The ‘Time Management and Organizing Skills’ workshop will be a helpful tool for every participants professional as well as personal life.”

Jason Ogle
Maintenance Mechanic Supervisor

“Valuable, down to the point, time management and organizing ‘Best Practices’.”

Mehrdad Azadeh

“This course was the most interesting and enjoyable course I have ever attended. It is a must to take.”

Ms. Darla Jay
Program Assistant

“With what the course has provided me, I feel like the light at the end of the tunnel is no longer an express train coming in the opposite direction! Informative, enlightening and enjoyable.”

Guy Bethell
Special Assistant - Member Relations, Culture & Appointments

“This course should be put on your bucket list. Very useful for work and personal life. All the tools given are doable and manageable.”

Suzanne Frere
Compensation Advisor

“I have been on many ‘Time Management” courses over my 32 years of work in the public service. This is the course that I enjoyed the most and that made the most sense. The manual was great and I will use it.”

Julie Wahab McNeely
Administrative Assistant

“This workshop is exceptional in reminding, or showing, you how to get tasks, requests and assignments out of your head and into a structure to efficiently deal with them.”

Joy Atkinson
Senior Programs Officer

“I learned a lot and can’t wait to apply it all at work.”

Polly McLeish
Administrative Services Officer

“An enjoyable and informative course. I would recommend it to anyone wishing to re-take control of their work life.”

Mr. Ron Dickie
Financial Administrative Clerk

“This course provided me with additional tools and techniques to better plan and manage, which is something we always need to improve on to maximize what needs to be done.”

France Vézina

“A fantastic and enjoyable two days. The material covered and its presentation will most certainly help me at work as well as in my personal life. I whole-heartedly recommend this course as an important development tool.”

Mr. Fred H. Shipley
Property and Operations

“Excellent workshop! It provides the knowledge and tools needed to be more effective in either private or work life.”

Cristobal Miller
Senior Economist

“I thought I was using my time & organizing skills to the best of my advantage, but I learnt how to be more efficient and time effective. Thanks.”

Heather Anne Massey
Administrative Officer

“The material was easy to understand and offered in a constructive learning environment. Just by participating and listening to the powerful suggestions has already made me a master of my time and life management. Of course, the proof will be in the pud “

Stephen Toth
Manager Contract Services

“This was an excellent course. Well designed and expertly facilitated”

Wendy Martin

“Makes life easier!”

Mr. Calvin Luckman
Planner Developer

“Well presented and to the point course which would be a value to any professional procrastinator.”

William Powell
Manager Business & Information Architecture

“This workshop not only helps me with my work life, but has huge benefits for my personal life. I look forward to setting goals that will be attainable by using the techniques I have learned through this 2 day course.”

Kathleen Laskoski
Program Consultant

“I’ve taken a number of courses over the past few years, and I wasn’t sure what to expect from a non-technical course. I can honestly say, this course exceeded all of my expectations and I’ve gained valuable knowledge and understanding of ‘Project Manage.”

Ron Breadmore
Environmental Scientist

“Concepts used in this training course will stay with me for a long time. I am very motivated to start using them right away. “

Pauline Jones
Human Resources Advisor

“An excellent course with valuable information on time management. Thank you.”

Tony Demeis
Database Administrator

“Over the last 28 years in the Federal Government, I have taken several ‘Time Management’ courses, only to end up in the same disorganized mess. This time, however, I know I will succeed. Partially in effect from the dynamics of the course and trainer.”

James Peeke
Acting Chief
Emergency & Bioterrorism Response Division

“An excellent course, delivered with clarity and enthusiasm. I am inspired to apply these new skills immediately, both on the job and at home.”

David Tilden
Hazardous Materials Specialist

“I have taken a number of training courses, over the years, as a public servant. I have to say that this has been the most engaging course I have ever taken. Our instructor, Kimberly Nichols, was energetic and engaging and made the course really interesting. Thank you for the wonderful experience, I will recommend this to my co-workers.”

Kimberly Bateman

Health Canada

“In my eight years of taking courses with the Federal Government, this was the most professionally run. The Instructor’s ability to keep everyone on task, and limit the personal chatter, is unparalleled. The positive environment allowed me to remain “

Scott Johnson
Enforcement Officer

“The Time Management course effectively takes what you know and brings it to your attention so you can reflect and find ways to improve yourself. Reflection allows you to buy-in and accept the need for change and the methods presented as best practices.”

John Tucker
IT Analyst/Programmer

“I came here for tips, tricks and tools and that’s what I got! It’s great!”

Johanne Mongeon
Administrative Assistant

“Very useful, hands-on course that should be reasonably easy to put into practice. Will recommend to my co-workers.”

Lois Camponi
Senior Advisor
Editing and Quality Assurance

“This workshop was more than I expected! I can now apply this knowledge not only in my workplace, but in LIFE!”

Josée M Lafleur
Program Coordinator

“One of the best trainers ever! Professional, Stimulating and Knowledgeable. Fantastic learning experience!”

Nancy Wilson
Project Officer

“I gained a few very valuable insights relating both to my personal and professional life. Thanks!”

Elsa Van Hulst

“This was an excellent course! The way the material was presented and the skills of the instructor allowed me to think about and incorporate the skills and techniques immediately!. Thanks so much!”

Christine Hall
Litigation Project Manager

“I enjoy the dynamic of the course not to serious. But informative a perfect example of fun while learning. “

Barbara Alexis

Administrative Officer

Public Works and Government Services (Operations)

” Would recommend to anyone at any stage in their career. Great motivational speaker and discussions.”

Ms. Jocelyne Garland
Administrative Assistant

Time Management and Organizing Skills

Facilitation Skills

“A confidence ‘booster’. Very inspirational. A skill acquired for a lifetime.”

Dominique Lemelin
Special Advisor

“The class was excellent and the hands on exercises forced real learning and focused discussion among attendees.”

Arnold A Jackson
Assistant Associate Director

“Exceeded expectations. The course was very well put together and couldn’t have been presented any better.”

Jaydn Cory
Acting Monitoring & Payments Officer

“Performance Training Solutions provided a fun, hands-on learning experience.”

Danielle Yuill
Senior Business Analyst

“A professional facilitator takes you through the complete process of facilitation, illustrating the practices/skills you can employ. Then you have the opportunity to try out these skills in a safe environment. Really positive learning experience.”

Iva Tackman
Senior Corporate Officer

“This workshop has provided all the tools I need to make my facilitation successful.”

Christine Bertin
Planning and Reporting

“A very good refresher of how to facilitate a meeting. Effective meetings are crucial to a high performing team. The skill of facilitating an effective meeting will save thousands of tax payer dollars.”

Terry Lewis
Chief of External Affairs

“An amazing course that is very relevant to everyday work places.”

Meachel Chad
Correctional Manager

“Very dynamic and diverse course that provided hands-on skills that I will be able to use in my day to day job tomorrow.”

Kirsten Loffler
Project Leader

“This is the 2nd workshop I’ve attended and both have been a great experience and fun. Keep up the good work.”

Myles Forget
Client Accommodation Service Advisor

“A course for anyone who wishes to learn the art of facilitation.”

Mike Thomas
Human Resources Development

“I acquired a lot of new knowledge that is going to be crucial help for leading working groups in the near future.”

Francois J Plourde
Senior Systems Analyst

“The course presented a “non-intimidating forum” encompassing various components of an effective presentation.”

Mr. Peter Glenn
Senior Policy Analyst

“Great energy – wonderful experience!”

Melinda Patterson
Liaison and Coordination Officer

“Excellent workshop! All of my objectives were met and the tools provided will assist me in my professional endeavours for years to come. The instructor provided a relaxing, yet professional environment which was conducive to learning.”

Art Hay
Senior Program Manager

“Without exception the best course I’ve ever attended. Extremely well done.”

Jacques Chabot
Senior Advisor

“I was extremely pleased and surprised at the high quality of both the instructor and the course material. I am very happy I came, I learned so much.”

Bev Sherman
IT Project Leader

“This workshop should be promoted to all levels of employee from clerical to upper management.”

Keith Lance
Project Manager

“I think the skills I acquired in this workshop and the things I learned will be important not only at work, but also in life. This is a sign of a truly great and transformative workshop.”

Maja Cholich
Project Analyst

“Excellent instructor and content!”

Eleanor Smith
Business Analyst

“This course exceeded my expectations! I learned new skills and will be able to use the numerous facilitation tips in a real life situation.”

Liette Lavallée
Development Officer

“I thought this workshop was very well presented. I would recommend this course to my colleagues.”

Carolyn Lamothe
Program Auditor

“This is truly an excellent course that I would recommend to anyone in a facilitator role.”

Kristen Petruska
Team Leader

“One of the best courses I have attended. Interactive exercises kept the entire group at ease and engaged.”

Ida Etoubashi
Senior Project Officer

“The workshop makes us se facilitation in a whole new light. Very dynamic and motivating.”

Vincent Jalbert
Policy Analyst

“Excellent training for anyone involved in groups.”

Murray Charlton
Project Chief

“I have found this training extremely useful. It provided me with a chance to put in practice the skills that I have learned during these 3 days as well as to master those that I have learned during the past years. Phil is an exceptional facilitator. “

C Jeanne
Richard Advisor

“I would recommend this workshop regardless of sector or position. The skills can be applied both in the workplace and in interactions with people in various other contexts. Thank you so much for the insight. Very enjoyable workshop.”

Sharron Stafford
Senior Supervisor

“This was a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. I picked up lots of usable tips, and felt comfortable participating.”

Lynn Rowe
IT Team Leader

“Excellent topic. Everyone can benefit from these facilitation techniques. The participants acquire the tools and the knowledge to better communicate and to achieve cooperation.”

Fatima Alves
IAMIS Project Coordinator

“Great Course! Very informative & fun. I would recommend to anyone in today’s business environment.”

Carol Goodspeed
Residential Underwriter

“The combination of lecture, exercises, and application has definitely made me feel ready to facilitate.”

Ms. Yolanda Driesen
Human Resources Consultant

“The workshop was a very engaging opportunity to build on my existing ‘self taught’ abilities.”

Cheryl Hammond
Senior Project Officer

“Be prepared to participate to get the full value.”

Tim Mellor
Ontario Area Coordinator

“A wonderful opportunity to test our knowledge and apply new Techniques of Experience ‘Walking in the Shoes of the Facilitator’ An empowering experience! Thank you for an experience in learning and growing that will last a lifetime.”

Rosalieta Power
Case Management Officer

“This course was challenging, fun and informative. I learned a lot for my three days.”

Kevin Yamamoto
Senior Project Officer

“The workshop was well run, the practical application was great, the workbook was punchy and thorough and the instructor was a treat.”

Matthew Bown
Senior Policy Analyst

“This was the most useful, productive and interesting workshop that I have attended in my ten years with the Federal Government, Hands Down!”

Don Wilkie
Asset Management Asst.

“Empowering, high-energy session. Tools and techniques can be used immediately in the workplace!”

John Mason
Regional Manager

“This training will give me much more confidence to facilitate a workshop or meeting. Also, the tools I’ve learned to use will make my facilitation more focused.”

Angus MacDonald
Northern Development Advisor

“This course is an excellent opportunity to learn and practice facilitation skills in a comfortable learning environment. It provides a wide range of options in dealing with issues and problems arising during a typical facilitation session. “

Terry Ryan
Team Leader

“I am considering Facilitation as a career and was excited to find this course. It did not disappoint. I feel I have a very good foundation to build upon and apply the skills I have learned.”

Laura Stevenson
Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

“Excellent workshop! While informative and useful, it was most importantly, lots of fun and very enjoyable.”

Cathy Cheung
Research Associate

“The perfect balance of conceptual knowledge and practical application.”

Barbara Mitchell
IT Training Team Leader

“Innovative is how I would describe the ‘Facilition Skills’ class.”

Renee Leong
Associate Information Systems Analyst

“The workshop, tools, and exercises were practical and useful enough that one could immediately use them upon returning to the workplace.”

Mr. Bruce A. Cooper
Sr. Human Resources Projects Manager

“The material and the presenter are of excellent quality. Good balance of lecture and hands on activities. An excellent course.”

Mary Moore
Senior Business Analyst

“The ‘Facilitation Skills’ course has given me the tools and tips needed to successfully complete my role within the organization. I feel confident now that I could run effective sessions to achieve objectives. Highly recommended!”

Serena Mortlock
Special Projects & FMC Secretariat

“I was extremely pleased with the training session and will use what I learned in my professional capacity.”

Simon Brascoupe
Senior Manager

“Phil is a great facilitator and trainer. This was the best course/workshop I have ever participated in!”

Jennifer Birta
Evaluation Officer

“An exceptional course . . . a very valuable introduction to the development of facilitation skills.”

Mr.Mark Piper
Senior Analyst

“Very effective course. I now understand how I can use the facilitation process to achieve specific objectives.”

Ms. Sylvia Young
Project Leader

“Lots of fun, yet still practical”

Wolfgang Richter
Senior Business Analyst

“Very good instructor. Knowledge of material was excellent.”

Linda Girard
IT Analyst

“Awesome workshop and an awesome instructor.”

Guy Breton
Senior Business Analyst

“The trainer exhibited great energy and an extremely detailed knowledge of the subject and presented it in a fun way.”

Henry Wright
Board Member

“I learned the importance of separating the process from the content.”

Lorraine O'Leary
Project Officer

“The trainer exhibited great energy and an extremely detailed knowledge of the subject and presented it in a fun way.”

Henry Wright
Board Member

“Excellent course! The content and practical parts of the course are relevant for all. Highly recommended for all levels of staff.”

Cesare Spadaccini
Special Advisor to the Director General

“The course and instructor provided excellent, effective tools and mechanisms to get results from meetings. I recommend the course to anyone who wants to facilitate better.”

Mr. David Showell
Senior Policy Officer

“There was an excellent progression of applying the techniques we learned in a hands-on experience.”

Monika Rostkowska
Marine Energy Officer

“I feel very honoured to have participated in such a dynamic and possibly life altering experience.”

Rosa Dias
Program Coordinator

“Awesome!! Very well organized and conducive to learning for adult professionals. I would recommend it without hesitation!”

Denis Houle
Risk Analyst

“Facilitation skill was a great source to validate the skills I already possessed.It was also interesting to learn more skills and ideas such as brainstorming,time management and brain teasers!”

Jolynn Bear

Correctional Service of Canada

“Su Thomas is an awesome instructor. Lots to learn from her. “

Rayanne Bendaoud

Junior Analyst

Canada Revenue Agency

“Enjoyed it!”

Debra Wade
Management Analyst

“Very energetic, informative and effective course to learn Facilitation Skills! I recommend it.”

Helene Bray
Project Manager

“What a great experience! After only three days, I feel more confident and armed with tools that I can use to facilitate events in the workplace. I highly recommend this course. You won’t regret it!”

Candace Newman
Science and Technology Policy Advisor

“This was a very well developed workshop. Well organized, well presented.”

Susan Doherty

“An instructive and well conducted course.”

Jennifer Defalco
Executive Assistant

“Thank you for contributing to my growth.”

Tina Maxwell
Senior Business Analyst

“I would recommend this workshop without question!”

Brad Sawlor
Trade and Investment Manager

“Definitely worth my (your) time. The course presents a concise and very useful compilation of knowledge on the art of facilitation and the powers it holds.”

Remi Gardiner
Information and Records Management Analyst

“Wow! What a productive workshop. A good mix of theory and exercises with a focus on actually doing while learning. I would not hesitate to recommend this course.”

Sue Cashman
Project Manager

“Professional from start to finish! Organized, practiced and enthusiastic!”

Richard R Hardin
Land Resource Specialist

“Exciting and engaging session. The three days went by without realizing it. Hands-on exercises were very powerful as we re-enforced our skills and learned from each other. I will recommend it to my colleagues.”

Isabel Chang
Project Manager

“I enjoyed the energizing, positive learning experience and obtained valuable techniques and knowledge which will benefit my work.”

Shiyu Reynolds
Team Leader

“Excellent topic. Everyone can benefit from these facilitation techniques. The participants acquire the tools and the knowledge to better communicate and to achieve cooperation.”

Fatima Alves 

Project Coordinator

“The three days flew by as we were busy listening, discussing and practicing. We all came out of the course with the skills and information needed to actually start facilitating effective sessions.”

Kathy Deeg
Program Development & Coordination

“A very effective combination of theory and practice. The instructor was an excellent role model.”

Gary Patterson
National Soil Correlator

“I was able to obtain useful tools that could easily be practiced! An excellent workshop! Concepts would easily be incorporated into everyday situations.”

Marion Crowe
National Change Management Officer

“Overall excellence! You just need to watch, to learn.”

Mary Buckley
Strategies and Quality Assurance

“One of the most stimulating learning events I have had the privilege to attend.”

Ray Zwicker
Senior Analyst

“Fun, interesting and worthwhile course. I will recommend it to all of my co-workers.”

Meghan Klasic
Program Analyst

“Best course I have taken to date in my public service career. A very effective and efficient use of my time. I am very excited to put all the skills I have learned into practice.”

Laura Brown
Senior Analyst

“Great course. It will certainly benefit me in the future.”

Fred Smith
Senior Program Advisor

“This course, which included a lot of ‘hands on’ work, covered a good spectrum of techniques, tools, tips and will definitely improve my ability to facilitate ‘discussions among adults.”

Douglas Pollard
Senior Researcher

“I would recommend this training course to all government employees. It does not only teach the skill of facilitation, but also provides an excellent insight into the issues we deal with daily – how to listen, how to build consensus, etc. Such skills “

Nellie Cheng
Project Manager

“This was a great opportunity to learn about and employ facilitation skills and tools.”

Barbara Breston
Team Leader

“This workshop gave the participants a lot of hands-on experience practicing their new skills. The facilitator was extremely helpful and encouraging. I felt comfortable with the processes and learned many new abilities.”

Saleema Mohamed
Audit and Review Officer

“Great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone!”

Suzanne Côté
Senior Officer, Workforce Development

“Very interesting course. I learned a lot and in a very enjoyable way!”

Carole Atchison
Specialized Communications Officer

“Excellent course for the ‘new’ presenter and provides a “refreshment” for the experienced presenter.”

Ms. Liz
Sr. Account Executive

“The instructor provided an excellent workshop. He modeled the art and skills of facilitation therefore, as a participant, I felt confident and motivated to improve my facilitation skills.”

Louise Garrow
Senior Consultant

“It was a very ‘hands on’ workshop which allowed the participants to demonstrate the skills as they were taught to us. Excellent workshop!”

Trudy Donnelly
Application Design Analyst

“Very useful. Opened my mind to a different approach to meeting conduct and issue analysis/action planning. Could lead to better productivity.”

Ronald Zaloum
Program Coordinator

“The course and the instructor were outstanding. An excellent balance of theory and practical, of lecture, discussion and practice.”

Sue Derby
Project Officer

“If you are looking for ‘that Edge’ in your working environment, the Facilitation Skills workshop is a must.”

Bruce Roy
Systems Analyst

“Would highly recommend this workshop to any business professional.”

Nadim Lakhani

“I’ve taken two courses with PTS now and both have proven effective and excellent. I would definitely recommend PTS to my colleagues.”

Kay Saicheua

“This course was far more relaxing and enjoyable than I had expected. We learned better because of the light-handed but focused approach.”

Jill Varley
Acting Program Manager

“The Instructor was so seemless that most of the time students weren’t even aware they were learning.”

Dave Fortman

“An amazing learning experience! Some tips and tools I will use everyday for work and my personal life. Thank you!”

Isabelle Bouchard
Administrative Assistant

“High energy course – skills relevant, useful and fun! Feedback was excellent!”

Kim Taplin

“The facilitator was very good and quite knowledgeable about the subject matter. He also made the entire class want to participate in the exercises.”

Theodois Corbett
Special Employment Program Manager

“Three days well spent!”

Barry Gerus
IT Specialist

“This was one of the best courses I’ve taken. As someone who gets bored easily, it is not uncommon for me to tune out, but it was not possible with this course. Very informative, energetic and fun! Highly recommended to anyone!”

Tracy Brown
Regulatory Project Officer

“Excellent course, a must for anyone who manages people, projects or meetings.”

Allen Sinfield
Infrastructure Support Unit

“I’m big on improving skills and learning tools, and this course provided ample opportunities for both.”

Ms. Ellen Herreria
Service Delivery Operations Consultant Consultant

“I had a very positive learning experience. There was a process that we were informed about and it was followed. We built upon skills that we learned – now we can use them back in the workplace.”

Marianne O'Sullivan
Emergency Services Educator

“Of all the learning events that I have attended during my ten year career, this one was easily the best one and, the most fun as well. In no small part due to the excellent trainer. I highly recommend it.”

“The course was very informative, fun, engaging and exceeded my expectations.”

Patricia MacLellan
Senior Policy Manager

“This is one of the best courses I’ve ever been on.”

Charlene Swatman
Assistant Business Analyst

“Great course delivered by an excellent teacher/guide, with many applications for work and life.”

Hingman Leung
Project Officer

“This workshop really opened my eyes to the main tools available, the challenges that can arise and the fun you can have. The instructor makes it look so easy! I have a new respect for facilitation.”

Bobbie Smith
Senior Communications Advisor

“The workshop allowed all participants to participate as all types of ‘learners’ were considered in the development of the structure of this workshop. The instructor was respectful and inclusive. This was one of the most holistic training experiences”

Catherine Henderson

“The ‘Facilitation Skills’ training was top-notch. I thoroughly enjoyed the format, which had regular opportunities to apply our skills as we learned them, rather than waiting until the end.”

Monica Figueroa
Business Information Officer

“This is the second course I have taken with PTS and it’s the second time that my expectations were met and exceeded. The instructors are excellent and knowledgeable of areas beyond the course content.”

Douglas Simpson
Atmospheric Science and Applications

“Very interesting course; I learned great techniques. The atmosphere was very relaxing and comfortable. I appreciated having the opportunity to facilitate a session and get feedback from my peers.”

Robin Leckie
Project Analyst

“A great workshop full of humor and great information. Truly a great workshop and definitely worth the money. I highly recommend it!”

James Swink
Scientific Reviewer

“I have only good things to say about this course!”

Debbie Woodrow
Client Advisor

“The course provided a thorough coverage of all aspects of facilitation. The practical exercises were extremely effective in helping me learn how to facilitate a meeting. Great course!”

Linda Toy
Scientific and Regulatory Projects Officer

“I have come to expect a great training experience with PTS and this course did not disappoint. Our instructor was dynamic and perfectly blended theory with practice.”

Karen Patel
Implementation Coordinator

“Performance Training Solutions’ ‘Facilitation Skills’ course provides participants with not only tools to become effective facilitators but skills and confidence that will benefit anyone in any part of life.”

Tara Phillips
Senior Policy Advisor

“Excellent instructor! He did a fantastic job of making the group feel comfortable enough to participate, which made for great group dynamics over the three day workshop.”

Jill Geddes

“I got so much more out of this workshop than I expected. I learned valuable new tools and tips that I can bring back to my office and use right away. I only wish I could go back in time and apply these new skills to run past meetings better.”

Christine Hoisington

“It is an excellent course. The instructor is knowledgeable and interesting. The course allowed me to measure my skills at the beginning and to concentrate on my own needs. It has increased my self confidence in my facilitation capabilities.”

Carmen Blouin

Analyst, Comptrollership Secretariat


“It should be the first course any young manager should take.”

Francis Philbert
Ecosystem Health Div.

“The facilitator made the workshop interesting, challenging enough to learn yet ensured that help was provided when needed. Great atmosphere: respect, dynamic learning, great exercises and tools.”

Christine Forget
Team Leader

“Information and tips were provided in successive small bites that really made learning easy.”

Michel Murray
Decisions and Operations

“David was an extremely interesting leader.”

Ms. Sandy
Little Manager
Security Awareness

“I enjoyed the instructor’s honesty with respect to my abilities. He has given me a lot to take with me – mostly that it’s okay to believe in myself.”

Katie Dale
Acting Project Officer

“I was pleasantly surprised by the wealth of material and it’s applicability to both my work and my home life. I would definitely recommend this course to both my team and colleagues.”

Kevan Ladd

“This course was well planned and delivered. There is a good balance of ‘passive’ and ‘active’ sessions. I really enjoyed the three days.”

Clara Hamory
Senior Occupational Researcher

“For anyone who must chair meetings, give presentations or organize focus groups (and their results) seriously consider taking this session.”

Jasmine Corluka
Policy Development Research and Communications Officer

“The most empowering, useful and focused course I have taken in years. Literally work and life altering techniques that can be applied anywhere.”

Aaron Sawyer
Policy Analyst

“I learned a lot. Great Job!”

Nicole Prieur
Service Desk Peer Coach

“This is my second course with PTS and both were excellent and exceeded my expectations.. Looking forward to the 3rd.”

Richard Dubois
Client Services

“I am enriched for attending. Keep up the excellent work!”

John Hummel
Head, Security Policy and Awareness

“Très dynamique!”

Réjanne Saunois
Senior Project Officer

“Excellent course and instructor!”

Sarah Hampel
Policy Analyst

“Awesome course, awesome teacher. Very glad I was able to participate.”

Charlotte Qamaniq

“This was an excellent course that managed to strike just the right balance between theory and practice.”

Katrina Marsh
Policy Analyst

“Strongly recommend this form of training. No time wasted, extremely professional and task oriented.”

Elena Furlan
Analyst MAF Coordinator

“It was a great pleasure to attend this course and improved my comfort and confidence levels a lot!”

Leon Horne

“This course is one of the most valuable learning experiences I have had the pleasure of participating in! I wish I had had this opportunity years ago as it would have benefited me in so many aspects of my career.”

Barbara Harrison
Project Leader
System Testing

“This course is very practical and provides all the basics you need. I definitely feel like I could facilitate a meeting now.”

Valerie Hopper

“I learned many tools and techniques that will assist me in my present job and future career. Thanks for a great course!”

Victoria Skinner
Learning Design Officer

“A well-presented, well-paced learning event that has many applications in the workplace, including applications outside of the facilitation discipline.”

Dieter Kuhnke
Social Science Researcher

“Very professionally organized. Everything was thought of, toys, work material, food, exercise etc. Very high class!”

Nicole Bougie
Team Leader

“I am happy about this workshop, especially the exercises that helped me gain confidence and understand what’s in the Facilitator’s Role.”

Isabelle Guimont
Accounts Manager

“The course was instructive, to the point and within the time frame allowed. My personal goals were met totally. I would and will recommend this course to anyone who needs results at the end of a meeting.”

Robert Boisselle
Supply Team Leader

“The way in which this course was planned and taught appealed to my adult learning needs. I feel energized, more confident in my skills and am looking forward to applying my learnings at home and at work. Thank you.”

Barbara Power-Newton
Senior Policy Analyst

“From the minute I walked in, I felt that PTS made my learning needs and level of comfort their highest priority.”

Ms. Kendal Weber
Policy Advisor

“Great Course! It gave a better understanding of group dynamics and practical tools to generate feedback results.”

Susana Hemken
Administrative Assistant

“PTS’s Facilitation Skills workshop provided me with excellent additional knowledge to my studies in Public Relations and increased my confidence to lead/facilitate productive group meetings.”

Vivienne Laxdal
Communications Officer

“Excellent course.Very practical hands on exercise. Fantastic facilitator.”

Colleen Barrie

Learning Analyst

Health Canada (Program Development and Engagement Division)

“I highly endorse this course!”

Aldo Spadaccini
Risk Management Officer

“It is one of the best workshops I have ever taken. The instructor was fabulous.”

Rosanda Cuenca
Senior Planning Analyst

“This is the first workshop that I have attended that had the perfect balance of lectures, discussions and exercises. I actually had fun learning!”

Cynthia Kilmartin
Continuous Improvement Coordinator

“Excellent course! Good use of hands-on exercises to improve learning and keep things fun.”

Heather Butland
Business Analyst

“The workshop provided new tools for me to utilize as a new facilitator that can be directly applied to my job. I intend to incorporate them immediately!”

Debbie Brown
Project Manager

“Very skilled, dynamic, and encouraging facilitator. Techniques do illicit positive feedback from participants on other participants was excellent (i.e., Gifts of Happiness Exercise).”

Ms. Karla Pulsifer
Business Planning Officer

“An informative yet relaxed facilitation course that I would recommend to anyone who attends meetings.”

Ms. Helen Cowtan

“This was an excellent learning experience, unique approach and a very effective one.”

Lorena Uribe
Senior Advisor

“This was an excellent workshop.Very well organized and relevant to the workforce today. The food was amazing. “

Lana Arsenault

Security Incident Reporting Officer.

Canada Revenue Agency

“Thoroughly interactive and fun course.”

Simmy Ahluwalia
Acting Director

“I was a little unsure about taking this course, most training is boring. This is the best course I have ever taken! Great instructor.”

Shirley Hayes
Curriculum Coordinator

“A great course – well structured and fun!”

Kristin Yuan
Pricing Strategist

“Learning was completed by actually carrying out the various sessions in both individual and group settings confirming one’s knowledge and abilities at the same time.”

Lucien Comeau
Food Safety Assessor

“I would definitely suggest this course to my colleagues. The “Facilitation Skills” workshop has given me the tools to be able to conduct my own facilitation session with confidence.”

Beverley Monnette
Senior Manager

“Our instructor was very enthusiastic & knowledgeable.”

Shannon Wightman
Team Leader

“Excellent course with exceptional group dynamics. It was three days well spent.”

Diane Boone

“Very useful course content, very professional instructor.”

Mr. Mark Shokoff
Insurance Program Advisor

“The training session really allows participants to acquire and enhance facilitation skills by applying the tools of the trade. Very practical.”

Mr. Ron Sisk
Project Manager

“The course was well organized and effective. While the time frame was brief, the results far outweigh the input.”

Mr.Ken Rodman
Senior Advisor
Small Pelagics and Engineering

“Great course, excellent materials and tools.”

Matthew J Baker
Cabinet Affairs

“Highly recommended for anyone who is involved in committees. The course gave me a structured approach to gathering information and a fresh perspective on increasing participation from a group, and still make it fun!”

Ms. Tammy Scrivener
Human Resources Advisor

“This course provides the necessary basics to prepare one for a role in facilitation.”

Mr. Dennis Moore
Program Advisor

“The training is extremely useful. It also serves to enhance our individual interpersonal and communication skills.”

Joan Jappa
Division Director
Conflict Prevention & Resolution

“Facilitation is art! ‘Heart!’ I never thought we could integrate and accomplish so much in 3 days Thanks for your high level quality, professional trainer!”

Sylvie Leclair RN
Implementation Specialist

“Awesome workshop! The instructor was great! Highly recommended!”

Kristine McCann
Release Coordinator

“I was apprehensive in coming to this course. Was I wrong! I would recommend this to anyone and can’t wait til I apply my new found skills.”

Jennifer Wilson
Program Manager

“Get out of your cubicle and take this course.”

Andrew Ng
Senior Risk Analyst

“Very engaging, enthusiastic and passionate instructor.”

Kareen Hashmi
Senior Commications Advisort

“Great, practical course that I will be able to use some new techniques in my facilitation role.”

Ms. Suzanne Robert
Project Manager

“Most worthwhile class I have ever attended. Will influence, in a positive manner, my future activities both personally and professionally.”

Karen Lipkind
Survey Statistician

“Skills and tools I will use frequently. Very effective course and we had the best instructor ever.”

Julie Maxted
Senior Program Officer

“Great trainer.Content provided a lot of tools that have practical uses.If you are new to facilitation I recommend this course. “

Kenny Adams

Environment Canada
(Planning, Reporting and Performance measurement division)

“Great tools and techniques for getting the job done.”

Jennifer Normandin
Project Office Specialist

“In just three days, I came away a stronger and more focused facilitator.”

Sandra Michelle
Radons Standards Development Officer

“The course preparation and delivery was excellent. There was just enough time to deal with the subject material. This course can be used in so many more ways than managing groups. It was well worth the time invested.”

Ken Balkwill
CIDM Administrator

“Wonderful atmosphere, good learning experience. Useful material for many aspects of work.”

Nabil Eldib

“This was a great opportunity to learn facilitation skills in a fun and friendly environment. Excellent course.”

Josh Jenkins
Manager Performance Measurement

“A very useful course. I will be able to apply all of the concepts and techniques in my daily work environment.”

Paul Kittner
Senior Policy Analyst

“This course had all the makings of a valuable and enjoyable experience. The instructor is the best facilitator I’ve seen so far. I am taking with me many key concepts to improve my skill set as a facilitator”

Stephanie Basi
Risk Analyst

“Thanks for helping me commence my journey on the road of Facilitation. You’ve given me plenty of “tools” for my Tool Box.”

Rob Schryburt
Senior Project Engineer

“The instructor made learning fun!!”

Sue Dinchik
Account Manager

“This was the most fun and enlightening course I’ve ever taken. I can put to use the knowledge that I gained right after I walk out of the training room.”

Daniel Yu
Senior Project Officer

“Three days well spent!”

Don McClymont
Procurement Manager

“Professional and Personable Instructor. Well Prepared, Focused and Knowledgeable as well as a positive provider of a great learning experience.”

Kevin Balogh
Senior Project Officer

“The workshop was high energy and highly effective. Content and materials were excellent.”

Lesley Stefureak
Initiative Officer

“Very engaging and enjoyable. I left comfortable, confident and energized. An excellent use of my time and money. I would definitely recommend this to others.”

Kirsti Bergmeier

“I was skeptical at first that this would be another wasted learning opportunity however, there was real value in what was taught and it will undoubtedly help my future career achievements.”

Jason McKay
Junior Policy Analyst

“The course seemed to provide benefit to the perticipants, from the new to the experienced. The instructor knew her stuff.”

Dave Bruce

Canada Revenue Agency

“It is an excellent course. The instructor is knowledgeable and interesting. The course allowed me to measure my skills at the beginning and to concentrate on my own needs. It has increased my self confidence in my facilitation capabilities.”

Carmen Blouin
Comptrollership Secretariat

“Excellent course to learn techniques and methods of facilitation.”

Ron Veluz
Project Manager

“The course left me feeling empowered and energized.”

Les Maiczan
Test Analyst


“This training was engaging and very goal-oriented. Skills were learned and put into action immediately which allowed learners to grasp material. The Instructor/Facilitator was skilled in his profession and taught by example every step of the way.”

Lee-Ann Salmaso
Emergency Preparedness Trainer

“I’ve taken a number of professional development courses and this was by far the best!”

Michelle Mujoomdar
Clinical Research

“My journey from presentator to facilitator has started. The facilitation skills workshop has provided me with all my need to succeed.”

Isabelle Bouchard


Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Internal Audit)

“Thank you for making the past three days a comfortable, positive learning experience.”

Lora Thacker

“The instructor has a very positive approach, building the skills step by step, which really helps build confidence.”

Pauline MacDonald
Project Leader

“I found this course extremely useful. The energy and enthusiasm of our facilitator was a great part of the experience. The subject was very well covered. I would recommend that anyone making these kinds of presentations/facilitations take this course.”

Linda Herron

“Excellent session with many practical tips! Well worth the time and cost.”

Sam Carnovale
Regional Manager
Business Development

“The course was very informative and interesting. Thank you PTS very much! I am on my way to being a great facilitator.”

Adrian Vaughan
Administrative Manager

“I would recommend this course to anyone involved in assisting/planning group sessions/debates/projects.”

Luc Poulin

“Excellent course. Builds confidence to speak influent of a group.”

Chirstiane Boyer

Program Coordinator

Canada Revenue Agency (Emergency and Incident Management Division)

“Outstanding class. I would highly recommend this course to all who frequently hold team or group meetings.”

Susan Taylor
Senior Management Analyst

“Very well designed tarining, engaging instructor. Learned powerful tools and technique that were well explained. Great opportunities to put them into practice.”

Stephaie Cadieux

Senior Planning Officer

Canada Revenue Agency (Security /Finance and administration Branch)

“The speaker taught by example. She was an excellent presenter.”

Ms. Suzanne Nash
Client Advisor

“Be prepared to participate to get the full value.”

Tim Mellor
Ontario Area Coordinator

“We learned everything from active listening to how to rip a flip chart.”

Christopher Bowen

“If you’re a novice or fairly experienced facilitator, this course provides the practical “How to’s” to embark on, or continue the journey to facilitation excellence.”

Jim Zamprelli
Senior Researcher

“It is one of the very best training courses I have ever taken. I would recommend it to all managers and scientists.”

Richard F. Lawuyi
Evaluation Specialist

“This is an excellent course. I am confident that it will be useful throughout my career and even in my personal life.”

Isabelle Saint-Laurent
Account Manager

“I thought that the course was the perfect mix of teaching and practice! It is not very often that you actually get to test the skill you have just learned. I found this to be very useful and helpful. Thank you for the wonderful course!”

Jennifer Defalco
Executive Assistant

“This workshop sarpassed my expectations. So glad to have participated and will definitely recommending this to colleagues. Su was anazing. Here experience and teaching probably the best I have ever seen.”

Trudy Albert

Senior Officer

Library of Perliament

“If you are new to facilitation or if you are experienced. I recommend this course.”

Kenny Adams

“Now I feel better equipped to tackle the dynamics of a mixed group of diverse stakeholders and gain a consensus.”

James Lynn
Senior Investments Consultant

“Thank you for making the past three days a comfortable, positive learning experience.”

Lora Thacker

“Awesome experience! I learned a lot, applied my learning and had fun doing it in a safe and respectful environment. I would recommend this workshop to anybody who wants to improve their facilitation skills or embark on a journey of self discovery!”

Valerie Bournival
Team Leader

“Get out of your cubicle and take this course.”

Andrew Ng
Senior Risk Analyst

“Informative, engaging and valuable!”

Sandra Sharpe
Executive Assistant to the Regional Chair & CEO

“Probably the most interactive workshop I will ever attend. The atmosphere was ‘excellent’ for learning as much as possible.”

Dany Ross
Senior Investigations Officer

“Very dynamic and energetic!”

Lisa Harvey
Emergency Preparedness Trainer

“This was truly an inspirational course as it allowed participants to think outside the box and be creative in a positive environment. I had a lot of fun and gained many tools and resources.”

Sarah Tease

“A great course that will be helpful for negotiation in all aspects of life.”

Melanie Itzkovitch
Policy Analyst


Melanie Itzkovitch
Policy Analyst

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“Very dynamic and interesting workshop”

Trish Lepage
Senior Project Manager


Trish Lepage
Senior Project Manager

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“Useful skills. Hands on material. Dynamic and engaging instructor.”

Chantal Lajeunesse
Administrative Officer


Chantal Lajeunesse
Administrative Officer

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“The instructor was even able to bring the most quiet of us to the table to participate.”

Nasreen Bhimani
Senior Communications Advisor


Nasreen Bhimani
Senior Communications Advisor

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“The best and most useful management training course I have ever taken. The instructor is a fantastic communicator, well organized, clear and charismatic”

Roland Kuhn, Ph.D.
Research Officer


Roland Kuhn, Ph.D.
Research Officer

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“Negotiation techniques that were worth learning! Thank you.”

Minelle D'Souza


Minelle D'Souza

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“Great course. A very interactive session.”

Sean Letourneau
Commerce Officer


Sean Letourneau
Commerce Officer

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“Awesome course and awesome instructor! Learned a lot and I’m ready to start some serious negotiating!”

Jessica Larocque
ATIP Officer


Jessica Larocque
ATIP Officer

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“I have a better understanding of the Negotiation Framework and have acquired new skills to support me during negotiations.”

Corinna Depotier
Development Officer


Corinna Depotier
Development Officer

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“Excellent workshop!”

France Clavet
Judgement Administrator


France Clavet
Judgement Administrator

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“This course took practical examples and exercises and demonstrated how to learn about what you really need to be more successful and, to consider others. A full examination of needs and interests.”

Kristina Lillico
Senior Policy and Project Officer


Kristina Lillico
Senior Policy and Project Officer

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“Best course I have attended in my career with the Public Service.”

Nancy Perreault
Administrative Coordinator


Nancy Perreault
Administrative Coordinator

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“PTS keeps providing stellar seminars! Thank you.”

Anne Murray
Accommodations Officer


Anne Murray
Accommodations Officer

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“Very good course. Great flow of process. Fun Learning.”

Robert Starr
Regional Economic Development Officer


Robert Starr
Regional Economic Development Officer

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“Excellent presentation. I enjoyed the discussion and exercises.”

Jonathan Mwenifumbo
Research Scientist


Jonathan Mwenifumbo
Research Scientist

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“I have enjoyed this course. It provided some very valuable information and insight into negotiation skills, tools, traps…”

Robert Patenaude
Asset Management Technologist


Robert Patenaude
Asset Management Technologist

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“Extremely interesting…..”

Michael Kamoff-Nicolsky
Senior Departmental Advisor on Official Languages


Michael Kamoff-Nicolsky
Senior Departmental Advisor on Official Languages

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“Highly recommended to anyone who wants to improve their negotiation skills in both their professional and personal life.”

Sizhao (Cissy) Genest

Canada Revenue Agency


Sizhao (Cissy) Genest

Canada Revenue Agency

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“This workshop was exceptionally well organized and informative. The content was comprehensive and led participants in a step wise fashion through the stages required for performance measurement.”

Virginia McGowan
Senior Advisor
Correctional Interventions


Virginia McGowan
Senior Advisor
Correctional Interventions

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“Sent some reading before the workshop starts. More exercises the 1st day.”

Toni Abi Nasr


Justice Canada (Ragulatory Law Directorate)


Toni Abi Nasr


Justice Canada (Ragulatory Law Directorate)

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“Great workshop, I learned a lot of very useful negotiation and communication tools that I can apply to my Professional and personal life.”

Gabriela Arriola

Project Coordinator

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development (Nunavut-NWT team)


Gabriela Arriola

Project Coordinator

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development (Nunavut-NWT team)

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“This course is guarantee to provide value to you. It’s focused on what even it is you need to achieve.”

Julie Atherley

Real Property Management Service

Defence Construction Canada (Ontario Regioal Office)


Julie Atherley

Real Property Management Service

Defence Construction Canada (Ontario Regioal Office)

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“Excellent course useful for negotiation with internal and external entities.”

Lynn Beazly

Audit Manager

Public Works and Government Services (Acquisitions - Assurance Services Group)


Lynn Beazly

Audit Manager

Public Works and Government Services (Acquisitions - Assurance Services Group)

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“I learned a lot,It was a great course.”

Chris Belanger

Project Manager

Ministry of Transportation


Chris Belanger

Project Manager

Ministry of Transportation

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“Kimberly was very engaging and answered all questions thoroughly. I learned a lot.”

Claudio Benedek

Senior Evaluation Analyst

CRA (Program Evaluation)


Claudio Benedek

Senior Evaluation Analyst

CRA (Program Evaluation)

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“Learned a lot about real time negotiation. Su was insightful, skillful and very good at providing technical info on how to win in real life.”

Jyoti Bhargava

Circumpolar Analyst

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development (Circumpolar Affairs Directorate)


Jyoti Bhargava

Circumpolar Analyst

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development (Circumpolar Affairs Directorate)

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“Awesome training for any job type.”

Sharon Binz

Administrative Assistant

Defence Construction Canada (North Bay)


Sharon Binz

Administrative Assistant

Defence Construction Canada (North Bay)

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“Great workshop, amazing facilitator. Now I am more confident to answer a loaded question who knew it could be so simply but makes the big difference.”

Stephanie C Poulin


Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (Accommodation Services)


Stephanie C Poulin


Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (Accommodation Services)

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“This course provided very useful information in how to undertake successful negotiations.Thanks.”

Purni Narayanan


Public Health Agency of Canada
(Environmental Issues Division)


Purni Narayanan


Public Health Agency of Canada
(Environmental Issues Division)

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“Great course and very useful. Challenged what I thought I knew about negotiations!”

Andre Joly

Program Officer

Citizenship and Immigration Canada
(Integration Program Management)


Andre Joly

Program Officer

Citizenship and Immigration Canada
(Integration Program Management)

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“Excellence Course. I would recommend to everyone.”

Courtland Atkinson

Administrative Support

Public Health Agency of Canada (Business Excellence and Management Services Division)


Courtland Atkinson

Administrative Support

Public Health Agency of Canada (Business Excellence and Management Services Division)

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“I have taken courses with various training delivers, this is the 1st time I am completely satisfied as a client. The settings, trainer, content, accomodation was great. I’d take another course with them.”

Carmen Charman

DCI Coordinator

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern development.


Carmen Charman

DCI Coordinator

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern development.

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“Excellent 2 days. Lots of self reflection and learning.”

Erica Carson


Health canada


Erica Carson


Health canada

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