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Providing corporate training workshops in downtown Ottawa since 1998. Our training events focus on developing your soft skills, such as Performance Measurement, Project Management and Negotiation Skills, to name a few. Have a look at our training schedule for details.

Training for Tomorrow

The soft skills required to succeed in your career can be learned and developed. In addition, professionals who continually upgrade their skills stand out above the competition. Register for a Performance Training Solutions workshop today to improve your tomorrow.

Our Workshops

Introductory Project Management Workshop

Increase Productivity. Reduce Costs.

Project Management Training - Performance Training Solutions

The public sector is becoming involved in an ever-increasing array of organizational improvement programs, high technology and program implementations. Stop juggling and start managing projects like a pro.

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Implementing Performance Measurement – The Six Steps

Measure it … So you can manage it.

Performance Measurement Training - Performance Training Solutions

Performance measurement is the most important management activity for private and public sector organizations but also the most difficult to successfully implement and make repeatable.

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Time Management and Organizing Skills

Improve the way you work and live.

Time Management Training - Performance Training Solutions

We are all living and working in pressurized environments where the constant threat of streamlining and downsizing is the norm. More productivity is expected in less time from fewer people.

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Achieving Performance Alignment

Management processes & Operationalizing performance.

Communication Skills Training - Performance Training Solutions

This two-day workshop is offered to understand factors associated with implementing a comprehensive and integrated performance planning approach.

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Improving Your Communication Skills

The foundation of efficiency and effectiveness for individual & organizational success.

Communication Skills Training - Performance Training Solutions

How we communicate with our clients, our staff, our managers, and each other is of utmost importance for our individual success as well as that of our organization.

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Introduction to Negotiation  Skills

You win. They win.  No one can disagree with that.

Negotiation Skills Training - Performance Training Solutions

Building relationships, communicating well, using emotional intelligence and fostering openness are all part of today’s requirements to be a successful negotiator at work & home.

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We currently have regularly scheduled public workshops in downtown Ottawa aimed at improving your core business competencies.

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